Founder’s Day events


CEED, Career Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development Centre, a new initiative by KCT to enhance the students’ professional advancement and to guide them in the right path, was inaugurated on 26 March 2021 virtually through YouTube.  It will be providing a safe learning and career building space to the students where new opportunities can be attained in the form of placements, higher studies, competitive exams, uniform services and entrepreneurship guidance.

Resource Recovery Park 

This is a solid waste management facility initiated by Microcosm of KCT. It is located near the West Gate inside the campus of KCT and was inaugurated by Mrs. Sangeetha Subash, Siruthuli, Mr. Ravindran and Mr. Sathish Balaji, Restoring Nature, Mr. Sivaraja, Chinnavedampatti Lake Restoration Association and Mr. Prashanth, Think Green Enterprises along with Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions at 10: 00 AM on 25 March 2021. This park aims to make a positive impact on the environment through compositing, upcycling, recycling, incinerating & scientific land filling and providing an eco-friendlier way to dispose waste, while spreading awareness among the students and public. 

Agaval Parayanam 

Agaval Parayanam, the annual event to celebrate the birth anniversary of Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam Ayya, organized by the Gnana Sabai was held from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM on 21 March 2021. Five Sanmargies from Kalapatti Sanmarga Sangam were welcomed to commence the pooja and floral tribute to commemorate Arutprakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal. The recitation of ‘Thiruvarutpa-Arutperunjyothi Agaval’ by the Sanmargies served to be the epic moment of the event.

Namathu Grama Thitam 

Namathu Grama Thitam, an initiative by Kumaraguru Institute of Agriculture, was inaugurated at 10:00 AM on 21 March 2021 by KIA adopting a close-by village named Oricheri and providing its residents with wellness camps, agricultural & veterinary consultancy from experts and education to school dropouts to bring advancement in the social and economic status of the village. 

One Student One Tree Programme 

One Student One Tree Programme commenced at 10:00 AM on 21 March 2021. Each I-year student of KIA will be provided a sapling to begin their journey with KIA. It is expected of the students to plant and nurture the saplings throughout their four-year journey with us. 

Refurbishment of the Vallalar hostel 

The refurbished Vallalar hostel was inaugurated by Dr. B. K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chairman, Dr. N. Manickam, Vice-Chairman, Shri. N. Balasubramaniam, Correspondent and Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions, on 25 March 2021. The refurbishment includes upgradation of 163 rooms and the launch of the central courtyard with a study zone, summing up to 59,000 square feet of area that has been worked on.  

Notable Yugam events

Aerodynamics in Everything

In ‘Aerodynamics in Everything’, held by the department of Aeronautics, participants had to design the part using the CFD software. Participants from every department were welcomed to explore the fluid flow of products, from bikers’ helmets to aircrafts landing gears with the help of MS Teams. By analysing various parameters such as total drag, nature of the flow, etc., the participants learnt about fluid dynamics in a fun way.

Crazy CADD

Crazy CADD, by the department of Mechanical Engineering, made the participants find out how effectively a component can be modelled, simulated and analysed in CAD. It tested their skills harder through each round till they could handpick the winners with the best knowledge and capability. It helped the over 65 participants in visualising the design and enhanced their skills in modelling in CAD.

Mindspar Thinkelec

Mindspar Thinkelec was a 2-day virtual event, conducted by E&I Department. The participants brainstormed in the concepts of electronics which helped them ideate real-time problem statements. This will help them in approaching and solving problems in a new light. Being evaluated by quizzes and debates, 30 participants were benefited through this event.

Forensic 2.0

Forensic 2.0, by the department of Biotechnology, is an event to provide a new perspective in the field of forensic science to the participants through quizzes, videos and case studies. This event aimed and succeeded at imparting basic level knowledge in the field of forensic science to the participants. It was a great opportunity to unleash the detective minds of over 70 participants.

India Quiz

A quiz conducted by Qubate club of KCLAS on MS Teams, to indulge the participants in an active fun filled learning quiz session about our motherland. It was a Home to exuberant culture and diversity- India never fails to amaze people of the world with its alluring charm. India Quiz provided the platform for 78 participants to learn, exhibit and test their knowledge about our incredible nation.


Infralite, by the department of Civil Engineering, wanted to bring out the construction skills of the participants as much as possible so it focussed on almost every aspect of construction right from sight-selection, line sketch, 2D planning and 3D modelling to cost estimation, quantity surveying and structural analysis. The participants provided us with innovative materials in the project and presented their projects.

Kalakal galata

Kalakal Galata, by the Haasya club, brought out the humorous acting skills of the participants on Instagram Live and induced some good laughs. Kalakkal galata was an event that tickled the humor fantasy and showcased the talent of many in mimicry, stand-up comedy and the like. It tested the skills of the 50 participants in entertaining people with their sense of humour. This event was the definition of ‘Laughing out loud together until our belly hurts’.


Loudwire, by band Agratha, the hunt for talented bands nationwide performing in the western genre, by band Agratha, aimed and succeeded in bringing together various western college bands for a battle providing an opportunity for the college bands to perform in the western genre and showcase their music with the jury being Mr. Shivaraj Natraj, vocalist and beatboxer from Project MishraM.

Nova CTF 2021

Nova capture the flag, by iQube, was a jeopardy style CTF, a cyber quest. This event instilled curiosity among young hackers and encouraged them to learn further, try harder and get deeper into the field of cyber security. But to our surprise, at the last minute we found that first two teams had the same score, and the following two teams had the same score. The announcement of winners was postponed to the next day. After reviewing the activities of the teams during the contest, the prices were announced.

Rocket League Tournament

First of its kind online gaming event featuring Rocket league, a free cross platform multiplayer game. This event was an opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to showcase and test their skills. All the players were connected to the organisers and volunteers on discord. The event was for gamer duos, out of which the team ‘Clapkez’ gave a brilliant performance and grabbed the 1st place with a total of around 50 participants.

AISA Awards

Artists Incorporated Short-film Awards, the AISA Awards is an event held by Studio KCT in Yugam every year. A prolific participation of creators was witnessed as the submission of short-films was eased through the virtual platform. The shortlisted ones were screened to the audience among which the best in each category was chosen by the jury Mr. Krishna N., Director of the famous works, ‘Sillunu oru kaadhal’ and ‘Nedunchalai’ along with Mr. Yuvaraj S., Cinematographer of the famous works, ‘Teddy’, ‘Ennodu vilayadu’ and ‘Panchaksharam’. As various films won each category, the film ‘Naan Yaar’ won the ‘Best film’ title along with a cash prize of worth Rs. 40,000. This event continues to recognise young talents who appreciate and craft visual art.

Lilavati award

The student-faculty KCT team was nominated and awarded the 2nd runner-up with certificates and a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 by Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, the Honorable Minister of Education, India on 11 April 2021 at New Delhi. The team consisted of Dr. T. Sathish Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dr. S. Nithyapriya, Assistant Professor, Dr. K. Kumaresan, Associate Professor, Miss. S. Bharathi Kamala and Miss. S. Vasuki, students of year IV Biotechnology. The passion of the team towards women’s health in biotechnology and great coordination earned them this success. Each of the team member has a great history of contributing to various fields of biotechnology.

Dr. T. Sathish Kumar

Being in the field of teaching for over 20 years I have gained good experience in various aspects of teaching and learning. I am passionate about ‘Natural Products’ and have been working on it for the past decade. I explored various field of knowledge and successfully published more than 50 research articles. I have published 6 book chapters along with carrying out numerous workshops and training programs.

Dr. S. Nithyapriya

Being a teaching professional of over 15 years in the field of biotechnology, I have gained a passion towards ‘Nutraceuticals’ and have been exploring it for more than 10 years. I have published more than 20 research articles in National and International Journals. I own and have published a national patent. I have conducted workshops and awareness camps to share knowledge to those who seek it.

Dr. K. Kumaresan

With over 15 years of experience in the field, I grew to have an interest towards ‘Natural Products’ and have been exploring it for more than 10 years. I have published more than 40 research articles in national and international journals. I have won the INSA fellowship and TNSCST ‘Young Scientist’ award. I have received funding from CSIR, ICMR, DBT and AICTE to conduct conferences in Biotechnology.

We express our gratitude to Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam Ayya, Founder of KCT, Dr. B. K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chariman of KCT, Shri. M. Balasubramaniam, Correspondent of KCT, Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent of KCT and Dr. D. Saravanan, Principal of KCT, for recognizing our hard work.

Department Events

Guest Talk

KCT Business school organized a Guest Talk on 11 and 12 March 2021 via MS Teams.  Dr. Aditya Srinivas, Chartered Wealth Manager and ISO Certified Lead Auditor, delivered a lecture on bank interface with the stock market.  The guest explained various functions about the front office which is the bank’s interface with the market. The front office coordinates and handles all the needs of the bank and its clients with respect to hedging, financing the investment, position management, Electronic listing and trading systems.  In the Middle office, functions that support the operations of the front office in various areas, such as risk management, financial control, strategic management, and information technology are performed. The back office includes all the services and duties that must be carried out when trades are made by the front office.  The guest also spoke elaborately about risk management and risk mitigation in a securities broking firm.  He engaged the participants throughout the session and guided them on risk management in stock trading.

Webinar on Problem Solving and Data Structures

A webinar on Problem Solving and Data Structures was conducted by the Department of Information Technology, KCT, on 25 March 2021 via MS Teams.  Mr. Madhu Venkatesh, Software Engineer, Amazon, Chennai, deliberated the session.  The focus of this webinar was on the importance of problem solving and data structures.  The session also covered topics like key problems in each data structure, difference between good and bad problem solvers, and guidance for preparing for the FAANG companies.  There were 40+ participants for the event.

A Two-day Workshop on UX/UI Design

The Department of Information Technology, KCT, organized a 2-day workshop on UX / UI Design on 30 and 31 March 2021 via MS Teams.  There were around 65 participants for the workshop.  The sessions focused on Adobe XP tool and its usage in creating user interface.  Mr.Sathish Kumar, Founder and CEO, Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music, Coimbatore, moderated the sessions. The participants were provided with several tips on creating good user interfaces, and a few samples were shared with them.  Individual tasks were assigned to each participant, and they were asked to present it at the end of the session.  The workshop turned to be an interactive session.

Webinar on Nutrigenomics, Phytomics and Health

The Institution of Engineers (India), Coimbatore Local Centre and the Department of Biotechnology, KCT, jointly organised a webinar on Nutrigenomics, Phytomics and Health on 27 March 2021 via Google Meet.  Dr.S.Lakshmi Subramanian, Managing Director and CEO, Shruti Herbal Extracts, delivered the session.  He emphasized the importance of nutrition and created awareness among the participants about Nutrigenomics.  He explained about the various aspects of genetic data and about how important it is for an individual to protect it in this fast-moving world.  He also introduced the participants to the field of Reverse Pharmacology, a target-based drug formulation hypothesis.  With a rapid rise in COVID cases over the last fortnight, Dr.Subramanian gave out a few tips on how to keep ourselves healthy and immune.  He also briefed about Ayurveda and its significance in diagnosing patients.  He concluded his lecture by stressing the importance of a healthy diet to lead a happy and healthy life.  The session drew its curtain with Dr.H.Rammohan, Honorary Secretary, Institution of Engineers (India), delivering the vote of thanks.

Career Readiness Program

A Career Readiness Program was conducted by KCT Business School on 27 March 2021.  Ms.Shilpa Subramanian, Salesforce Strategy and Alliance Leader, Brillio, Canada, deliberated the morning session via MS Teams and delivered her lecture on Competencies in Career.  Mr.Udaya Sankar, Lead-South India, NASSCOM and Co-Founder Maatram Foundation, delivered his session titled Self-Leadership in the afternoon session via MS Teams.  The participants found both the sessions to be interesting and informative.

Student Association Valediction

KCT Business School Student Association conducted a Valedictory Function on 27 March 2021 online via Ms Teams platform to bid farewell to the association members of 2019-2021 batch.  During the valediction, the tremendous efforts of 2019-2021 Student Association members were appreciated.  Many online activities like poster painting, Brain storming session titled “The Primal Leader-APJ Abdul Kalam,” Quiz competition titled Brand Trivia, Q’ Fiesta – An Operations Management event, OMG- Operations Management Games, Sherlock ‘ The Analyst, Bang of the Century: Data Science & Data Revolution and so on were conducted during their tenure for the active engagement and development of fellow students.  Mr.Dhanasekaran Radhakrishnan, Vice President and Global Delivery Head for Automotive Engineering at HCL Technologies, served to be the Chief Guest of the day and appreciated the contribution of the SA members and motivated them through his thought-provoking speech.