•Inauguration: This is the official announcement of Thulir’22 which held in MBA Lecture hall 1 with 25 students and 1 faculty coordinator. This included a small info about Agam and it’s past, agenda sharing of Thulir’22 and a small session on food and it’s intake by Anusha D K from 1st year, Mechatronics department.

• Liberating Souls: The primary objective is to take yoga and its importance to the youth of the nation, especially to underprivileged children. As a part of THULIR’22, we take this as an opportunity to improve the physical & mental health status of the children through an Ashram visit.

• Yogic Awake- Rally: On behalf of Thulir’22, the event Yogathon was conducted on 4h June 2022 at “I Love Kovai Park” Ukkadam, Coimbatore to make the public aware about Yoga and Wellness. The rally focused on motivating the public with positive vibes, made them knew how to balance mind and overthinking thoughts. This session took an initiative to tell how to have a balanced life and how to succeed in life by making your mind feel focused and refreshed. Besides, the event made the participants to gain an idea about how to take right decision in their own things. Also, the participants count is much better. the count is almost around 120. We received lots of positive feedbacks from the students who attended the session. We satisfied with this event as it reached many minds and refreshed them.

• Enlighten Within: Yoga show – Yoga show was conducted on May 30 where about 10 of our Agam members showcased their skills on various yoga poses near the admin block to create awareness about yoga to the students where some of the participants joined us and enjoyed the rally show.
Laughing yoga – The second event laughing yoga was conducted on June 1 where around 20 participants joined us and had great evening together with fun activities and refreshing talks with the theme of stress relief.
Om chanting – The third event was Om chanting happened on June 3 where the participants engaged in mindful meditation by chanting OM 108 times and gained their benefits.

• Yogic Jaunt- Field Trip: On behalf of Thulir’22, the event “Yogic Jaunt” a field trip to Arivu thirukovil Azhliyar was planned, and the club members went on a trip. Since it was the daytime, the travelling was quite hectic due to the hot weather. After getting relaxed, participants entered the place of Thirukovil, the guide of the place accompanied us, and he explained the life of Vedhanthri Maharishi and the significance of his works, practice towards yoga and health of body. Also, we were engaged to visit his room where the memorable things present. As the next spot it was the Museum to visit, it was totally awesome to see those collections and way they portrayed. Participants explored many in the place along with the accompanied members. They also offer some courses to enlighten the mind and body. Finally, it was time to depart from the place and the members organized ourselves and thanked the place in-charge for guiding us and with patience.

• National Level Yoga- Championship: Yoga is to foster harmony in mind, body, and environment. Helps to improve physical body, maintain inner peace, and relaxes our mind.