Yugam, one of the Mega Techno Culture Sports festivals in South India, was launched in 2013. Every year since then Yugam has been bringing joy and excitement to the students. Kumaraguru Educational Institutions conduct 70+ events and 60+ training workshops every year with the participation of 15,000+ students from 150+ colleges to showcase their outstanding talents. Kumaraguru students successfully hosted numerous events and workshops in Yugam 2022 after the Covid outbreak. 

Defence Career Expo 

Defence Career Expo 2022, a conclave to showcase the career prospects in the Indian defence sector with the high-ranking officers deliberating on the myriad opportunities, the naval band performance and exhibition at Yugam 2022 in Kumaraguru Campus from 17 to 19 May 2022. The Defence Career Expo has a simple precision purpose, the country’s Armed Forces offer many opportunities to the nation’s youth and are presented as India’s most exciting workplace. The full form of the vibrant life of the three forces, the SSB workshop, with 20 troop speakers took place over the three days of the expo. 

Inauguration of Kumaraguru Martial Arts Centre 

Kumaraguru Martial Arts Centre (K-MAC) is a specialized martial art study centre for students of Kumaraguru Institutions. K-MAC is established to make martial arts one of the essential life skills for every human being. This academy will help the determinant students to attain greater heights in the field of sports, especially in individual sports. The pillars of K-MAC are Boxing, Karate, Silambam, Wushu, Archery, and Fencing where Archery and Fencing are Olympic Games. The vision of K-MAC is to teach Martial arts to school students and to become the martial art hotspot of the state. 

Career Fair 

Career Fair is an event conducted to create opportunities for Higher Education abroad on 17 May 2022. The professional exhibition focused on making participants understand the opportunities of pursuing higher education abroad, where the students contact international universities directly and find the right program and country. The career exhibition provided them with the information they needed and helped the students to discover their dream universities. 

Inspire India Youth Conclave 

Inspire India Youth Conclave is a national Youth Conclave organized by Yuva Kumaraguru and was conducted on 21 May 2022. Conversations and engagements motivate young people to seek immortal inspiration and turn their energy into the best. The event creates opportunity to meet and listen to 10+ icons from various fields to get inspired. IIYC offers collaborations on Youthcon talks, group discussions, stories, monologues, workshops and pro shows that motivate young people to start developing sustainable ideas and steer their mental energy in the right direction. 

AISA Awards 

For over 9 years, AISA Awards has effectively provided a forum for aspiring short film directors to demonstrate their skills in many domains such as cinematography, direction and many more. This year the event was conducted on 20 May 2022 at Ramanandha Adigalar Auditorium. Participants recorded their films, and they were evaluated based on their quality.  


E-Grid is a student-focused national E-Vehicle conclave conducted on 23 & 24 May 2022. In this generation of innovations, the idea of ​​an Electrical Vehicle is one that has been drawn up for a long time.  In a fast-moving world, the integration of technology and travel is a fascinating way.  E-GRID is an EV-focused conference designed to develop and deliver industry exposure and technical knowledge in EV design. 

Socio Constant 

This year, two initiatives of the Socio Constant, Nature and Joy of Giving, worked to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while enhancing our environment and the lives of people around us. Over 50+ kg of waste was collected through blogging by the Community Standard Volunteers, which will be processed and disposed in an environment-friendly manner. 


Angaadi is a student-led trade show organized by Kumaraguru students to provide a platform for them to engage themselves in areas such as marketing, sales and activities conducted from 19 to 21 May 2022. Because it is entirely built, prepared and implemented by the students, they gain a non-intermediate learning experience as they own, operate and upgrade their stalls, enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. They displayed a wide variety of products including food and beverages, electronics, handicrafts, apparel, advertising stalls, games and stationery. 

India Quiz 

The India Quiz is a national level quiz competition conducted to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of our country’s independence on 14 May 2022 at Ramanandha Adigalar Auditorium, Kumaraguru Campus. Indian Quiz 2022 is the 5th edition of the quiz. Interested students from across the country came together to showcase their quiz skills. India Quiz is an open type of quiz competition conducted for college students and the general public. Popular quizsters from all over the country participated in the competition. 

Yugam India Ideathon 

Yugam India Ideathon is a nationwide 52-hour learning event that promotes students’ diverse thinking inspiring young talents to create solutions to real world problems conducted from 23 to 25 May 2022. This event encouraged the students to think creatively and to find a solution. 


Shark Tank is a corporate game where young entrepreneurs showcase their business models to a group of successful investors conducted on 19 May 2022. This is a great way to enhance students’ ability to face the world, network and improve their entrepreneurial skills. This event premieres business pitching competition to grow the ideas. 

Annual Play 

The Drama Troupe of Kumaraguru organized and performed the Annual Play on 19 May 2022 at Ramanandha Adigalar Auditorium. The words in the script were translated into action by the Kumaraguru Drama Troupe to enliven a classic play.  One of William Shakespeare’s most popular plays of the year was The Tempest. The students demonstrated an intellectual drive through the event. 


Agriculture is about connecting with the earth around us. Agrathon primarily focused on agriculture, and it aimed to identify problems and create real-time solutions that can be accepted from the laboratory to the field resulting in change and revolution. This event was conducted on 28 May 2022 at Kumaraguru Institute of Agriculture. 


Yugam is always excited by showmanship and celebrities captivating all the audience around them with their talent. In Yugam 2022, the famous playback singer Benny Dayal and his band Funktuation ft. Hornflakes set foot in Kumaraguru to impress the audience with their performance on 21 May 2022. Also, Aayana Dance Company presented a wandering dance evening under a rich curtain of cultural heritage and visual excellence of our country on 20 May 2022.