WEBINAR TOPIC : Simple living and High thinking (Day 1)

CLUB : Gandhian youth movement and Rotaract club of Kumaraguru college of technology.

DATE :  02/10/2020

DAY: Friday


RESOURCE PEOPLE : Dr. S. R. Subramaniyan

                                           Shri. G.Vijayaragavan Gopal

TIME : 5.00 PM – 06.30 PM


            The webinar was started by welcoming address and a small introduction about the speakers. Dr. S. R.Subramaniyan and Mr. Vijayaragavan Gopal for the topic “Simple living and high thinking”.Dr.S.R.Subramian sir started his talk with the Gandhiji’s Quote ‘Live simply others may live simply’. He said that truth, simplicity, non violence, dignity of labour are the four fundamental principles to achieve Simple living and High thinking. He also advised, only way to develop the village is Swaryothaya- live and let live. Finally he described the Covid-19 issue that in USA, 1.24%were affected and in India 0.5 % were affected, total dear reached 2.2.%. He included short term effects were on children and long term effects by mentioning HIV patients.

           After this, the webinar was taken over by Shri. G.Vijayaragavan Gopal sir. He started by praising kumaraguru institutions for 120 volunteers from KCT, 20 countries participated in the 2 international conferences which were hosted in KCT. He suggested that social immersion program, simple living and self discipline will helps others with empathy. He also appreciated 13 initiatives were down by shanthi ashram and 6000 families were doing good with these volunteers. He said that this covid pandemic is leading us to economic and mental crises. Also the threats like domestic violence, stress and anxiety, sexual spiritual violences, were on increasing causes.

              Atlast, the group discussion was held amongst the volunteers from shanthi ashram. Adinarayanan, Siranjeevi and Dhanya  had shared their experiences and roles that they had done during this pandemic, and the way how it was helpful and what did they feel about helping others, everything had been shared in an immense sense. Some words to be mentioned from the discussion are “Cleanliness is more important than freedom”. “If u want different answers, ask different questions”.

            The webinar was finally came to an end by honoring them with a vote of thanks. The speakers had really done a great time with their words on  Gandhian activities, covid – 19 causes and inspiring quotes and information.