Freshers Induction Programme

Swagatham, the Freshers Induction Programme for the first year B.Sc. Agriculture students for the Batch 2020-24 was held at Kumaraguru Institute of Agriculture, Nachimuthupuram, Erode on Monday, 15 February 2021.

The Induction programme began with the invocation to the almighty followed by the welcome address delivered by Dr. M. Iniyakumar, Assistant Professor, AGM and First year Coordinator. Dr.B.J.Pandian, Principal, KIA spoke on the significance of graduating in agriculture in a country like India which is primarily an agro-based economy and highlighted the unique learning opportunities for the students at KIA. The programme was presided over by Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions. In his presidential address, he invited the freshers to be part of the grand vision built by the founder Chairman Arutchelvar Dr.N.Mahalingam and emphasized on the imperative need to integrate technology and indigenous farming strategies for a sustainable future. Mr A Balasubramaniam, Executive Officer, KIA offered his felicitations. Dr P Baskar, Assistant Professor, AGR and Academic Coordinator, KIA briefed students and parents on the academic rules of the college and Ms. M T Preeti Priyadarshini Deputy Warden(girls) and Mr A Gobinath, Deputy Warden(boys) oriented the students on the hostel rules. Following this, the parents shared their insights on choosing KIA for their ward’s future education in agriculture. The event concluded with Dr S Hemalatha, Assistant Professor, and Staff Advisor, KIA, proposing the vote of thanks

Demonstration Session on Project Management Software

A demonstration session on Project Management Software was conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, in association with Infinity PMC Solutions Pvt. Ltd., on 03 Feb 2021 via MS Teams.  Ms.Janani B, Manager – Professional Services, Infinity PMC Solutions, explained about construction management including planning, coordinating and building of a project from conception to completion.  Project management is managing resource over the lifecycle of a project through various tools and methodologies to control scope, cost, time, and quality.  A detailed overview about the different project management software available in the market was given during the session.  The participants found the session to be very useful and informative.

International Expert Talk on Research and Publications

The Research Forum of KCT Business School organised an International Expert Talk on Research and Publications on 06 Feb 2021 via MS Teams.  Dr.Poornima Wasdani, Associate Faculty, School of Business, Royal Roads University, Canada and Associate Editor, South Asian Journal of Management, explained the nuances of carrying out successful research and publications.  The speaker cited about the research that can be carried out on small businesses, social entrepreneurship, and new venture formation.  The session provided guidance to the participants to publish their research work in Scopus and ADBC Journals.

Webinar on Adobe Graphics Design

A two-day webinar series on Adobe Graphics Design was conducted by the Department of Information Technology from 05 to 06 Feb 2021 via MS Teams.  Ms.Shenbagam, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, KCT, explained the strategies of creating effective graphic designs using adobe to the participants during the session.  The event aimed to make the participants to create new designs using Adobe photoshop, to create logos using the available tools, to create simple advertisements, and to create visiting cards.  The session started with a brief introduction to Photoshop and it continued to explain about the strategies to work with colours and colour theory.  Other important concepts like working with brushes, colour correction, image restoration, filter effects, masking, matte painting, text tool, pen and Bezier tool, and other special effects were also explained during the session.

Webinar on Cyber Security Basics: A Hands-on Approach

A webinar on Cyber Security Basics: A Hands-on Approach was conducted by the Department of Computer Applications, KCT, on 13 Feb 2021 via MS Teams.  Ms.Rassika R, Programmer Analyst, Cognizant, Bangalore, explained the concepts behind cyber security to the participants.  The webinar helped the participants to understand the need for cyber security at the present situation.

Faculty Training Programme on LS DYNA Software

A three-day Faculty Training Programme on LS DYNA Software was conducted by the Department of Automobile Engineering, KCT, in association with KC.IRI from 03 to 05 Feb 2021.  The event aimed to train faculty and project engineers in the field of Finite Element Analysis by imparting software knowledge for solving industrial problems in Structural Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Automotive Crash related simulations. Mr.Nagaraj Nalawade, Application Engineer, Kaizenat Technologies, Coimbatore, trained the participants on the use of the software.  The training programme covered topics like sensors, spot welds, time stamp, component analysis, hyperelastic materials, etc.  There were 40+ participants for the event and they found the session to be handy.

Profile Building

The Department Association of PG Forum organised an interactive online session on Profile Building on 03 Feb 2021 via MS Teams.  Mr.Bhaskar S, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Head-Office of PG Studies, KCT, shared the importance of profile building and the steps that are to be taken to develop one’s personality and skills in order to showcase it in the resume.  This in turn would help to develop a positive connotation about the individual to the outside world.  The speaker also explained about the qualities like passion for excellence, team building, maintaining high energy levels, and mastering communication skills which are essential to become a better individual.  A goal-setting datasheet was also shared to the participants to help them analyse their profile level.  Overall, the session was very interactive and informative.

Panel Discussion on Budget 2021

A Panel Discussion on Budget 2021 was conducted by KCT Business School on 05 Feb 2021 via MS Teams.  Dr.Swaminathan S, Professor, KCT Business School, gave the opening remarks and served as the Panel Moderator.  Mr.Annamalai K, Chairman, Annamalai Capital Service Private Limited; Mr.Ravi K, CFO, Roots Industries India Limited; Mr.Ilamurugu K, Vice President, HDFC Bank and Mr.Krishna Kumar, Vice President (Sales and Marketing), Aquasub Engineering, served as the panel members for the discussion.  The event outlined the details of impact of Budget 2021 on various sectors.

Webinar on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) & It’s Applications

A webinar on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) & It’s Applications was conducted on 13 Feb 2021 via MS Teams by the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, KCT.  Mr.Gowtham Balaji G, Digital Design Engineer, Imagination Technologies, England, United Kingdom, introduced the concepts of FPGA to the participants.  History and industrial applications, performance, and the latest FPGA in the market were also explained during the session.  Further, the session covered topics like introduction to HDL and HVL, designs using FPGA, demand for FPGA engineers, and the opportunities for Mechatronics engineers in FPGA.  This event served as an eye-opener for the participants.

A webinar on ACBSP Accreditation – A Curtain Raiser

A webinar on ACBSP Accreditation – A Curtain Raiser was conducted on 12 Feb 2021 by KCT Business School via MS Teams.  Dr.Uma Pricilda J, Associate Professor, VIT Business School, Vellore and Champion – ACBSP and Member of the AACSB Accreditation Team, deliberated on the importance of ACBSP accreditation.  The participants felt that they were able to understand the significance of this accreditation and how it could promote professionalism.

Online Training on PCB Design Using OrCAD

An online training on PCB Design Using OrCAD was conducted on 09 Feb 2021 via Google Meet by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, KCT.  Mr.Kamalesh Kumar, Application Engineer, Entuple Technologies, trained the participants on the usage of OrCAD and creating PCB design using the same.  Overall, the session turned out to be very interesting and informative.  There were 30+ participants for the event.

Webinar on Career Guidance and Opportunities in Garment Industry

A webinar on Career Guidance and Opportunities in Garment Industry was conducted by the Department of Textile Technology, KCT, on 10 Feb 2021 via MS Teams.  Mr.Jamal Musthafa, Director – Mastrolee Engineering and Management Consultant, Coimbatore, provided guidance to the participants regarding the various career opportunities available in garment industry.  The participants were able to acquire information on the important skill sets required for the industries.  They were also able to understand the reality of IE job profiles and the required market potential.  There were around 40 participants for the event.

C Coding Challenge

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KCT, conducted C Coding Challenge exclusively for the B.E. / B.Tech first year students (Batch 2020-24) of KCT on 11 Feb 2021.  This event helped to unleash the coding skills of the freshers and there was active participation for the event with 100+ participants.

Webinar on Research Scope Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in India

As a part of the Skill Development Course 2021, a webinar on Research Scope Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in India was conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCT, in association with Kumaraguru Centre for Industrial Research and Innovation, FORGE and RiG on 14 Feb 2021 via MS Teams.  Dr.Ram Prabhu T, Research Scientist, NAL, India, explained the various research opportunities available for Mechanical engineers to the participants.

Artificial Intelligence: The Subset of Human Intelligence

Intelligence is the capacity to recognize, analyse and decide on the objects and process based on the experience or learning. Acquiring knowledge and training provides the ability or intelligence. A person possesses intelligence or expertise due to the experience in the specific field. Nowadays, in addition to the Human Intelligence (HI), computers and machines are employed for the monitoring and decision-making tasks which is termed as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Human Intelligence:

Starting from childhood, every human starts learning about things and events around them by observing and doing. Continuous involvement makes them cable of understanding and deciding about the tasks. It is called human intelligence. Human memory retains the information about the object or task. Humans are capable of designing, developing and evaluating various systems based on the requirements. HI consists of various cognitive activities to suit the environments. It can perform multitasking with an undefined duration by taking into consideration, the new system conditions.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is developed by human. It is meant for performing specific task in fixed duration and conditions. Database is created from the history or experiments. The system variables are mapped to the known conditions and the logic is built for making decisions. AI is the digital computer process utilizing a large memory data.

AI is not the complement of HI, instead it could be a supplement for HI for smart services. Hence, AI is the subset of HI.

Dr P. Thirumoorthi/EEE/KCT