Eleventh edition of Kumaraguru Yugam launched with ‘Transcend’ being the theme

Yugam – South India’s biggest techno-cultural sports fest from Kumaraguru kickstarted on Wednesday (21 December 2023) with the release of the event date and its theme. The eleventh edition of Yugam is planned on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March 2023 with ‘Transcend’ being the theme for this edition. The Orb at the Kumaraguru campus witnessed the grand inauguration of Yugam in the presence of close to 1000 students. To mark the beginning of the 11th edition of Kumaraguru Yugam, a drone swooped in with vibrant colors and unveiled the Yugam 2023 poster. The students of Kumaraguru Institutions were left captivated with the launch of the 11th edition themed around the five elements of the earth, emphasizing the importance of climate action and understanding. A classical dance performance from Team Evoke set the tone for the inauguration, Band Agratha’s musical performance, and a Silambam performance by Kumaraguru Martial Arts Center kept the students enthralled. Every college student needs a stage to stand out. At Yugam, over 15,000 participants from 150+ colleges participate each year, giving them a platform to showcase their extraordinary abilities and ideas. Yugam is enhanced by a large array of prospective events, bringing from the domains of technology, arts, literature, sports, and culture, among others. It has continued to bring tranquility, excitement, passion, and enthusiasm. It is all about energizing youth, igniting their passion, showcasing their talents in the most exquisite way, and contributing to the society. Yugam also encourages knowledge sharing, interaction among students from a range of cultural background from across the country and spreading optimism.

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Kumaraguru Institute of Agriculture (KIA) Felicitates World Food Prize Winner

Dr. M. Govindaraj, Senior Scientist for Crop Development at Harvest Plus and the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT was felicitated at Kumaraguru Institute of Agriculture by Mr. K. Prakash, Correspondent on Dec 24, 2022. Dr. Mahalingam Govindaraj received World Food Prize (2022) which is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture”. He is being recognized for his outstanding leadership in mainstreaming bio fortified crops, particularly pearl millet, in India and Africa. Dr. Govindaraj ailing from a farming background saw first-hand the positive impact of bio fortified crops could have the nutrition and health of rural communities. For more than a decade, he has directed the development and dissemination of high-yielding, high-iron and high-zinc pearl millet varieties that have contributed to better nutrition for thousands of farmers and their communities. His work on the enhancement of nutrients will aid farmers to deliver nutrient rich food. During his address, he highlighted the importance of diversification and complementary nutrient strategies. His speech and his impressive journey from a remote village to an international achievement motivated the students of Agriculture to pursue research in the area of food and nutrition. Dr. B.J. Pandian, Principal introduced the Chief Guest to the gathering. Dr. S. Hemalatha, Associate Prof. (SS&AC) welcomed the gathering and Mr. C. Saravanan, Administrative Officer proposed vote of thanks.

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Department Events

Standards Clubs launched at KCT to expose students to Indian Standards

A ‘Standards Club’ was inaugurated at Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) on 07 December 2022 to expose students on various aspects of Indian Standards. The club was launched in association with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) (under ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution, Government of India) Coimbatore branch. The Department of Civil Engineering, Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) had initiated the process which was attended by over 150 students from across departments. Mr D Akhil, Assistant Director, BIS Coimbatore and A Rajeev, the standards promotion officer, were the chief guests during the inauguration. Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) came into being in 1987 to build a climate for quality culture and consciousness and greater participation of consumers in formulation and implementation of national standards. BIS has taken the initiative of creating Standards Clubs in educational institutions comprising teachers and students as members. The Club needs to carry out a variety of student-centric activities aimed at providing them opportunities for learning on the themes of Quality and Standardization. Mr. A. Rajeev, SPO explained the importance of Standards Club and its activities. Inaugurating the standards club, Mr D Akil, Assistant Director, BIS Coimbatore introduced students to the BIS Care mobile application. He said the mobile application has come as an ideal tool for consumers to check and verify quality of products that they purchase. Be it domestic pressure cooker, gold jewel, or packaged drinking water or even plain copier paper, this tool is relevant to verify the product. It will help the consumer to know when and where the product was manufactured and its specifications. “It is very essential for college students to know about the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as they will become entrepreneurs, business experts and technical committee members in future. Knowing the standards will give an edge for students as industry looks for students with such knowledge,” said Mr Akhil. While students from civil engineering department should know the quality of cement used during the construction activity, they can know about the quality and the grade of cement by following standards code which is part of the standards club activity. Under the club activity, students will also be taken to manufacturing units where they can observe the process of a product manufacturing and how standards are followed during the process, he said. Standards writing competition will also be part of the club activities where students will be asked to give ideas to optimize a particular product in the market by identifying its flaws based on the customer feedback. This will kindle their interest in product manufacturing and become entrepreneurs, said Mr Akil. Dr. P. Eswaramoorthi, professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, gave the opening remarks. The mentor of the standards club Mrs. A. Vennila, Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering briefed about the Objective of Standards Club. Dr. D. Saravanan, the principal of Kumaraguru College of Technology, delivered the presidential address and thanked BIS for creating the Standards Club in KCT. A quiz competition related to BIS was conducted for the students during the event and winners were awarded with cash prizes. The inauguration concluded with Vote of Thanks by Dr.V. Selvan, Professor & Head, KCT.

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