Thulir contains series of events to create awareness about yoga for physical and mental well being. Thulir’21 is the fifth edition conducted from 20th February – 26th February for about seven days.

Think Xtreme 20th – 21st February

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait long, you miss them”

Agam Forum has created an opportunity to explore and innovate one’s unique ideas in the event THINK XTREME.

Technology’s biggest irony is that it has isolated, connected, and unified mankind simultaneously. Is it really so? What impacts does it have on Health and Fitness?

To know the answers to these brainstorming questions we conducted the event THINK XTREME. It covered all the aspects of health which inturn evolved into a broader scale to Personality Development.

Day 1

The first round consisted of 10 teams in which each team had a unique idea under the theme Health and Fitness.Everyone presented their problem statements and solutions though some of which were extremely useful for further upgradation and the change for a better future.

The topics that participants chose ranged from small animals to highly developed humans and robots. There were also several ideas for upgradation of monitoring devices for temperature check, heartbeat monitoring and several others..

Day 2

The second round of the event was even more brainstorming and Onspot problem statements were given to the participants.The team members were given a duration of 45 minutes to discuss the solution for the given statements and present it to the juries.It included solutions from  various fields of science, engineering and technology.

 Team work , presentation ideas , Q/A sessions were considered for evaluation by juries.

This event benefited nearly 40 participants and many creative and unique ideas were discussed in this event, juries with their thought provoking judgement made the event  a most inspiring and inspiring one.

Webinar – Know Your Personality – 22nd February

Day 3

“Appearance makes impressions, but it is personality that makes an impact”.

This is the reason behind our title ” KNOW YOUR PERSONALITY, where Our chief guest, Ms. DIVYA VARSHINI MURUGAVELAN enlightened everyone with many brainstorming activities and thoughts.

Making everyone realize that learning our personality type influences many areas of life, a small personality test was done by the participants as the great start of the session. With this, the participants excitedly engaged to know their type of personality.

Followed by this, a lot of real life incidents were taken as an example to make everyone figure out, how to respond and react to various situations and enhance our personality skill at every point of life. She discussed about different aspects of personality development like kindness, healthy relationships etc.

This part made everyone to think, each act of kindness changes the way we see ourselves and others. Realizing the importance of healthy relationship can support and encourage our life to the fullest was one of the best key take aways of the session.

As the Webinar consists of mostly students, the session was very appreciative and optimistic. The chief guest Ms. Divyavarshini made the session available for the students to interact. At the end of the event, the participants shared their feedback.

Workshop – Right Decision at Right Time 23rd – 25th February

This is a 3 days workshop where Miss. Dharani Mahalingam , counselling psychologist and NLP master practitioner handled the workshop in an interactive and informative way .

Day 1

Starts with introduction and ice breaking activity . In this session we learnt what is decision making and steps involved in decision making.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it “

Decision making is the process of making choices by identifying adecision, gathering information, and assessing alternativeresolutions.

Research shows that the heart doesn’t just take commands from the brain—heart – brain communication is a dynamic, two-way conversation.

● “Most of your decisions are made at the heart level, and then you justify them withyour logical thinking head brain,”

● Strengthening the communication between the heart and mind allows you toaccess intuitive intelligence so that you can make choices with even more clarity.

Heart breathing.

● Heart breathing draws your awareness to your heart and the power it generates.

● Practicing it will center you in your emotions without letting them run rampant

Day 2

We learnt about Decision making Styles In Reference to Comedian -Vadivelu.

Four Styles of Decision making

Analytical Decision making

Directive Decision making

Conceptual Decision making

Behavioural Decision making

A decision is a vehicle to help you takeaction, and taking action is the onlyway you move forward. It’s the onlyway you live life.

Decision making is YOU writing YOUR own story

Day 3

We learnt about preparation for decision making and the technics involved in decision making

Here we were given an activity, we were asked to complete the 2 steps given by our resource person.

Step 1: Write down the situation

Step 2: Determine the decisions.

Ask yourself a few questions like

  1. If I have a good friend who thinks about

the world in a different, less anxious

way, what would they do if they had

this same problem?

  • How would they deal this problem?
  • How would their response be different than mine?

Nearly 50+ participants got benefited through this workshop. The Q&A session with the expert is an excellent part of this workshop.

Blog-a-thon – 26th February

Blog-a-thon is a blog writing competition where participants can express their views on PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT in form of BLOG. Nearly 200 participants registered in this event and we received 49 blogs.

The last date for blog submission was 26th of February. As a result 49 blogs were received and all blogs were uploaded in the drive folder. We separated the blogs and were sent that blogs to the juries for evaluation. The final results will be announced within a week from deadline by evaluating. The participation certificate will be sent along with winners list through mail.