National Online Workshop on Vedic Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics, School of Foundational Sciences, KCT, conducted a two-day online workshop on Vedic Mathematics on 26 & 27 November 2021. The workshop was facilitated by Dr.Vijeta Iyer and Dr.A.Santha. Vedic Mathematics is an ancient mathematical technique that helps to improve calculation speed and numerical skills. It sharpens the brain and enhances analytical thinking. It also helps to develop the left and right sides of the brain by increasing visualization and concentration abilities. This workshop was organised with the aim of giving hands-on training to the participants on various techniques of Vedic Mathematics. Participants learnt the skills needed for fast calculations. Around 250 academicians, research scholars, industry persons and students from schools and colleges across the country attended the programme. The programme was inaugurated by Dr.M.Ezhilarasi, Head–SFS and Dr.K.Maheswari, Head–Mathematics, KCT. This workshop aimed to eradicate the fear of arithmetic calculations and instil confidence in everyone, provide an insight into ancient Indian Mathematics and improve calculation speed and numerical skills. The day 1 of the workshop covered topics like introduction to Vedic Mathematics, techniques for addition, subtraction and multiplication and squares of numbers following a pattern. Followed by that, day 2 was on multiplication of general numbers, higher powers of a number, and division. All the sessions were interactive and engaging. Participants mastered the powerful techniques of Vedic Mathematics, which are extremely useful for speedy calculations in competitive examinations and also for routine calculations.

Department Events

Launch of Bio Drop

The Association of Biotechnologists (ABT), KCT, launched the BioDrop, a monthly calendar especially for the Department of Biotechnology, on 01 December 2021. The first issue for the month of November-December comprising of events that took place in the month of November and the events that would happen in the month of December 2021 was launched in the notable presence of Dr.Baskar, Head, Department of Biotechnology, KCT, Dr. Kumaresan, Faculty Coordinator, ABT and the students.

Technical Webinar on Sportswear Product Development

The Department of Fashion Technology, KCT, organized a Technical Webinar on Sportswear Product Development- The ADIDAS Perspective on 30 November 2021. The speaker Mr.Sathish Kumar A.D. is a KCT alumnus from the Department of Textile Technology. He has earned his Master’s Degree in Textile and Clothing Management from Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Monchengladbach, Germany. He founded the company Innotex Materials Pvt Ltd in Coimbatore for manufacturing Sportswear & Composites, operating in Tirupur & Coimbatore. Earlier, he Joined Adidas as a Materials Developer in 2010, took the role of Senior Manager, Material Development & Innovation, and led Adidas Global Material Innovation teams. Currently, he is also working as a Materials consultant for Adidas Sustainability Programs and also took up a recent role as Director of Material Innovation for YEEZY LLC in Collaboration with GAP Inc, working offshore from India. Mr.Sathish spoke about sportswear products development and innovation. He covered the key aspects of quality relevant to textiles for sportswear and also specified the structure of different yarns, synthetic-max-sports. He also spoke about the dyeability of special nylon vs stretch, the performance while using core spun elastase, heat transfer mechanism for high tensile garments, seam strength of high twist nylon threads, tearing strength of plain-woven vs twill, seam strength using high twisted nylon threads vs stretchable sewing thread, to mention a few. He spoke about shoes, the strength of materials (RIGID) used for shoes that contribute to their performance and durability, and how textile materials play an important role in the flexibility of the product for specific sports. The lecture provided exposure to students on various requirements of textile to suit for sporting application, the performance factors that are vital and necessary for different sportswear, and the selection of raw material while designing and making sportswear. 

Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity

The Department of Textile Technology, KCT, conducted a Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity on 30 November 2021. The Resource Person was Dr.R.Jayaraman, Managing Trustee and Member Secretary – Governing Board. He motivated the students by sharing his entrepreneurial experience. He framed the overall organization direction and strategy for fostering the entrepreneurship culture and enhancing the employability of youth. The outcome of the event was motivation and equipping the participants with knowledge about the skills that are required for taking up successful entrepreneurship.

My Story

The Department of Biotechnology, KCT, organized My Story, a motivational talk session by a successful entrepreneur on 27 November 2021. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr.S.Lakshmi Subramanian, MD & CEO, Shruti Herbal Extracts, Coimbatore. The gathering comprised of faculty members and undergraduate students of the Biotechnology programme, KCT. The speaker has a rich experience of more than 30 years in the area of phytochemistry and natural products. He has several patents for the development of various plant-based purified compounds that play a key role in the control of different ailments. He narrated his educational experience in a prominent university during his Master’s programme, shared his experience as an R&D Head in a prominent Biotech company, explained the pros and cons of bio entrepreneurship, emphasized the need for financial investment strategies and explained the significance of venture capitalism. The outcome of the event was to understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Webinar on Fabric Costing

The Department of Textile Technology, KCT, conducted a webinar on Fabric Costing on 27 November 2021. The Secretary TAI-SIU set the context of the programme. The Vice President of TAI-SIU Mr.E.Satyanarayana welcomed the gathering. A presentation about Fabric Costing was done by Mr.Sivaramakrishnan A in a detailed manner. Dr.Rameshbabu, Head, Department of Textile Technology, KCT, Dr. Sivakumar.P, Department of Textile Technology, KCT, Dr.Thilagavathi, Head, Department of Textile Technology, PSG College of Technology and Dr.Gopalakrishnan, Head, Department of Textile Technology and Mrs.Priya, Head, Department of Fashion Technology, Bannariamman Institute of Technology gave their remarks about the lecture. The participants gained exposure on Fabric costing, methods, influencing factors and the control measures.

Comprehensive Utilization of Banana Pseudo Stem for Textile and other Applications

A webinar was organized by the Textile Technology Department, KCT, on the topic Comprehensive Utilization of Banana Pseudostem for Textile and other Applications on 29 November 2021. The resource person for the session was Dr.Kartick K. Samanta, Scientist (Textile Chemistry), Chemical and Biochemical Processing Division, ICAR-National Institute of Natural Fibre Engineering and Technology, Kolkata. The webinar was attended by 100+ participants inclusive of research scholars and faculty members from other institutions. The webinar contents and speech were well received by the participants, and they gave very good feedback about the webinar. The webinar gave an idea about natural fibre plant origin, banana production, development of fibre from banana, product development from banana fibre and types of products.

Emerging Opportunities for Young Data Scientists

The KCT Business School conducted a Guest Lecture titled Emerging Opportunities for Young Data Scientists for the KCTBS Analytics students on 25 November 2021. The event was presided by the guest speaker, Prof Anantha Rao, Dean – School of Data Science, KCLAS. The core objective of the lecture was focused on the unlimited opportunities available for analytics graduates in the business market. There were many useful nuances delivered by the speaker to the audience regarding the importance of spending money on important data, how to assess the value of the data and how business gets impacted when important data is ignored by the poor judgement of an analyst. The lecture was so interactive and relatable as the speaker quoted many real-time experiences from his rich industry experience in the analytics domain. The speaker also addressed the audience briefly about the history of how big data evolved and how the industry kept changing with change in needs and also how people in the industry should update themselves with change in industry trends and skillset that is required for the same accordingly. The guest gave a fair idea to the audience about the numerous fields that they can explore in the market with respect to the vertical in which their analytics interest is aligned to.  He highlighted areas like Customer Analytics, Predictive analytics, Creditworthiness of the customer, Risk analytics in various industry verticals, etc. By the end of the lecture, the speaker took the audience through R studio and how effectively it can be used by managers in terms of analysis and insights and how business presentation can be made easily using R studio and easy ways of keeping the team and managers posted about the work progress using R. The session was very interactive as the speaker directed the lecture from the answers given by the audience which maintained the energy of the session throughout. The lecture was very well- coordinated and had a very good flow of contents and coherence. By the end of the lecture, the students who have attended the event got an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an analyst role.

Club Events

Talkie Walkie with Handy

The HAM Club of KCT organized an event called Talkie Walkie with Handy on 26 November of 2021. The speaker for the event was Mr.Sidharthan K, Research Scholar, KCT. The main objective of this session was to know more about the working of handy. It served as an opportunity for the students to expand their knowledge in this field. The participants were given opportunities to raise their questions which were answered with utmost clearance.

Python Workshop for Space Application

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Club, KCT, in collaboration with Spaceonova organized a two-day workshop on Python Workshop for Space Application on 24 & 25 November 2021.  On Day one, 123 participants attended the workshop. The event started with facilitation by Ms.Mahima Swetha followed by Mr.Soutik Nandy, Scientist, Spaceonova. He deliberated the importance of coding language in various fields and started to explain how easy and effective the python language is in the coding program. Started the session with the basic concepts and made the workshop more interactive. Finally, he gave an overview of the next day’s concept. On Day two, there were 147 participants and the speakers Mr.Soutik Nandy and Mr.Jishant facilitated the session. They made the session more interactive and mentioned the importance of python in space and how can it be used in various fields in space. Then he gave a short website tour for the python coding online and talked about the astrophysics. He also shared his LinkedIn profile and Spaceonova website with the participants. From this workshop, the participants gained an overview of the python coding language and its application in space.

Upcoming Events