Retracing 2021- Kumaraguru Institutions

The Leadership Council Farewell’21

The Leadership Council (LC) organized a farewell ceremony for the LC members of batch 2020-2021 on 26 December 2021 at Swami Vivekananda Seminar Hall, KCT.  Through the ceremony, the current presidents showed their gratitude and love for their predecessors.  The ceremony kick-started with a welcome note followed by the Parody Award, in which the predecessors were given an award with a unique title. Following this, there was a farewell video presentation for the predecessors. Next, the occasion was enlightened by the words of Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions. Then, the session focused on the gift cards handed over by the predecessors to the successors where the successors in turn showed their love through the mementos which acted as a token of love to their predecessors. Then, the ceremony resumed after lunch, where the predecessors were honoured with certificates by Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar. Cheerful moments were captured after the certification session.  Following this, there were some recreational activities for the predecessors in exploring the campus and themselves. The ceremony came to an end with a nostalgic feel, letting the seniors and juniors unite together for one last time.

Retracing 2021- Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science

Department Events

Exploration and Prospectus of Wild Silks in India

The Department of Textile Technology, KCT, organized a webinar on the Exploration and Prospectus of Wild Silks in India on 27 December 2021. The resource person for the session was Dr. Manjunath R. N., who is presently serving in Central Muga Eri Research & Training Institute, a premier wild silk research institute of Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, as a Scientist. The Conveners for the webinar were Dr.V.Ramesh Babu, Associate Professor & Head, Textile Technology, Dr.M.Dhinakaran, Senior Associate Professor, Textile Technology, KCT. The webinar was attended by about 45 participants from IV-year, III-year, and II-year Textile Technology. The Welcome Address was given by Dr.S.Shanmugam, Chairman  IE(I), Coimbatore Local Centre, and the Presidential Address was given by Dr.V.Ramesh Babu, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Textile Technology, KCT. During the session, Dr.Manjunath R. N. elaborated on the types of silk used in different states of India, and also, he explained about the different varieties of silk like Domestic Silk (Mulberry) and Wild Silk (Tasar). He also provided the complete details of these types of silk like how it is produced with its sequence of operation.  Finally, he introduced a new type of silk to the participants in the form of Cricula Trifenestrata. Vote of Thanks was given by  Dr.J.Krishnamoorthi, Honorary Secretary IE(I), Coimbatore Local Centre, who appreciated the efforts of the Chief Guest for providing substantial information about silk. The webinar was well received by the participants, which was evident with their good feedback.

Awareness Programme on Pollution Prevention

The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organized an awareness programme on Pollution Prevention on 22 December 2021. The speaker of the event was Mr.R.Rajendran, Chief Executive & Managing Partner, Enviro Solutions & Labs, Coimbatore. He has 18+ years of experience in Environmental Consultancy and Management. He is a qualified EIA coordinator & functional area expert in EIA report preparation of NABET, QCI, Govt. of India, New Delhi. He has completed many projects and he has been involved in all stages of EIA and EMP report preparation and environmental consultancy assignments. The session dealt with various causes of air pollution and the effective ways to prevent them. Participants found the session engaging and were able to clear all their queries.

Retracing 2021- Kumaraguru Institute of Agriculture

Club Events

Rooftop Gardening

The Nature Club of Kumaraguru organized a gardening event titled Rooftop Gardening on 24 December 2021 at the terrace of the Main Kore. The Roof Top Gardening is an exciting activity mainly for like-minded people. The club members and other interested volunteers were encouraged to sow the seeds of eatable spinach and vegetables. There were 30+ people taking part in this event. The participants were provided with seeds such as bottle gourd, lady’s finger, brinjal, bitter gourd and the Nature Club of Kumaraguru helped them to sow it. The event took place in a very heuristic manner. The main motto of the event was to create a remarkable rooftop garden in our campus and to educate the participants on rooftop gardening skills and to make them ready to build their own customized rooftop garden in their homes.

Upcoming Events