KCT signs MoU with AMH SSC

The Department of Fashion Technology, KCT, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Center of Excellence, Apparel, Made-Ups & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMH SSC) on 20 September 2021.  Mr. K.S.Shankararaagavan, Joint Director & Head, AMH SSC and Dr.D.Saravanan, Principal, KCT, signed the memorandum in the presence of other dignitaries.  The scope of the MoU includes Guest Lectures, Short Term Internships, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes, In-Plant Trainings, Symposium, and other technical programmes.   This MoU will provide a platform for students to improve the technical competence, employability and entrepreneurship and lead to faculty excellence along with sharing of expertise and resources to improve the quality of education.

Cav Dr. GKD Memorial Award bestowed on Anush Kumar S

This award was presented to Anush Kumar S, Final Year, Electronics & Communication Engineering along with a cash prize of Rs. 3000/- during the 54th Engineering Day celebration organized by IE(I) Coimbatore Local Centre. “The citations, guest talk and speech by special guests of this forum motivated me a lot to work harder and smarter than this”, says Anush.

Anush is an optimistic person who is sharp-eyed on new emerging technologies who is ready to learn learn as well as share them. Like most new comers, Anush also entered KCT as a student with a blurred vision of his future. He expresses gratitude to his faculty members and his friends for the engaged learning practice and self-improvement. He is a Mahatma Gandhi Scholorship Awardee for 3 consecutive years.

He has completed a number of vertical courses through online platforms such as NPTEL, UDEMY, and Coursera. Besides academics, he has also contributed in the extra-curricular, mostly playing a managerial role. Anush was the Joint Secretary of ECE Department Association during 2019-20. He was the Innovation Coordinator of the department during 2020-21 which focuses on the enhancing student skills and improving their knowledge on current topics and Anush over 30+ events and workshops for student benefit. He was the Technical Lead during 2020-21 and Joint Secretary on 2020-21 of HAM Club of KCT which focuses on awareness on operation of HAM radio globally.

He represented HAM club in the Fox Hunt event at Lammakan Annual Convention at Hyderabad and bagged the 3rd Prize. He has served as the Public Relation Officer during 2019-20, Treasurer during 2020-21 and currently Advisor of ABLE Club of KCT which focuses on Inclusivity, Women Empowerment and Health and wellbeing of differently abled people. Anush have been selected as “Brand Ambassador” of Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Limited. He secured prizes in several collegiate events including a 1st Prize in “THINK XTREME”, an ideathon conducted by AGAM Club of KCT. 

Anush adds, “I like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr.S.Sasikala, Department of ECE, Ms.K.Karthika, Department of ECE and Dr.S.Bhaskar, Department of Mechanical Engineering and to all faculty members for their dedicated time and efforts and to make me a real engineer”.

Department Events

Online Techno Hunt

The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organized an Engineers’ Day event titled Online Techno Hunt in association with Dream Zone Training Centre, Coimbatore, on 15 September 2021.  The pre-final year and final-year UG students of Civil Engineering Department, KCT, participated in the event.  The quiz link was shared to all the participants, and based on the score and duration of completion, the winners were selected.  This event was organized to help the students to keep pace with the changing world in this global pandemic situation.  Winners were awarded with cash prizes and vouchers for software learning were given to all the participants.

Tech Buzz

The Department of Information Technology, KCT, in collaboration with KCT ACM Student Chapter organized an event titled Tech Buzz on 16 September 2021.  It was a quiz game conducted through Instagram, where each contestant logged into their Instagram account and the quizzes were posted as a story on the official KCT ACM Instagram page (kct_acm).  Contestants posted their responses through Instagram chat/question with their personal details.  The winners were awarded with Gift Vouchers.  The event helped the students to improve their knowledge and learning new things about basic programming, logical & problem-solving skills.


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KCT, conducted a two-day Electrothonon 16 & 17 September 2021 in commemoration of Engineers’ Day.  The main theme of the event was Engineering for a Sustainable Planet, and the objective is to bring together creative and sustainable ideas of students from all the departments based on real-time problems related to their core domain.  It consisted of two phases.  The first phase was Ideathon followed by the second phase of team presentation.

Crazy Engineering

The Department of Textile Technology, KCT, conducted a quiz event titled Crazy Engineering on account of Engineers’ Day on 17 September 2021 through Microsoft Teams.  The Quiz was based on popular & unpopular engineers and their inventions, and the engineers who tried to invent something and ended up in inventing something else.  Among the 30+ active responses, Mr.Kirubananthan and Mr.Suganth Vaibav of II-Year and III-Year, Department of Textile Technology, KCT, grabbed the first place and the second place respectively.

The Role of English Language in Effective Teaching and Classroom Management for Academic Success

The KCT Learning and Development Academy (KLDA) organized a One-Day Workshop on The Role of English Language in Effective Teaching and Classroom Management for Academic Success on 18 September 2021 via MS Teams.  There were totally 43 participants from KCT and KIA.  The resource person was Dr. Poonam Nigam Sahay, Associate Professor, PG Department of English, Ranchi Women’s College, Ranchi University, Ranchi, and the workshop focused on the difference between teaching and effective teaching.  Six elements of great teaching such as quality of instruction, teaching climate, classroom management, teacher beliefs and professional behaviour and the role of English Language in Teaching were dealt in the forenoon session.  The speaker also briefed on how technology is a great aid for teachers.  The afternoon session of the workshop was on Effective Classroom Management.  The session elaborated on what is classroom management, a candid confession, some faith maxims, roles and responsibilities, how to develop and concentrate.  She also briefed on how teaching is a skill, how to choose one’s method, how to do effective presentation, and how teachers should work assiduously.  After the session, there was a fruitful and meaningful discussion with the participants.  The workshop enabled the teachers to update and enhance their knowledge of English language, utilise it for effective teaching of the same, exercise effective management of the classroom and motivate students to perform and achieve better academically.

Workshop on Effective Research Paper Drafting for Publication

The KCT Learning and Development Academy (KLDA) organized a One-day Workshop on Effective Research Paper Drafting for Publication on 18 September 2021 via MS Teams.  Dr.Shitanshu Mishra, Information Technology Officer, MGIEP, UNESCO, New Delhi, shared the nuances of research paper writing during the session.  The faculty members were given all the information about research paper writing.  With this experience, the faculty members would be able to select the right topic, suitable area of research and publish the same in reputed journals.  The speaker clearly explained all the pitfalls one might face in the journey of research and publications.  The faculty cleared all their doubts regarding research paper writing and publications.

Enhancing the Life Skills of School Children

KCT Business School organised an outreach activity titled Enhancing the Life Skills of School Children on 18 September 2021.  There were around 100 participants from a government-aided school.  Ms.Pranavi Jay, Her-D, discussed on the topic Mind Matters where she provided valuable insights on the importance of understanding the self, needs and expectations of others, and learning to control emotions to integrate ourselves with the world.  The session was followed by Dr V Shripria, KCT Business School.  She discussed about creativity, problem solving, communication and collaboration during her session on Basic Learning Skills and also provided useful tips and suggestions to enhance their learning skills.  Finally, Dr D Susana, KCT Business School, gave insights on the topic Managing Money to enhance the financial literacy of the school children.  This session covered the five aspects of money – Earn, Spend, Borrow, Protect and Invest, and the basic concepts on inflation and the importance of making investments.

Club Events

Nerkonda Paarvai 

The ABLE Club of KCT conducted an awareness programme titled Nerkonda Paarvai on 16 September 2021.  Mrs. Vallikala S, Student Counsellor,  KCT, and a psychologist by profession with Transactional Analysis as her base served to be the facilitator.  The event was a video perception, where the selected videos were screened, and the participants came forward enthusiastically to express their ideologies and thoughts about the same.  The Chief Guest shared her personal experiences and insights and made the participants to reflect upon their views.  She also shared on how to make the situation positive.  This served to be a meaningful and informative session.  This event made the participants to realize that the world lies beneath them, and it is up to them to choose their path.

Open Rocket Simulator Workshop 

The SEDS Club of KCT conducted a workshop on Open Rocket Simulator on 17 September 2021.  The instructors Abinash Natraj S and Haribalan S of III-year Aeronautical Engineering presented about the basic forces on rocket and covered the topics which involve stability of the rocket, structure of nose cone and fins, and also explained the concept behind the centre of gravity and centre of pressure.  Then, they proceeded to demonstrate using the simulator in the working space of Open Rocket Simulator and explained the basic parameters involved in selecting nosecones, fins, and determining CG and CP, and finally, simulated the entire rocket.  The participants got exposed on how to install and use this free open-source software for designing a Model Rocket along with the parameters and the constraints that are to be noted before modelling a rocket.

MATLAB Workshop

The HAM Club of KCT organized a two-day online workshop on MATLAB on 17 & 18 September 2021.  Dr.K.Kavitha, Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication, KCT, and Ms.M.Sobiya Selsiya, member of HAM club served to be the resource persons.  The main objective of this workshop was to teach participants about the MATLAB Software.  It served as an opportunity for the students to expand their knowledge in this software.  The participants were provided opportunities to pose their questions, and all the questions were addressed with utmost care.  The session concluded with more than 100 participants.

Do or Diet

The Youth Red Cross of KCT conducted an event titled Do or Diet on 18 September 2021.  Dr.V.Premala Priyadharsini, Professor, Food Science Management and Dietetics Home Science, explained about the sleeping patterns, food habits, hazards behind the foods and clarified about the nutrition and diet that we have to follow on our day-to-day life.  The objective of the event was to educate about diet and health problems for the students in this pandemic situation.


TheQubate Forum of KCT conducted an online quizzing event Technamite on 18 September 2021.  This event consisted of two phases.  The first phase was Prelims, which consisted of 15 questions, and the second phase was Finals, which comprised of three rounds.  The first two rounds had six questions each, and the final round had one question.  It was totally based on the technical discoveries and innovations made over the years.  The first two places were bagged by Mr.Kavin U S and Mr.Rahul P. 


The Robotics and Automation Club of KCT organized an Engineers’ Day event titled Racathonon the theme of Engineering for a Healthy Planet, which involvesSimulation, Ideation and Poster Presentation on real life problems on 19 September 2021.  In the first round, the problem statements were given to the participants according to their domain selection.  After the evaluation of first round presentations, 6 members got qualified for the next round.  In this round, the participants presented their simulation and poster.  The winners were rewarded with cash prizes.


The Youth Red Cross of KCT conducted a webinar on disaster management titled UNITE on 19 September 2021.  The speaker was Anand Babu E, Team Lead, NINJACART, Bangalore, and he presented about the disaster management, which aims to reduce or avoid the potential losses from hazards, assure prompt and appropriate assistance to victims of disaster, and achieve rapid and effective recovery.  Appropriate actions at all points in the cycle lead to greater preparedness, better warnings, reduced vulnerability or the prevention of disasters during the next iteration of the cycle.  The complete disaster management cycle includes the shaping of public policies and plans that either modify the causes of disasters or mitigate their effects on people, property, and infrastructure.  The aim of emergency response is to provide immediate assistance to maintain life, improve health and support the morale of the affected population.  Such assistance may range from providing specific but limited aid such as assisting refugees with transport, temporary shelter and food, to establishing semi-permanent settlement in camps and other locations.  It also involves initial repairs to the damaged infrastructure.  Humanitarian organizations are often strongly present in this phase of the disaster management cycle.