Pride of the Past; An Incentive for the Future

I am Rishikeshav Ragavan from the Automobile Department. I was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain and brought up over there. My hobbies are learning about cars, bikes, and planes on YouTube and other platforms. I also research and try to find out the reason for various Flight Crashes. I love speaking a lot and I am a competent gavelier. I am happy to be a part of KCT. I like KCT for many reasons including the vibrant atmosphere and my HOD Sivakumar sir. I admire the motto of our college “Character is Life”. My achievement in the past are: I have received two best speaker awards and one special mention in the Model United Nations, and also was awarded 2nd  place in the BSIC Young Scientist. I have also participated in various speech contests. I hold Black Belt in Karate. I am happy to share that I have given a non-stop 5-hours motivational speech which was live on YouTube and I secured a place in the India Book of Records and International Book of Records.

I am happy and eagerly waiting to see more success and also learn from failures in Life. I also have a YouTube channel called Rishikeshav Ragavan. According to me, it does not matter what we do but it only matters how and when we do it.

As a student, many may want to do achieve something in life. A record was definitely something for me when I was much younger. I would say that the person behind this success is my SISTER. She wanted me to do a record and then I got the idea of trying it out too. So, I, as a speaker decided to do something about that and that’s how the Motivational Speech started. The world needs the motivation to move on. No matter what we do in life we have been motivated in all forms. From our birth till our death, I took a small concept and then spoke. The very first question you might get will be “Did you write it down and speak ?” The answer will be NO. I love to speak on point and because of that, I could complete this record. I would always say, “If you can do something in life, just do it and don’t see the Success and Failure behind it.” Live this Life happily and don’t see the Success and Failure because all you want will come to you and don’t cry for it. There will be times when you feel low. Yes, even I have those times so just live your life for yourself but not for others. I wish to motivate others and I also have many dreams but my Aim is that I don’t want to be known as Just Rishikeshav Ragavan. I want to be known as Rishikeshav Ragavan with pride.

Department Events 

Alumni Talk Series-5 

The Department of Biotechnology, KCT, organized an Alumni Talk Series – 5 on 11 February 2022 via MS Teams platform. The resource person Mr.Shri Krishna Venkata Narayanan, Software Developer, AMASS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., shared his experiences and pointed out the importance of in-demand industrial skill sets and internships. Through this enthusiastic session, the students were able to understand the importance of internships and work experiences. The session came to a successful end after a very interactive Q & A session. 


The Department of Biotechnology, KCT, as a part of Freshmen Fiesta organized the event titled Cellfie for all the freshers who have joined the department. This event was conducted through MS Forms on 20 February 2022. The main objective of the event was to allow the newcomers to revisit the basics of plant and animal cells and their function as a form of welcoming them into the department. The students were asked to choose any cell organelle of their choice, draw its structure and upload it along with a small description of the same. The students enthusiastically participated and came out with their favourite cell organelle sketches. 

Club Events 

Hold the Pose 

“Everything worth having comes with trials worth withstanding” 
The Agam Forum of Kumaraguru conducted an event titled Hold the Pose from 8 to 13 February 2022. They posted a quick challenge event as a part of the Freshmen Fiesta challenge for week one, where the freshers need to select a yoga pose of their choice and hold it for about 30 to 60 seconds minimum. This enhanced their capability to withstand many difficult yoga poses and gave them a grasp of mental relief. This served as a platform where the freshers participated keenly and uploaded their works, which were posted on the Instagram page.   


The Books and Beyond Club of Kumaraguru conducted an event titled SnapBook in February 2022. It was planned as one of the challenges in Freshmen Fiesta. The participants were asked to capture a photograph of their favourite line in a book and explain why they love it. Freshers who love books took part in the event enthusiastically and shared a lot of wonderful quotes and beautiful lines from books. This challenge gave them a chance to share their valuable thoughts and perspectives. 

Aero design challenge 

The Aeromodelling Club of Kumaraguru organized an event titled Aero Design Challenge in February 2022. The challenge began with an explanation of the rules and regulations for the event. First, it was ensured that each participant had their own laptop or computer to complete the tasks. Groups were also formed for participants who did not have access to a computer system. Concerning the questions, specific instructions were provided. Participants were asked to complete one of two designs from section A and one mandatory question from section B. The participants began working on the designs as a group and as individuals. The leaders provided excellent encouragement and advice. The designs were completed one by one. The form for uploading their designs was posted and a feedback form was posted in the chat. The leads also resolved and handled all technical issues. All the participants submitted their designs, and the challenge was completed successfully. The outcome of the event was that all the participants gained knowledge about design and the various tools used along with their importance in various fields as a result of this challenge. The participants who worked in groups were also able to improve their coordination skills.  


The Nature Club of Kumaraguru conducted an activity named Twitcher as a part of Freshmen Fiesta. This online activity was conducted from 08 to 12 February 2022. MS Forms was used as the online platform. The participants were asked to capture the images of 5 birds for 5 days on the campus and upload the picture with a short description about the species. Over 20 participants participated enthusiastically in this event. 

Upcoming Events