The Enlite’21 held from 21 to 24 October 2021 had been a kick start for the lateral entry sophomores to find their way high through the circuitous path of success by understanding “Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect.”

Each day had a unique theme, under which various activities were planned accordingly. The sophomores were involved in many notable activities such as,

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Campus Tour
  • Communicatopedia
  • Talent Mapping, and much more

The first three days were in physical mode and the last day was in virtual mode. The entire boot camp days gave an overall idea about their next 3 years of life in KCT and COVID 19 protocols were followed stringently through the entire boot camp sessions.

Department Events 

Webinar On Non-Destructive Testing 

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCT, conducted a webinar on Non-Destructive Testing on 26 October 2021. The resource person Mr.Krishnamoorthi Venkatesan, Inspection Engineer, The Engineers EDGE Institute of NDT, Coimbatore, explained about the importance of Non-Destructive Testing and casting process during the session. He explained how the mould assembly for sand casting is executed and the discontinuities experienced in casting and welding. He further explained about the different types of joint and the rolling mill process. He also explained about the qualification and certification of NDT personnel, the codes and standards in NDT procedures with the acceptance criteria. The capabilities and Limitations of NDT methods were also covered during the session. Through this session, the students became aware of Non-Destructive Testing, the factors involved in the process, the certification, limitations, scope and career opportunities available in this field. 

The Research Forum on Sustainable Ecosystems 

KCT Business School conducted a Research Forum on Sustainable Ecosystems on 23 October 2021. There were 140 participants for the session which was inclusive of KCTBS Faculty members, KCTBS students and faculty members from other institutions. The Chief Guest, Dr.Jacob Park, Associate Professor, Castleton University, USA, provided a wide picture about the sustainable ecosystems along with real-time examples from different parts of the globe.  Sustainable models in solar energy, textiles, case study approach, and involvement of NGOs are the key highlights of the session. This event provided valuable suggestions to develop the research on the area of sustainability.

Workshop on IOT using Simulators 

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KCT, in association with SPDP Centre organized a Workshop on IOT Simulators from 21 to 24 October 2021 through online mode.  The sessions were handled by Ms.Bharathipriya, Ms.D.Aswini, and Ms.N.Jeba from the department.  Dr.J.Cynthia, Coordinator – SPDP Centre welcomed the students and emphasized on the objectives of the workshop. The participants were introduced to the fundamentals of IoT and hands on training was given on applications of IoT in TinkerCad and CISCO Packet Tracer. As a part of the workshop, students were given projects to implement their learning and the same was assessed. There were 30 participants who actively attended the workshop.

Club Events 


The Agam Forum and Haasya Club of KCT organized an event titled De-Stress on 22 October 2021. The main motto of the event was to reduce the stress and relax the mind of the participants by meditation and fun interacting game sessions. The event began with a simple breathing exercise and meditation for relaxing their mind. To reduce the stress, two game sessions were conducted namely What if? – it was an interacting game, where some questions (what-if situations) were given to the participants by spinning a wheel, and they answered it. It was followed by Talking Tom, a dubbing game. Some funny dialogues were played and participants should repeat or modify the dialogues. The event was concluded by spelling out the importance of yoga and meditation, the impact of stress, and how to handle tough situations. The participants understood the impact of stress and the importance of yoga and meditation.

Sportfit Quiz 

The Runners Club of KCT conducted an event virtually on 22 October 2021 via MS Forms. This event was conducted to check the knowledge about sports and fitness among the students. There were 15 different questions regarding sports and fitness in the forms, and the participants were asked to answer the questions to the best of their knowledge. The winners for the event were announced via the Instagram page. There was 30+ participants for the event. 

The Shambles 

The Voluntary Blood Donors Club of KCT organized a survey event titled Shambles on 23 October 2021 via Microsoft Forms. The purpose of the event was to bring forth and elaborate about blood disorders and make the participants aware of the disorders by collecting their opinion towards platelets donation. A blood disorder can have a negative impact on our overall health. Therefore, educating us about the common blood disorders that could affect becomes indispensable. There are many disorders of the blood including anaemia, bleeding disorders (like haemophilia), blood clots, and blood cancers (like leukaemia, lymphoma, and myeloma). The survey was completed by 57 respondents. Information about the familiarity of the participants about platelet donation and blood disorders were collected in the survey. This event also helped to identify the volunteers interested in blood donation and platelet donation.

Turn The Corner 

The Rotaract Club of KCT organised a professional event titled Turn the Corner on 23 October 2021 through MS Teams. The Chief Guest, Ms.Dhiksha Mohan, Final year, EEE, KCT, made the participants aware about building a resume. In this webinar, the speaker explained about the resume very clearly and provided details like its format, what we must do in our resume to make it unique from other’s resume, and mandatory details that should be added in our resume. The speaker shared her resume for demo and explained every part of it, which served to be a great help to the participants. As we all know that resume is mandatory to get into a job, the speaker added that false statement shouldn’t be in our resume. She also added that any false statement about us in the resume will lead to a bad impression. The speaker also suggested some websites where we can prepare our resume easily. Overall, the webinar was informative, and the participants learned many things.

All You Need to Know about Organ Donation 

The YUVA Kumaraguru conducted an awareness event titled All You Need to Know about Organ Donation (GIFT AN ORGAN) on 23 October 2021. The Chief Guest was Ms.Priti Agarwal, Founder, The Catalyst Training, Noida and Chair, Gift an Organ, Young Indians, CII.  Her words enlightened and answered many questions in our minds. The event helped the participants to realise the real scenario on organ failures, myths and the need of organ donation in our country. The guest initiated the event with a question – why organ donation? She then talked about what organ donation is, its significance, history of organ donation, eligible donors, organs capable of being donated, process and time of donation. Further, the discussion went deeper on the types of organ donations, laws ruling organ donation in our country, organisations responsible for the retraction and transplantation of organs. She then addressed the popular myths on organ donation in the “myths vs reality” section. Following this, an interactive Q&A session dealing with the objection to be a donor was done. Finally, the event increased the awareness on organ donation and its need in the country which inspire young people to come forward as organ donors.   

Dis – Quiz 

The Youth Red Cross of KCT conducted a quiz event titled Dis – Quiz on Disaster Risk Reduction Techniques on 24 October 2021. The rules and regulations of this event were explained, and the participants were moved to the breakout rooms to discuss and complete their quiz. The time given to the participants to complete their quiz was 45 mins. Participants gave the screenshot of their quiz completion page. In this event, the participants came to know more about disaster management, how to handle a situation during a disaster, they came to know the symbols used for disaster risk management and enhanced their ability of critical thinking during the time of any disaster. 


The Department of Information Technology, KCT, in association with ACM Student Chapter organized an event titled Pollit on 18 October 2021. It was an online Quiz event conducted through Instagram. Quizzes were posted at the designated time and the participants logged in with their Instagram account to view the questions. They voted for the correct answers. This was interesting for the participants and there was 100+ views for the question. Around 40 participants voted for all the questions on an average. Students gained a good knowledge on data structures, programming and problem solving. This event promoted the KCT ACM social media page with more than 100+ views and at the same time, students got benefited by learning new things.

Upcoming Events