5 KCTians turned entrepreneurs ideated and established TestedOK Technologies (https://flare.testedok.in/) in 2019 in Coimbatore. The core mission of the start-up is to aid the evolution of production/execution-based Indian MSME sector to add more value to its market by adopting cutting-edge information-driven innovations.

Department Events

Webinar on Hindrance Faced by Entrepreneurs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCT, conducted a webinar on Hindrance Faced by Entrepreneurs on 23 August 2021.  Mr.R.Suresh, Unitek Hydraulics, Coimbatore, presented about the importance of the bond between customer and supplier, technical knowledge and service strength of every company. The training process and difficulties to start a company to sustain in the market were also discussed during the session.  Overall, the webinar highlighted the difficulties of being an entrepreneur and the hardships faced to become a successful entrepreneur.  It also reiterated the fact that entrepreneurship plays a vital role in economic growth and development.  This session helped the participants to know the complexities of taking up entrepreneurship and the ways to overcome the same.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

IEEE KCT and KCT IIC conducted an event titled My Entrepreneurial Journey on 24 August 2021.  Mr.Rajit Karunakaran, Regional MoC, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Government of India, shared his life experiences as an entrepreneur and presented his views on how to become a successful entrepreneur, qualities of an entrepreneur, start-up companies, requirements for start-ups like investment, ideas and skills with examples and the mindset of an entrepreneur. 

Tekzilla 2K21

The Department of Information Technology, KCT, conducted a technical event Tekzilla 2021 for the second-year students on 26 August 2021.  The main objective of the event was to give awareness about the application of gaming and its technology in real life.  The events included questions based on gaming, debate on online games vs field games, quiz, Do You Know Questions, Memes, and Unscrambled words.  During the event, information regarding the technology and its advancements from the past was shared. The event ended with an interaction and exchange of views and ideas of the participants.  Winners were awarded with gift vouchers.

Webinar on Vehicle Body Repair Technology

The Department of Automobile Engineering, KCT, conducted a webinar on Vehicle Body Repair Technology on 27 August 2021.  Mr.K.Muruganandam, Service Head, Sakthi Auto Motors Ltd, Madurai, with his 25+ years of experience in Automobile Industry, presented about the process of vehicle body building, basic shop environment, equipment maintenance, body protection and vehicle safety during the session.  The vehicle body construction involves unibody structure, classification of body according to shapes, force progression and load paths.  As an expert in marketing strategies, he discussed about SOP preparation & process auditing.

Smart Hacks

The Department of Mathematics, School of Foundational Sciences, KCT, in collaboration with EICT, IIT Kanpur, organized an event Smart Hacks on 28 August 2021.  The event was conducted in two different phases.  The first phase was an online quiz contest on C and C++ programming languages.  The second phase will be a Mega Finale amongst the top students from different institutions, which is to be held in IIT-Kanpur.  Prizes worth Rs.1.25 lakhs under different domains are to be awarded for the winners.  The participants will also get an opportunity to interact with faculty members, leading professionals and start-ups.

Club Events

Alumni Talk Series

The Pudhupaavai Club of KCT conducted an event titled Alumni Talk Series on 28 August 2021.  Ms.Indhupriya Elangovan, Software Engineer (Developer) in Torry Harris Integrated Solutions, Bengaluru, shared her experience from college to a software engineer.  From her life story, she made the participants to be clear that if one has to achieve something in their life, self-confidence plays a major role.  Everyone must have self-confidence and a bold nature to reach the point of success in their life.  Being a student from a small village, she came to KCT and got placed in a big company after facing failures and rejections on many occasions.  As a Founder and Former President of Pudhupaavai Club, she shared her experience on how the club was started and how the students were able to mould themselves with the help of the club.

ASPIRE - Career Opportunities in Government Sectors

The ABLE Club in association with Kural Club of KCT conducted a webinar on ASPIRE – Career Opportunities in Government Sectors on 28 August 2021.  Ms.Swathika A Sekar, Founder, Shiksha IAS Academy, presented about the path to be followed to clear the Civil Service Exams.  She also discussed about how to be mentally prepared, the necessity to focus on what we aspire, some basic shortcuts to crack the exams in the first attempt.  She also shared information about her IAS Academy which is trying to transform every ordinary individual into a prestigious government officer.

Smart Work in Entrepreneurship

The League for Entrepreneurial Empowerment and Development (LEED) Club of KCT conducted an Expert Talk Series II on Smart Work in Entrepreneurship on 28 August 2021.  Mr.Sriram Prasad G, Founder and CEO, Keeraikadai.com, presented about the nutritional benefits of Indian traditional greens which have been forgotten over decades.  He is also spreading awareness on using food as medicine to the society to promote healthier lifestyle.  He had implemented the idea of growing microgreens in hydroponic farms that are useful in urban areas where water availability and manpower is minimum.  The speaker concluded the session by sharing his experience.

Basics of Software Defined Radio

The HAM Club of Kumaraguru organized an online event titled Basics of SDR on 28 August 2021.  The speakers for the event were Ms.K.R.Manusa, Ms.S.Gopika and Ms.S.Lavanya, members of HAM Club.  The session aimed to provide insights about the Basics of Software Defined Radio.  It indeed served as an opportunity for the students to expand their knowledge in this field.  The participants were given opportunities to pose their questions and were answered with utmost clarity.  There were 30+ participants for the event.  The motive of this event was accomplished by providing the participants an idea about the Basics of SDR.

Trivia Night

The Scrabble and Qubate Club of KCT conducted an event titled Trivia Night on 29 August 2021.  It was a fun and engaging event focusing on the MCU fandom.  This event had three levels conducted in Quizizz platform and MS Teams.  There were 20+ participants for the event.  The questions were framed to test the fact and trivia knowledge of the participants.  Winners were selected based on the scores of level three.  This served to be an event where likeminded people interacted with one another and got to know each other.

Stretch It Out

 The Runners Club of KCT conducted a virtual event titled Stretch It Out on 29 August 2021 via MS Teams.  Ms.Rithanya, Final Year Student, Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, KCT, served to be the jury member.  There were three challenges for boys and two challenges for girls.  In addition to that, there was one bonus challenge for both the genders.  The rules and regulations were clearly explained, and the participants were given chance to perform their challenges individually online.  The event stressed upon the importance of being fit and healthy. 

Living Fluid

The VBC Club of KCT conducted a survey event Living Fluid on 30 August 2021.  This survey was conducted through Microsoft Forms.  The survey was conducted to create awareness on blood.  There were 75 respondents to the survey.  The participants were evaluated on their knowledge of blood and blood donation.  As a result, the participants gained a better understanding of blood donation and its significance.