KCLAS Swagatham 2021

KCLAS  Swagatham 2021, the Induction Programme for the first-year students of Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science, was conducted in the virtual mode on Friday, 24 September 2021 at 5:30 p.m.  KCLAS Swagatham 2021 began with the welcome address by Dr. Vijila Kennedy, Principal.  During her address, she mentioned about the significance of the newly launched BBA International Business as the economics and business management has gone global in the last 3 decades.  Dr. B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chairman, Kumaraguru Institutions, in the Presidential Address emphasized on the significance of remaining self-motivated with a unilateral focus to realise the dreams and aspirations of the young learners. Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions, during the felicitations highlighted the difference between the school education and college education, the new beginning, connections between the courses, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities, mutual respect, fitness, and the need to maintain an active and healthy mind.  Followed by Swagatham, Ignite, a 3-Day Immersion Boot Camp for freshers was conducted from 25 to 28 September 2021 with an objective to familiarise the freshers with the different domains, facilities & opportunities and ease their transition from school to college.  Each day revolved around a specific theme -Connecting the Dots, Transcending Boundaries and Institution & Beyond. Students were provided with a rich array of opportunities to learn, grow, discover who they are, and how they want to make a difference in the world. 

Department Events 

Modern Manufacturing Methods of Contamination Free Surgical Cotton 

The Department of Textile Technology, KCT, organized a webinar on Modern Manufacturing Methods of Contamination Free Surgical Cotton on 25 September 2021. The resource person was Mr.B.Soundararajan, CEO, Amarnaathh Engineering, Coimbatore.  There were 60+ participants for the webinar from IV-year, III-year, and II-year Textile Technology, KCT.  The participant list included the research scholars from other institutions and faculty members from KCT. The webinar gave an idea about definition & classification and surgical machinery.  The speaker also explained about absorbent cotton roll making plant, cotton pre cleaning process, types of machines and departments, objective & purpose of bleaching, automatic surgical cotton making plant, and ear buds making machine.  Types of Cotton used in the process is 16 to 20 mm and mic value is 4.5. Details about non woven making machine and zig zag making machine were discussed during the webinar session. The outcome of the event was that the participants were able to know how to set up a contamination-free surgical cotton roll plant.

Vallamai Thaarayo

The Department of Fashion Technology conducted an event Vallamai Thaarayo on 24 September 2021.The speaker Ms. Porkodi Selvaraj, Founder-Agaram Montessori narrated her journey since her childhood, and how she developed a passion for news reading. With her beautiful tamil pronunciation, she interacted with the audience and invited them for interaction like an RJ and also read a sample news piece from the newspaper. Ms. Porkodi elaborated her progression in profession and why she chose to establish a Montessori School. Narrating her real life struggles and realisations, she kept the audience engaged. Students interacted with guest and learnt her opinion and suggestions to real life issues, especially those women face during their journey to success. The objective of the event was to create awareness among students that success cannot always be an accident.

Digital Twin  

The Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, KCT, organised a webinar on Digital Twin on 25 September 2021.  The Chief Guests for the session were Mr.K.Samba Sivarao, Project Coordinator – CLONOSi, Crion Technologies, Chennai, and Mr.Vishnu Vardan , Director, CRION Skilltech Pvt Ltd., EduTech Start Up.  They addressed the students about the salient features of Digital Twin, its evolution, and the importance post Covid 19.  Virtual Plant Visit and Plant Demo were also carried out during the webinar. 

Tech Trendz Take Up 

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, KCT, in association with IEEE and IQAC council of Kumaraguru Institutions conducted an online event titled Tech Trendz Take-up, a benchmark event to honour Engineer’s Day on 26 September 2021. The event showcased the techie knowledge in developing technologies in the field of engineering and made the participants to solve real-life problems with those technologies in a more innovative manner.  The main motive of this event was to ‘Learn’ and ‘Share’. The event was geared up with participants starting to share their knowledge about the growing technologies with their presentation.  After explaining about the necessity of  the   technologies, participants were questioned about the technological advances by the juries and the spectators.  The event also brought the innovative minds together and showed them the opportunities in developing technologies. Technology is constantly developing and with its exponential growth, there is much to look forward in it.  The winner was selected based on the way of delivering the importance of the technologies and the clarity of conveying their thoughts during the presentation.

Career as an Automation Engineer 

The Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, KCT, organised a webinar on Career as an Automation Engineer on 28 September 2021.  The resource person, Mr.P.S.Krishna, Principal Consultant (Automation), IndustriConnect Technology, removed the misconception about instrumentation engineers as instrument repairers and their value in the industry and explained about the real worth of instrumentation engineers.  He also explained the thorough process in the industry, how instrumentation engineers are important and opportunities available for them, soft skills expected and that are to be developed by the engineers for the current jobs.  The speaker also clarified the doubts of the participants about the opportunities in core industry and the career opportunities available abroad.  The session was extremely informative and insightful.

Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing Services using Microsoft Azure  

The Department of Information Technology, KCT, conducted a Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing Services on 21 September 2021 using Microsoft Azure.  The resource person was Dr.A.Suresh, Associate Professor, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, New Horizon College of Engineering.  He shared a wide range of productive experiences to build, train, and deploy machine learning models and foster team collaboration.  He also explained how to rapidly build and deploy machine learning models using Azure, how to rapidly create accurate models for classification, regression and time-series forecasting.  The main objective of the event was to understand the foundational services relating to computation, storage and networking using Microsoft Azure. 

Latest Software for Civil Engineering  

As a part of Engineers’ Day Celebrations, the Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organized a Guidance Session on Latest Software for Civil Engineering on 15 September 2021.  The Chief Guest of the session was Dr.P.Vinayagam, Professor, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.  He outlined various software packages applicable for field use for civil engineers.  He also gave information about software packages like STAAD-III, STAAD-PRO, SAP-2000, Esteem.STRAP-9.0, SCADDS, ANSYS, ETABS and their engineering applications.  He also emphasized about the importance of using appropriate software for specific application.  The advantages of using software in various activities like planning, analysis, design and estimation were explained by him. 

Club Events 

Tug of Words 

The Books and Beyond Club of Kumaraguru conducted an online book discussion session titled Tug of Words on 24 September 2021. Tug of words is a space where people can come along and share their views, perceptions and perspectives about a specific book or an article or a short story.  The session lasted for one hour and it was hosted on Google Meet.  It had a broad and extended discussion on the short story Eve’s Diary by Mark Twain.  Eve’s Diary is one of Twain’s best stories in which he addresses gender equality issues using his iconic wit and satire.  With the active participation of 11 students from various departments, each and every personal view was indeed unique which displayed various angles of perspectives through which one can look into the subject of a man and women and their relationship.  It was interesting to see that one story can be interpreted in more than one way and each being unique depending on the person reading it and his or her values and characters.  Finally, it was agreed to the point that one should have an identity for oneself and should retain it regardless of any other factor. 


The National Service Scheme (NSS) of KCT conducted a quiz event titled Servizzard on 24 September 2021 in commemoration of NSS Day to test the students on their knowledge about NSS. There were 95 responses and almost everyone were able to answer 80% of the questions. The quiz contained some of the basic questions regarding National Service Scheme like who the Father of NSS is, what is the minimum age, and many more. The results were posted in the Instagram page of the club. Thewinners were Ms.Vijaishree and Mr.Charan. Mr.Jeffrin Samuel, Mr.Chandhru, Mr.Aakash Kumar and Ms.Kavya received a special mention for their contribution.

Tremendous Tributaries 

The Nature Club of KCT conducted September Month’s Eco-contest as an online quiz competition titled Tremendous Tributaries on 25 September 2021.  Instagram was used as the online platform, and the stories were posted on the club’s Instagram page on a regular basis.  The participants were asked to respond to the questions posted about the rivers.  There were 40+ participants for the event.  The main motto of the event was to create awareness about rivers. 


The Voluntary Blood Donors Club of KCT organized an event titled CARCINO on 25 September 2021 through Microsoft Teams. This event intended to increase awareness about blood cancer. The speaker, Dr.Belinda J, M.B.B.S., MD, Consultant Physician, Marthandam Mission Hospital, conveyed the risks, symptoms, transplants, functions, and treatments of blood cancer to all the participants. There were 80+ participants for the event, and they acquired sufficient knowledge about blood cancer and how to overcome the same.


The Aeromodelling Club of KCT organized an event titled AEROCAD on 18 and 19 September 2021.  This event was based on the CAD design, and it tested the design and the competitive skills of the students.  The event was conducted via MS teams.  It had two categories.  The first one was to unlock the quiz with 10 questions based on UAV and simple mathematics. The participants should identify the password from the answers for each question and use that to open a document.  Upon uploading the screenshot of the document, the participants moved to the next round.  The second round was based on CAD design, where the participants had to model a design based on mechanical or electrical simulation domain.  Those models that adhered to the topic and satisfied the predetermined parameters were selected as winners.  Ms.Mahima Swetha, II-year Mechatronics Engineering, KCT, was awarded to be the winner of this event. 

Ask About HAM  

The HAM Club of KCT organized an online event titled Ask About HAM on 25 September 2021.  The speaker was Mr.R.Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor, ECE Department, KCT, and he explained about what HAM is, gave an overview on ASOC exam and the benefits of getting HAM license.  He also shared his experience in the rescue operation.  The main idea of this session was to make the participants to know about the HAM radio and ASOC exam.  This session paved the way to gain knowledge about how these HAM radio works with some examples and also about the ASOC exam. 

Quality of Being Optimistic  

The Agam Forum of KCT conducted an event titled Quality of Being Optimistic on 26 September 2021.  The resource person for the event was Dr.Shanthi L, Government Arts College, Coimbatore, and she emphasised on improving the quality of student’s mind by explaining the qualities of being optimistic in every single aspect of life.  In these pandemic times, students are subjected to face various hectic situations and hardships, and this event served as an opportunity for the students to enhance their thinking quality and understand the importance of being optimistic in every walk of life. 

Lights of National Service 

The National Service Scheme of KCT conducted an event titled Lights of National Service on 26 September 2021.  The aim of this event was to build the courage of the participants and to make them set their goals to get power and enrich their knowledge about leadership in action, social development and little more about UPSC exams.  The speaker Mr.Subramanian Gopalakrishnan, Project Engineer at KC.IRI, shared information about casteism, which is very important for every human to know.  The qualities that are required to be a good civil servant was also shared during the session.  Finally, the event equipped the participants with the information about UPSC exams. 

Map to Lead 

The Youth Red Cross of KCT conducted a World Environmental Health Day event titled Map to Lead on 26 September 2021 to spread awareness on environmental health and make the participants to know about the unknown facts on environmental health.  In this event, questions about environmental health were given to participants.  A series of 15 questions were framed on environmental health and its issues.  From this, the participants were able to know about world environmental health day along with its history and the current situation of the environment.  The event also made the participants to think on how to overcome such problems and how to make our environment healthier.  There were 70+ participants for the event. 


The Books and Beyond Club of Kumaraguru in association with Rotaract Club of KCT conducted an event titled Mozhi on 27 September 2021.  Ms.Subiksha from Books and Beyond Club & Rtr. Prashanthi from Rotaract KCT went to Infant Jesus Convent Society and conducted the fun event.  The students were divided into five groups, charts and other required items were distributed to each group, and they were asked to represent their thoughts in the chart by drawing on the topic “Environmental Issues”. Students were seemed to be much involved in the activity and seemed to be more passionate and diligent.  The students were very much ardent towards dancing, sports, drawing, and other skill-based activities like coconut weaving and tailoring.