Leadership Council Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony of Leadership Council for the academic year 2021-22 was held at Kumaraguru Institutions on 09 December 2021. The event started with a prayer song followed by floral tribute to Arutchelvar Dr.N.Mahalingam Ayya. Mr.Nivethan AM, Program Lead, CLED delivered the welcome address and briefed about the Leadership Council. In the Felicitation Address, Dr. Joseph V Thanikal, Director, KCT said that the change of empowering people to act and learn forms the premise of leadership. Dr. D. Saravanan, Principal, KCT, mentioned that this event was a recognition of all the efforts. Dr. Vijila Kennedy, Principal, KCLAS said that as a leader, being a role model is very important when you want to perform. In the Presidential Address, Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions mentioned that we don’t need a team, rather we need an army.  The young men and women in the Leadership Council of Kumaraguru serve to be the army which will make a transformative change. He also congratulated the newly elected prefects and emphasized the need to synergize the wisdom and experience of elders with our young stakeholders, the students in order to create an ecosystem with a vision. Then the newly elected members of the Leadership Council took the pledge to don the mantle of leadership to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities.  The Student Leadership Council members will work for the student’s well-being and for the overall progress through continuous development and strive to enhance students’ experience and expectations leading to personal success. The proud parents, alumni, faculty members, and students were present to witness the ceremony. Finally, the event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Dr.V.Vijilesh, Assistant Dean, OSA.

Japanese Consul General Visit

Mr. Taga Masayuki, Consul General of Japan visited Kumaraguru Institutions on 09 December 2021 to explore the collaborative opportunities between India and Japan in the areas like Culture, Education and Research. During the discussion, the Consul General appreciated the institution’s effort in facilitating students to learn the Japanese language and the establishment of Yokogawa Centre of Excellence in Distributed Control Systems in the campus to train students in the state-of-the-art facilities sponsored by the company. Also highlighted the possible collaborations through JETRO to reach the industries of Japan and initiate research activities and suggested facilitation could be made through the Consulate for the Japanese Scientists working in the fields of Human Science, Social Science, and Political Science besides technology domains to visit the campus for interacting with the students of Kumaraguru Institutions and local industries. Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, President, Kumaraguru Institutions, said that these initiatives will benefit a larger audience including students, industry and the public, and he emphasized the launch of a Youth Exchange Program (YEP) between Japan and India. He assured his support and involvement of Kumaraguru Institutions in all Indo-Japanese initiatives from the city of Coimbatore and beyond. 

Department Events


The Department Associations of Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, and Information Science and Engineering, KCT, jointly conducted an event titled Compbate – Your Voice Matters on account of Computer Literacy Week on 08 December 2021. The speakers enthusiastically reached out the points and put forth their insights on the topic “Technological Advancements and People Behaviour”. The participants not only observed the debate but also added on many important points, gave additions to the insights/opinions of the debaters. After a lively discussion, the event came to an end by closing remarks from the panel of judges. Participants concluded the debate by understanding that the technology’s impact completely relies on its extent of usage. The outcome was that the debate helped the participants to develop their critical thinking skills and improvise their articulation. Quick thinking prepared them to handle the crucial situations. The participants were able to identify the gaps in the argument put forward by the opponents and conflict them easily. The debaters accepted their triumph gracefully and were able to organize their thoughts using the analytics provided by the opponent.

Building a Career in Technology Management

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering, KCT, conducted a webinar on Building a Career in Technology Management on 07 December 2021 through MS Teams. Ms.Sahidya Devdoss, Technical Product Manager, VMware Carbon Black, Boston, USA, deliberated the webinar session. She is a software professional with a strong product acumen and an appreciation for agile and user-centered design values, principles, and practices. A product manager in cyber security with 10+ years of professional experience and has completed an MS in Engineering Management from Tufts University. An expert in product designing and development and a certified product owner and scrum master handled this session online. She covered a wide range of topics acquainted with technology management, looked at the leaders in the industry, career options with examples, product innovation and design and recommendations to build a career in technology management. She deliberated about Technology and Product Management. Overall, product management is about understanding what product we create, market research, who are all the consumers, competitors, and the target audience.

Current Sustainability Trends in Apparel Industry

The Department of Fashion Technology, KCT, organized an event titled Current Sustainability Trends in Apparel Industry on 07 December 2021. The Chief Guest was Dr.Siva Ramakumar Pariti, Senior Technical Marketing Officer, Sustainable Textiles Solutions, BluWin Ltd., UK. Sustainable Textiles Solutions (STS), an independent division of Bluwin Limited, U.K, oversees all technical programs besides engaging with the industries’ stakeholders developing the most practical solutions to complex challenges. He is Hon. Chairman of Society of Dyers and Colourists India and recipient of the Silver Medal for services towards coloration in India. At the outset, Dr.Pariti discussed circularity in fashion. He elaborated on the 9 different factors that impact the industry including atmospheric aerosol loading such as that done in the fading of denim fabric. When the impact created is positive, the industry will be a sustainable one. The feasibility of achieving zero waste, i.e., zero landfill waste was also discussed during the session. He brought out the importance of certificates such as EU-BAT (European Union Best Available Techniques Reference Document). He highlighted the initiatives taken by reputed brands such as NIKE (no virgin polyester will be used from 2025) and WALMART (recyclable/reusable/100% bio-degradable bags from 2025). Saving more resources through technology improvement and the use of low-hazard resources contribute to the sustainability of the industry. Faculty of the Department of Fashion Technology, KCT, extended interest to coordinate more sessions for the benefit of the students and expose them to the current international scenario of the fashion industry aiming for sustainability.

Beyond Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and LEED- The Entrepreneurship forum of Kumaraguru organized an event titled Beyond Engineering on 05 December 2021. It is a webinar that combines design thinking and entrepreneurship emphasizing how to think differently and come up with a viable solution. Mr.Arun Ganapathy, Managing Director, 1- Knot Pte Ltd., Singapore, was the resource person, who made this event a productive one. He related engineering with entrepreneurship and also elaborated on economy and Industry 4.0. The session also involved the topics of design thinking and life skills that are needed as an engineer. The session ignited the participants and looking forward to seeing many participants to become as Technopreneurs in future. There were 150+ participants for the event.

Cody cross

The Department of Information Science and Engineering, KCT, conducted a puzzle event titled Cody Cross on 04 December 2021 at Networks Lab, KCT. The event consisted of three rounds where 27 students from various departments participated. The first round consisted of jumbled lines of code which should be solved by the participants, and they will receive 4 words as output, 3 of them points to the crossword answers and 1 gives a clue about the 2nd round. The next round consisted of debugging a piece of code that will give the participants another 3 words as output. The final round consisted of a crossword puzzle which can be filled by using the outputs of the previous rounds. The outcome of the event was the ability to think on the feet with jumbled codes, finding errors that are so common which will help them to be aware and learning of computer terms to fill the crossword.

Building Information Modelling

The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organized a Guest Lecture on Building Information Modelling on 04 December 2021 at KCT Seminar Hall. About 100+ students and 12 faculty members attended the lecture to explore various software and their field of application. The Chief Guest of the day was Er.J.Vimal Devaprabhu, Manager – Training & Support at USAM CAD Soft India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore. He briefed about building information modelling and its importance. The difference between CAD and BIM was explained clearly during the session. He also explained about various dimensions of Building Information Modelling. The advantages of using BIM in various activities like planning, analysis, design and execution were explained. During the discussion session, he answered the questions raised by participants.

Current Practices in Production Planning and Control for a Manufacturing Industry

KCT Business School conducted a Guest Lecture on Current Practices in Production Planning and Control for a Manufacturing Industry on 04 December 2021 in the virtual model for the third-semester students of the 2020 -2022 batch. The speaker of the event was Ms.Divya Karthik, Head – Production Planning, Elgi Equipments Limited, Coimbatore. Ms.Preethi S of II year MBA welcomed the chief guest and highlighted the importance of the PPC function in an organization. The guest began her address with an introduction to Elgi types of equipment and their operations. She explained the functions of PPC – Routing and Scheduling and highlighted the types of demand forecasting, planning and strategy models, performance metrics, ERP and how they are being followed at Elgi. The guest then gave insights about aggregate planning, MPS and MRP that are being followed and the challenges faced in the day-to-day activities particularly during the pandemic. Practical examples of the above concepts provided in-depth learning to the students. The guest lecture provided insights to the students on the basics, applications and current PPC practices in the manufacturing industry.


The Department Associations of Fashion Technology and Aeronautical Engineering conducted a placement event Aerfas for Placement on 03 December 2021. Placement activities serve as a fantastic way to gain experience of their role in an industry that we are interested which puts students in touch with their future goals. The aim of this event was to familiarise students with their placement progress. The speaker Dr.Senthamarai Kannan, Placement Officer, KCT, briefly explained all the possible ways to get placed in a company. He also mentioned previous placement records of KCT. He exclaimed that KCT had 500+ companies this year for placements. He described a lot about the software and core companies that recruit KCTians. The importance of development of skills that are helpful for placements was also addressed during the session. Technical knowledge plays a major role in our placement. He listed some of the well-known MNCs that are recruiting candidates from KCT. The outcome of this event was that the students learned about their current situation on placement progress. The importance of communication skills and management skills with technical knowledge were implanted in the minds of the participants.

Twisty Textiles

The Department Association of Textile Technology, KCT, conducted an event titled Twisty Textiles on 03 December 2021. The event consisted of 2 rounds. The Round 1 was a Quiz event where each team needs to choose 3 questions from the lot of 50 questions. The time limit for each question was 30 seconds. This round furnished the participants with the basic knowledge of textiles followed by Round 2. Each team was given a card containing jumbled letters from which the teams were asked to coin different words. This round challenged the memory power of the participants with complete involvement and excitement.

Club Events

Reflex race 2.0

The Matrix Club of KCT conducted a fun-filled brainstorming event Reflex Race 2.0 on 07 December 2021. This event consisted of the relay of 4 activities. First activity was Cube Building.  The participants were asked to build a Rubix Cube Model using 27 Rubix Cubes as parts of the model cube (center, edges, corner) within five minutes. The second activity was Rubik’s Race game; it challenged the participants to match patterns given by the scrambler with the tiles. Followed by that, the third round was Maze, it was an escape the maze through the labyrinth kind of game with different modes of difficulty level. The final activity was Sport Stacking, a classic sport stacking of the cups with the given pattern. There were 12 teams participating in the event, where the participants actively engaged themselves during the activities.

Yogam Karpom Series 3

The Agam Forum of Kumaraguru and The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organized a yoga session Yogam Karpom Series 3 on 06 December 2021. To create an awareness about yoga to the students who are involved in lots of activities and who work with pressure in their day-to-day schedules, the AGAM forum brought an offline event called YOGAM KARPOM, with its third series. Starting with the prayer followed by warmups, the event created a very good impact on students with this positive environment. This made them comfortable and excited where some stress relief asanas were taught and guided throughout the session with demo and instructions. One of the most important yogic practices – Surya Namaskar with 12 yogic poses – was done making them physically and mentally agile. The mandatory part of breathing was maintained correctly throughout the entire practice which provided calmness mentally, making the event very soothing.

Sports Quiz

The Qubate Forum of Kumaraguru organized a quiz event titled Sports Quiz on 03 December 2021 at KCLAS Lecture Hall. The event had 2 rounds as prelims and finals, and the event started with a short welcome note and the rules for prelims were explained. The prelims consisted of 20 questions. The final round started with 6 finalists. Two teams were announced as winners and were awarded with cash prizes. The participants gained knowledge about sports through this event.

Upcoming Events