Swagatham for M.E/M.Tech 

The freshmen of M.E. / M.Tech programs for the batch 2021-2023 were welcomed with Swagatham on 11 February 2022. It was an initiation ceremony where they were inducted into KCT and to be taught, mentored and guided for the next two years. It also serves as a first step to refine them to become better individuals. The event started with invocation by Medhini C, III-year Civil Engineering, KCT. Prof.S.Bhaskar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCT, welcomed the gathering and gave a brief introduction about KCT along with the opportunities and possibilities that are available for the postgraduate students in the Kumaraguru ecosystem. The Principal Address was delivered by Dr.D.Saravanan, Principal, KCT. Shri.Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions, insisted on the need to groom into a holistic professional to excel in their chosen career path in his Presidential Address. Felicitation was given by Dr.Joseph V Thanikal, Director, KCT. The reflections from freshers and parents were also delivered during the program. The final year PG students briefed about the Brigade and Ignite. Finally, the event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Sujith B Krishna, Student President-PG. 

Department Events 

Transform 22 

The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, conducted a fitness session titled Transform 22 on 04 February 2022. The session dealt about body fitness. It refreshed the minds of the participants and made them work on it. The speakers gave many ideas and shared their knowledge on maintaining good health which will help us a lot to stay fit and healthy. In addition to fitness, the session also dealt with nutritious diet plans and a weekly routine plan. The speakers also taught the participants on how to calculate BMI. These ideas and plans helped the participants to have a healthy routine. This splendid session concluded with many takeaways that can be put into practice. 

BioDrive – Session-I 

The Department of Biotechnology, KCT, conducted the first BioDrive session on 04 February 2022 through Microsoft Teams. This hands-on workshop session was led by Dr.Vinohar Stephen Racheal, Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, KCT, on the topic of Design and System Thinking. With his in-depth knowledge of design and system thinking, the whole session was filled with interactive activities built on design thinking such that the creative and innovative sides of the participants were ignited. Around 36+ participants joined this informative workshop and got benefitted.  

BioDrive -Session-II 

The Department of Biotechnology, KCT, conducted session-II of the BioDrive Workshop Series on 04 February 2022 through Microsoft Teams platform. This session was on the Preparation of Abstract and Presentation of Paper/ Poster in Seminar/ Conference and was facilitated by Mr.Muthukumaran. P, Assistant Professor-II, Department of  Biotechnology,  KCT. The session covered a thorough explanation of the science and art behind the preparation of abstract and poster/ paper and how to effectively present it in a conference. At the end of the session, the participants had a deep understanding of the art of presentation. 

Tech and Social Media Detox with YourDost 

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KCT, conducted an event titled Tech and Social Media Detox with YourDost on 03 February 2022. The main objective of this session was to create awareness of the mental health of students who are majorly affected by today’s social media and technology. The resource person spoke about the stress imposed on students due to the increased use of social media during the quarantine period and how to battle it. Some suggested methods include switching off app notifications during online class, setting a time limit for usage of apps like Instagram and uninstalling applications that consume a lot of our otherwise productive time. This event also brought an understanding of the bipolarity of technology, and how to remain safe while using it. To keep an eye out for unknown links and safeguard against spam messages are some of the useful techniques to ensure the safe usage of technology. At the end of the session, there was huge positive energy and upliftment in the mental health of all the students who have attended the session. 

Club Events 


The Red Ribbon Club of KCT organized an event titled Humanity on 04 February 2022 in commemoration of World Cancer Day as an initiative to address and enforce the Cancer Day theme in order to close the prevailing gap among the student community. The flow of the event started with a general briefing on what is World Cancer Day and why it is observed followed by two inspiring stories of cancer survivors who battled the war with extreme courage and determination. A pledge was taken with determination by everyone in the meet after which an interactive Role Play session was held. The participants were split into teams of two. Each pair was given a random situation for which they had 2 minutes to prepare and play their roles. This session not only intrigued the participants’ thought process but also changed the mindset of the participants regarding the diseased. 

Sustainability and Future Technologies 

The Robotics and Automation Club of KCT organized and conducted its First Talk Series of the year on Sustainability and Future Technologies. This informative talk series was conducted on 30 January 2022. The speaker of the event was Kezia Jobel Selvakumar, an Environmentalist, pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Project Management at the University of Leeds, UK. This event aimed to create awareness among future generations about vanishing natural resources and to foster economic and social development. The goal of these technologies is to drastically reduce environmental and ecological risks and to create a sustainable product. She shared her knowledge with an enlightening presentation on how sustainable development can be achieved and covered her knowledge about the Millennium Development Goals and she also brought her new insights on some productive ways to achieve it. Followed by that Rakesh D, Final year, MCE, did an explanatory presentation on Future Technologies Impacting Sustainability in which he covered all categories of new technology that can be used and are being used for sustainable development. The participants could gain a lot about the new hardware such as renewable energy, electric transportation, or new materials for construction and about the new software applications such as information management tools and data analytics (often referred to as AI) to inform sustainable decision making and could get insights on the perspective of speakers on different aspects of sustainability. Through this Talk Series, speakers helped participants articulate the parts of their role in the Sustainable Future and to consider new aspects of sustainable development which was covered in an informative manner. A surprise quiz was also conducted to test the information accumulated by the participants from the Talk Series. This live quiz was conducted in the Quizizz platform and the participants engaged themselves actively throughout the quiz. 

Upcoming Events