Republic Day Celebrations 

Republic Day is celebrated to mark the day when the Indian Constitution came to force. On November 26, 1949, the constitution was adopted which came into force on January 26, 1950, marking the beginning of a new era in the history of India. The day is celebrated in grandeur across the country every year. Kumaraguru Institutions celebrated the 73rd Republic Day grandly on January 26, 2022. The program began at 9:00 a.m. with the welcome note. The flag hoisting ceremony was conducted amidst loud cheers. The cadets, teachers, and some prominent citizens on campus saluted the national flag followed by National Anthem. An inspiring Felicitation addresses were given by Dr.D.Saravanan, Principal, KCT and Dr.Vijila Kennedy, Principal, KCLAS.  Shri.Shankar Vanavarayar, President, Kumaraguru Institutions, mentioned that there is a collective responsibility for the greater good of our nation and highlighted the history of Innovation Cycles in his Presidential Address. The Chief Guest Commander Jayakrishnan N Nair, Indian Navy, alumnus of KCT (Batch 1987-1991 ECE) shared his thoughts about the Republic Day.  Ms.Gitanjali, Indian Forest Officer, KCT Alumnus (Batch 2010-2014 CE) shared her experience in clearing Civil Service Examination. Finally, the virtual celebration came to a close with NCC Song and Vote of Thanks. 

KCT NCC Cadet at PM Rally 

Flight Cadet Tarun R S pursuing his II year in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCT, has indeed had an interesting and challenging experience during his Republic Day Camp 2022. After enduring everything from the sweltering heat of Madurai to the freezing temperature of Delhi, the camp has been a journey for 6 months of absolute commitment, hard work and focus; he has been chosen to represent Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Andaman & Nicobar contingent in the Prime Minister’s Rally which held on 28 January 2022 in Cariappa Parade Ground, New Delhi. Tarun says, “An RDC cadet not only should be adept in the drill but also be disciplined, punctual, organized and the most crucial characteristic, adaptable”. 

Department Events 

Gam-athon 2022 

The Department of Information Technology, KCT, conducted Gam-athon 2022, which is a Quiz and E-presentation event related to the video game industry and Information Technology on 25 & 26 January 2022. The first round was a Quiz related to video games and technology related to the video game industry. The final round was an E-presentation, where participants presented a topic related to the video game industry and social impacts of video games. The first round took place on the first day on the Quizizz platform, and the final round took place on the second day on MS Teams. The top 5 teams were qualified for the finals from the first round. Jury members were invited for the final round, and the points were awarded to the finalists based on the jury recommendation. Participants from various departments enrolled for the event. The outcome of the event was that the students gained knowledge on how video games and the video games industry function related to their academics.  They also learnt about the impact of video games on our daily life. Additionally, they were able to learn how the existing technologies are applied in the video gaming industries and develop new games. They also understood the usage of video games for various purposes apart from entertainment and how it is applied in other industries. 

Crash Courses –Embedded Systems 101 

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KCT, organized a technical webinar series during the lockdown period to make it productive. On 25 January 2022, the first technical webinar in the series was conducted on the topic Crash Courses -Embedded Systems 101. The speaker was Ms.Sameetha V, third-year from the E&I department. She is also a member of the Electrical Science team in Ré. More than 100 students attended this webinar. It gave insights on Embedded Systems. The session was more interactive and included a detailed explanation of the hardware and the software parts of embedded systems, their controlling procedures, and explained the scope of this field in the present world. The speaker also gave insights about the project ideas in this domain and about the ongoing projects in KCT related to this domain. She also motivated the participants to learn embedded systems on their own. At the end of the session, the speaker suggested some books to explore more about embedded systems and concluded with a Q & A session. 

Sports Quest 

The Department of Biotechnology, KCT, conducted an event titled Sports Quest on 25 January 2022. This is an event where the students engage in a conversation and realize the importance of participating in a sport aside from their curriculum. The Guest Speaker was Mr.Dhanush Nagaraj V, swimmer and coach. A final year student from the Department of Biotechnology shared his experiences in zonal, state and national meets. Mr.Dhanush spoke on how he became a swimmer by overcoming many challenges. He also participated in an active discussion with the students and answered the queries posed by the participants. 

Webinar on IPR-Practical Aspects and IP Strategies 

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering, KCT, conducted a webinar on IPR-Practical Aspects and IP Strategies on 21 January 2022. The Chief Guest wasMr.Bikash Lohia, General Manager and IP Strategist at Arctic Invent based in Noida, a subsidiary of Back IP Consulting based in the UK. Mr.Bikash is a registered Indian Patent Agent and a government-recognized facilitator of patents for Startups with 14+ years of experience in the IP industry. The process of Patents, Enforcement of patent rights, Patent infringement and Royalties, Methodology for a patent, Importance of Gem-quality Patent, IP Strategies for start-ups and Practical Tips for AI-Related Inventions were discussed by the speaker during the session. 

Club Events 

V -Poll 

The NSS_RRC_VBC Clubs of KCT organized a three-day event titled V -Poll to create awareness about the election procedures from 24 to 27 January 2022. This initiative was taken to support the first-time voters to make them know about the process of how the candidates are selected and how they are elected. On the first day, the step-by-step election procedures were posted on our official Instagram handle. On the second day, we posted a question to fix the candidates as per the opinion of the audience with what they think to be the identity of Tamil Nadu. By evening, we declared the official list of candidates and the next day, i.e., on Republic Day, MS Forms was open from 7 am to 7 pm through which about 200 people voted for their favourite identity of Tamil Nadu. The winners were Chennai Super Kings – The Indian Premier League team representing Tamil Nadu. 

Space Talk -12   

The SEDS KCT organized an event titled SPACE TALK-12 on 24 January 2022. The session began with the opening remarks given by Ms.Sri Sanjanaa, a member of PR Team. Mr.Sreejith Ravichandran, Director of PR Team and BOG of SEDS KCT discussed the projects that SEDS KCT has done and is working on. He also had an interaction with the participants about black holes, satellite communications, etc. Dr.Kavitha gave a brief introduction about herself and her research & development activities. She began her presentation by discussing the Kalman Filter and its applications. She also gave a quick overview of the 1D and 2D Kalman filters. She then went on to discuss the steps involved in detecting satellites using GPS along with noise signals and methods for calculating target distance and went over the equations and variables involved in the process in great detail. She described the numerical procedures used in the filtration process of Wiener filter, its functions and the method employed when filtering high noise inputs, setting up a filter in real-time using an application. Later, she explained the Frequency, the shift of the signal by analysing the signal velocity of the satellite and radius control of the signal beam and the processes to locate the receiver by pointing the target for radar identification so that the beam can be received. Finally, she discussed the Kalman Filter’s working examples like calculating the unknown weight of a gold bar using Kalman filter and explained the methods involved in the process. The outcome of the event was that the participants gained insights on ISRO’s historical accomplishments, current efforts, and future ambitions. The attendees also learnt about ISRO’s numerous branches and the job opportunities available along with the new websites developed by ISRO and their accessibility.  

Brain Shawarma 

HAM Club of Kumaraguru organized an online event titled Brain Shawarma on 19 January 2022. This event was coordinated by Ms.Monika M and Ms.Amrisha R R. The event consisted of two rounds. In the first round, the participants were made to attend an aptitude quiz through MS Forms. Twenty participants were shortlisted, and they were moved to the second round. A set of 42 questions was prepared and the slide with numbers ranging from 1 to 42 was displayed. The shortlisted members were asked to choose two questions. One from the first 21 and the other from the next 21. Accordingly, their knowledge had been tested and evaluated. 


The Youth Red Cross of Kumaraguru Institutions conducted an event titled DIS-QUIZ IIon 18 January 2022. This is an online quiz competition where the participants were given the challenge to answer the questions regarding Knots. The poster along with the forms link was shared with the participants and they actively attended the quiz. There were 65 participants for the quiz. The objective of this event was to spread knowledge on Knots and to make the participants know about the value of using knots. There were 20 questions in the quiz about Knots and their uses. The winners were announced through the social media. 

Tell A Tale 

The Books and Beyond Club of Kumaraguru conducted an event titled Tell A Tale on 16 January 2022 in MS Teams. There were around 30 participants for the event. The event took off with Ms.Priyanka Chatterjee narrating or perhaps singing with zeal in her style about Pourquoi stories. She started by detailing a Pourquoi story from Mexico about the Sun and the Moon. Taking back everyone through a nostalgic lane of their childhood, she continued with two more stories of the series; a Pourquoi from the Philippines explaining how the stars were born and another about dawn and dusk that comes from the land of America. She took everyone to a world of surrealism. Explanation on “page to stage” evolution of stories was lucidly delivered and then invigorated the event with a fun and interactive session named “fortunately, unfortunately” that provoked everyone to come up with various storylines and encompass them to a wholesome one. Later, a piece of music was played and scenarios of stories were built from the ups and downs of the tunes. The event then concluded with exchanges of feedback and positive notes. In this era of technology, storytelling or listening has become a lost form of life, and the event was to make people travel back and visit those rejoicing feelings and to cherish and permeate the art of storytelling everywhere there go. 


Analysing the words of Roy T. Bennett, on behalf of celebrating Youth Day, the Agam Forum of KCT conducted an event titled Arivozhi on 16 January 2022 through MS Teams to make the participants feel mind free by Tharun Raj G. The session focussed on realizing their positive vibes and made them to know how to balance their mind and overthinking thoughts. The session took the initiative to tell how to have a balanced life and how to succeed in life by making your mind feel focused and refreshed.There were around 65 participants who realized their potential with refreshed thoughts. The participants gave positive feedback about the event, especially the part which focussed on brain vs mind seemed to be interesting.  

Writer in You  

The Drama Troupe of KCT conducted an event titled Writer in You from 14 to 16 January 2022. This event was more like a scriptwriting event in which the participants were asked to write a story where the hints were provided. The main motive of this event was to make the participants inspired towards the art of story writing and highlight the principles of Swami Vivekananda.  The event also kindled the creative ideas of the participants. They were allowed to use both English and Tamil language during the event. Overall, there were 30+ active participants. The winners of the event are Ms.J.Sandhya, Mr.Balaji.S.B and Mr.Gokulakrishna. The participants were able to realize their imaginative skills and innovation skills through their story and script writing. 

The Snake or The Phoenix?  

The Books and Beyond Club of Kumaraguru organized a reading session titled The Snake or The Phoenix?on 14 January 2022. On account of the popular ‘Harry Potter Reunion, an interesting debate was organized by the Books and Beyond to engage students and discuss the Harry Potter line of fiction. The topic of discussion being ‘who cared the best for Harry, was it Snape or Dumbledore?’ garnered many Potterheads and also non-Potterheads to spectate the event. A good number of 20 attendees turned up for the event. The debaters were sorted into two groups – ‘The slithering snake’ and ‘The rising phoenix’. The debate started with members of either team registering their points of why their stand for Team Snape or Team Dumbledore is better over the other. The important storylines were discussed for better understanding. Then the pace of the debate went on well with both teams providing intricate details to support their arguments. Participants turned up their witty side, argued their points with clarity, raised questions and took the whole session on a highly interactive and informative note. They discussed their perceptions of the fictional characters and had a healthy discussion. The debate ended on a happy note by acknowledging that what both teams stand for has pros and cons and it is what we perceive from fiction that makes us take a side and understand things better. The outcome of the event was that students were encouraged to indulge in fiction and hone their speaking and debating skills. Some things may seem lost, but they never really are. From sharing our every little thing to hearing what others tell us, storytelling is not only an art, but it is a form of life living within each one.  


The Nature Club of Kumaraguru organized an online event titled Drafture between 11 and 13 January 2022 on 3 themes such as Reducing the usage of Plastics (Poster Creation), Waste Management (Craft with Waste Material) and Environment Crisis (Slogan Writing). There were 20+ participants for the event who showcased their skills on those themes and made awareness to make our place of living a more sustainable one. The main motto of the event was to create awareness among the students to reduce the usage of plastics, create useful products with waste materials and to make them know about some of the current environmental crises. The event also aimed to create awareness on reducing plastic in our day-to-day usage and to encourage reduction, reuse, and recycling of plastics.  

Upcoming Events