Three teams from Kumaraguru College of Technology have won several awards in CII MILCA (Most Innovative Low-Cost Automation) AWARDS 2022, an International Event for Academia, conducted on 27 & 28 January 2022. The Platinum Award under Student Category was presented to Kailash S, Shankar Raaj R, Prem Kumar S & Kanniga Gayathri S B from III Year Mechatronics Engineering for their innovative projects titled A Doctor to Be (ADTB) and S-Vision under the theme of Artificial Intelligence. The Silver Award under Student Category was presented to Hareesh Chandran S, Mayukha S, Mugunthan N & Abishek D from Final Year, Mechatronics Engineering under the mentorship of Dr.B.Sabitha, Mechatronics Engineering, KCT, for their project titled Hi-Tech Face Mask to Detect Various Diseases under the theme of Smart Services. Finally, the Bronze Award under Student Category was presented to Arun T R & Mythili N, III Year, Biotechnology & Sikkandhar Thanish G from Final Year, Mechatronics Engineering, under the mentorship of Dr.M.Saravana Mohan, Associate Professor & Head, Mechatronics Engineering, KCT for the project titled Phycoremediation Verdant Exhaust System under the theme of Smart Transportation. 

Department Events 

Embrace Global Education on Your Fingertips 

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCT, organized a webinar on Embrace Global Education on Your Fingertips on 29 January 2022 through Microsoft Teams. A total of 26 students attended the session. Mr.Ranjith Khumar Shanmugasundaram, the speaker of the webinar, is an alumnus of KCT.  The speaker completed his master’s in Computational Sciences at Technische Universität Braunschweig and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics and is working as a research associate at Wikki GmbH, a software company providing consultancy and development in CFD. The session started by explaining ‘the why’, ‘the where’, and ‘the what’ of higher studies abroad, and the steps involved in pursuing higher studies abroad. Then the speaker went on to explain how Germany is ideal for students pursuing their higher studies with little to no tuition fees and the advantages of having an atmosphere filled with various cultural differences and different teaching methods which would help students learn and thrive at their workplace. He shared his experiences of how he made his dream education in Germany possible and provided the planning timeline that the students must follow to make their education abroad possible.  

SCITAMA – A Science Fiction Quiz 

The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, KCT, in association with Qubate Forum of Kumaraguru organized – SCITAMA, a science fiction quiz in the domain of electronics on 29 January 2022. It had 2 rounds in the form of prelims and finals. The event started with a short welcome note and the rules for the prelims round were explained. The prelims consisted of 15 questions. The answers were submitted in MS Forms. After the end of prelims, the answers were discussed and 6 students were selected for the finals. The final round was a rapid fire round and there was an enthralling competition between the finalists. Finally, the winner and runners were announced. Science with a mix of fiction is intellectual and thought-provoking. Hence this science fiction quiz paved way for the students to learn new things with some fun included in it. It also created a platform for the students to showcase their knowledge. 

Student Huddle 

The Department of Biotechnology, KCT, conducted the first Student Huddle for this academic year on 29 January 2022 where exuberant minds gathered to keep themselves on track with the Association of Biotechnologists (ABT). The Student Huddle provided the students with an opportunity to interact and brought all of them closer as they turned to each other for technical guidance. Insights on Projects and Patents were shared by Arun T R from III year Biotechnology, who is a bronze medallist at the MILCA award 2022. Additionally, Sri Vathsan R from II year shared his experience at Fortuniax Biotech. The most awaited Bioconstellations / Focus Groups were also launched during the huddle. The Student Huddle served as a platform for all the students to utilize their potential to the fullest. 


The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organized an event titled Wordscape on 29 January 2022. It is an engaging event that helps to improve the core knowledge in the common terms used in the construction field. The basic concept is to fill in the blanks to find the word with the clues given for the words. The event was conducted in Microsoft Forms with two levels of difficulty. With forty-five minutes deadline, the participants were actively involved in finding the right answers. There were two winners in this event who were announced on the department’s official Instagram handle. There were 20 participants for the event. 

Club Events 

Aqua Quest – Eco Contest 

The Nature Club of Kumaraguru conducted an Eco-contest named Aqua-Quest. This online quiz competition was held on 29 January 2022. Instagram was used as an online platform. Stories were posted on the club’s Instagram page on a regular basis. The participants were asked to respond to the questions posted regarding Aquatic Animals. Over 50 participants participated enthusiastically in this event and there was a great response from the participants. The main motto of the event is to create awareness about aquatic animals. 

Trick or Treat 

To cherish our 73rd Republic Day, the Youth Red Cross of Kumaraguru Institutions carried on with an event named Trick or Treat. This event was based on puzzles and riddles related to Republic Day. The event happened on 25 January 2022 via Google Forms. The objective of this event was to make people sharpen their ability to find solutions to problems with help of puzzles. There were 10 questions given to the participants in the form of crossword puzzle, word scramble, word circle, missing words, differences, guess the quote, connections and sort it, and the participants with maximum points were declared to be the winners. Totally 60+ participants attended the event. 

Words of Sword 

In commemoration of the 73rd Republic Day, Youth Red Cross combined with Road Safety Patrol of KCT organized an event titled Words of Swords to bring out the creative writer within every student by writing an essay. It was a three-day event conducted from 24 to 26 January 2022. The topics like “The constitution of India is the world’s largest written constitution!” and “Sagacious India – led by youth” were given to the participants and they were asked to write an essay on the same. On 26th January 2022, the submission link was shared to all the participants, where they uploaded their writings. The event promoted the participants’ understanding about our nation and their critical thinking ability. 

Upcoming Events