“Know what you want and reach out eagerly for it.”
In the new normal, the virtual events are a new lifestyle which helped us to communicate each other and it still speaks the thoughts out about the women.

The main motive of this event is to bring out the views and thoughts of an individual about women rights and equality, through the debate THOUGHTS OUT. It was a debate to speak about the women’s rights on the international women’s day, although it is like a talk show to express their views in this platform.

We have conducted this event on 7th of MARCH 2021, on MS Teams and the participants share their views and thoughts about women’s day and we also conducted picture perception. The event was held with good responses with 30+ participants and the participants made the event amazing through their wonderful thought about women’s development.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” 
No one can stop any ones success try to achieve it!