KCTians win at India International Science Festival 2020 

The war against the virulent virus is fought through different battles across the globe and technology plays a significant role in winning these battles against them. The scientific temper in humans surface up when there is a strong demand to address a critical issue and bitten by the tech bug, a proactive team of 5 KCTians led by Kailash S of II year Mechatronics Engineering developed a prototype called A Doctor To Be (ADTB), a fully automated patient monitoring robot incorporated with AI/ML and IoT concepts to enhance future access in serving, diagnosing and disinfecting the Covid-19 patients. The team participated at the India International Science Festival 2020 conducted from 22 Dec to 25 Dec 2020 on the virtual mode, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in collaboration with Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA) by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR). 

KCT team competed with 1500 students from across the country under the category Atma Nirbar Bharat (Make in India) in the first phase and presented themselves before the panel from DRDO, ISRO and BITS, Pilani.  They were selected for the final round on day 2 and from the 100 short-listed entries, they were finally adjudged with the first position. The award was bestowed on to Kailash in a virtual ceremony held at New Delhi.  

The risk of transmission of the highly contagious virus can be averted by reducing the human contact with the infected patients. Robots act as interface between the healthcare professionals and the patients who need constant attention. Nurses are known to interact in proximity with the patients while collecting the vitals, administering medication and periodic monitoring. The automated robot ADTB with data processing and image processing comes to their aid, offering better access in the collection of vitals and monitoring of patients.  

The multilingual AI Chatbot, mask detection to ensure that everyone has their mask on, the capability to capture and analyze the vital details shown in multiparameter patient monitor in the Intensive Care Unit are some of the common elements of this automated Robot ADTB. The other special features include the installation of IR sensor to record the temperature of the patients and SpO2, also known as oxygen saturation, a measure of the amount of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in the blood relative to the amount of hemoglobin not carrying oxygen. The middle portion of the robot called the ‘cluster’ holds the sanitizer dispenser, SpO2/pulse sensor and automatic tablet dispenser. The identity of the admitted patient represented through QR Code easily helps to connect with the medical history of the patients and their present status. The UV sterilizing chamber of the Robot sterilizes the wards, apart from spraying organic disinfectants through the spray channels fixed on either side of the robot thereby ensuring complete, automatic sanitation without human intervention. This Robot is powered with safe and non-combustible LifePO4 battery with an auto fast charging dock to recharge the battery without human help. The prototype has been well-received by a team of medical professionals and a clinical trial has been successfully carried out the team. The team includes Suryaprakash, Kanigagayathri, Premkumar, Shanker Raj and Sri Suvetha C S. 

Department Events 

SPARC MHRD Sponsored Two-day International Conference on Advancements in Bio Polymer and its Nano Structure in Wound Healing 

A two-day International Conference on Advancements in Bio Polymer and its Nano Structure in Wound Healing sponsored by SPARC and Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, was organised by the Departments of Fashion Technology and Biotechnology, KCT, in association with National University of Singapore, Singapore; Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore and Anna University, Chennai, India, on 28 and 29 Dec 2020.  The conference dealt with the technology of electrospinning, which is the most advanced technique for the production of nanofibres of bio and synthetic polymers and for driving the research and development in the field of health care textiles. The conference aimed to help the researchers in the field of science, engineering and medical sciences to enhance their knowledge on electrospinning technique for nano material development that can be used in medicine.  It covered the topics inclusive of detailed advanced techniques of electrospinning and its technical parameters for developing the nanomedical materials for wound healing and infection control.  Recent developments in electrospinning techniques, technical parameters, and conditions of electrospinning process affecting fibre morphology were discussed during the conference.  Eminent scientists and researchers from various parts of the globe delivered the keynote addresses on advancements in healing process and wound infection controlling strategies and developments of biopolymers and its nanostructure in healing and infection control of wound.  Dr. HennieKotzé, Senior Scientist, SNC, South Africa; Prof.Murali Dhanasekaran, Department of Drug Discovery and Development, Auburn University, Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn; Dr.Christina Lindholm, Sophiahemmet University, Stockholm, Sweden; Dr. R Searle, Health Economics Manager, Smith & Nephew Medical Ltd., Hull, UK; Dr.Lin-Cui Da, Yi-Zhou Huang and Hui-Qi Xie, Laboratory of Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, China; Dr.Alejandra Rodríguez-Contreras, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering, Electronic Microscopy Laboratory, Planta, Barcelona; and Prof. Rajan Jose, Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia, along with other international and national luminaries delivered the keynote address during the conference. 


Mathemalite was conducted by the Department of Mathematics, School of Foundational Sciences, KCT, on 22 Dec 2020 in commemoration of National Mathematics Day 2020.  This was an even to celebrate Dr.Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birth anniversary in which an opportunity was provided to all the Matheletes, Mathemagicians, and Calcaholics to showcase their talents.  Various events like Crazy Cryptology, Humanitarian Math, Number Ninjutsu, Linking Logix, and Sharpen Your Sixth Sense were conducted as a part of the celebration.  Crazy Cryptology dealt with decoding the cryptographical information and Humanitarian Math invited the participants to consider Mathematics as a human being and come up with its picture.  This provided great avenues for the participants with artistic talents to exhibit their skills.  A quiz titled Number Ninjutsu was also conducted to enhance the knowledge of the participants in the areas of ratios, percentage, number sequences, and basic mathematics.  An abstract strategic game titled Linking Logix was conducted where the participants were made to connect the pictures and come up with the correct answers.  Sharpen Your Sixth Sense tested the logical reasoning ability of the participants where they were made to interpret patterns, number sequences, shapes and provide the relation between each sequence.  The participants felt all the events to be very interesting and enthralling. 

Seminar on Aircraft and its Systems – Opportunities and Challenges 

A seminar on “Aircraft and its Systems – Opportunities and Challenges” was organised by the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, KCT, on 22 Dec 2020 via MS Teams.  The main objective of the program was to have an interactive session on the operation of various aircraft systems via live demonstration session.  This helped the participants to understand about the various opportunities and challenges that prevail in the aeronautical sectors.  Mr.Mohammed Zabiulla, Aircraft Systems Expert, Techwings Academy Pvt. Ltd., deliberated the session and explained the concepts to the participants with a live demonstration.  His expertise provided valuable information to the participants and it turned out to be a very interesting session.  There were 100+ participants for the event. 

Hands-On Training on STAAD.Pro 

A Hands-On Training on STAAD.Pro was conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, jointly with CADD Centre, Coimbatore, from 22 to 24 Dec 2020 via MS Teams.  The event aimed to enrich the structural software knowledge of the participants.  STAAD.Pro maintained by Bentley Systems is one of the most widely used structural analysis and design software products worldwide, which supports over 90 international steel, concrete, timber and aluminium design codes.  Mr.K.Anandakumar, Manager-Quality Control & Operations, CADD Centre, Coimbatore, explained the functionalities of the software to the participants. 

Guest Lecture on Rural Banking Opportunities and Challenges 

A Guest Lecture on Rural Banking Opportunities and Challenges was conducted by KCT Business School on 26 Dec 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr.Senthilkumar R, Assistant General Manager & Regional Head, Coimbatore – Rural and Inclusive Banking Group, ICICI Bank Limited, explained the various concepts clearly to the participants.  Inclusive banking initiatives of the bank along with Farmer Finance, SHG business, Rural Banking Credit business and gold loans, handling retail assets and liability business were discussed during the session.  The participants found it to be very useful and informative. 


The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, conducted an online event titled Civil+ on 21 Dec 2020 via Testportal.net to provide opportunity for the participants to test their technical skills and their aptitude proficiency.  All the participants were provided with multiple choice questions related to building materials and number series and were asked to take up the test via Testportal.  This helped them to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to take up competitive exams and placement tests in future.  The event provided a platform to exhibit the technical knowledge and the logical thinking skills of the participants.  The winners were awarded with gift vouchers. 

NISM Quiz 

An online quiz competition titled “NISM Quiz” was conducted by KCT Business School on 26 Dec 2020.  A brief presentation about the Indian Securities market and the career opportunities at NISM was given to the participants in the beginning of the online session.  The quiz competition has three stages in the form of College Level, Zonal Level and National Level quiz competitions.  The first stage was conducted online on 26 Dec 2020 and the selected participants will be participating in the Zonal level quiz competition. 

International Expert Talk on The International Financial Reporting Standards 

KCT Business School organised an International Expert Talk on The International Financial Reporting Standards on 30 Dec 2020 via MS Teams to equip the students with the recent trends in Financial Reporting.  Dr. Tamanna Abdul Rahman Dalwai, Assistant Professor and Deputy Director of Quality Assurance, Muscat College, Sultanate of Oman, explained the standards of international financial reporting to the participants.  The online session helped the participants to know about international standards in financial reporting. 

Club Events 

Kreative Kirukkals 

An online event titled “Kreative Kirukkals” was organised by the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, KCT, jointly with Varnam Club of KCT on 26 Dec 2020 via Google Meet.  Mr.RajeshPencil, Chief Sub-Editor, The Hindu, Madurai, a person well known for his pencil sketches, explained the strategies to create effective pencil sketches.  The session also dealt with the topics like Creative and Design Thinking, Concept Illustration, Art for Awareness, and Realism Painting.  The speaker also explained about the various tools that are used to make sketches in computer systems. 

HAM Puzzle 

HAM Club of KCT organised an online event titled “HAM Puzzle” on 18 Dec 2020 via Google Forms.  The main objective of this event was to enhance the puzzle solving ability of the participants.  This event was conducted in three stages.  The participants were provided with a set of puzzles to solve and the difficulty level was increased in every stage.  A Google Form was created and circulated through social media to the participants.  They were provided with words containing alphabets from different languages and they were asked to find the hidden English words.  Winners were selected based on the scores of the participants. 

Matrix Recruits 

The Matrix Club of KCT conducted a recruitment drive for the freshers of Batch 2020 on 26 Dec 2020 via MS Teams to induct fresh talents into the club.  A registration form was circulated for enrolment and an online interview was conducted on 26 Dec 2020 via MS Teams.  The new members were selected based on their technical skills and their capability to provide innovative ideas to take the club forward.  Twenty sincere and cheerful personalities were inducted into the club as members with the hope to learn and grow together. 

Super 60 Graduation for the Batch of 2019-20

Life is a journey with lessons to learn and experiences to behold. Super60 is one such momentous episode in the odessey of college exclaims the tribe of S60, in conjuction.
The Graduation for the Batch of 2019-20 happened on 30th December 2020, virtually in a mellifluous manner. Reminiscing the memories of learning together in sessions, acknowledging the most interesting person they had come across in the journey and footprinting the major takeaways from the S60 programme, the online graduation was indeed a celebration of thoughts and perspectives.

The event was felicitated by Mr. Shankar Vanavarayar, President of Kumaraguru Institutions and Ms. Shobana Kumar, Mentor of S60 as they traversed through the importance of finding one’s potential, and the privilege of being a S60ian to give back to the society. Ms Vallikala, Student Counselor, Kumaraguru Institution, Ms Swathi, Adjunct Faculty, KCLAS, Ms Seema, Program Associate, CLED, Mr. Nivethan, Programme Lead, CLED, also shared their acquaintances and knowledge assimilation as mentors of S60.
In a nutshell, it is believed that this wonderful chapter of S60 would inturn encourage the students to take initiatives, strive to be a better version of themselves and lead from within!

Swagatham for ME & MTech courses of KCT

We always trust and hope in the magic of new beginnings. The Online Swagatham for ME & MTech courses of KCT took place on 30th December, 2020.
The gathering was welcomed by Mr. Bhaskar, Department of Mechanical Engineering followed by Dr. J. Srinivasan, Principal, KCT addressing the students. Dr. Saravanan, Dean, Academic Administration spoke about the opportunities and the emphasized the importance of Research culture and its scope.
Ms. Sylu of First year, Data science shared her expectations as a fresher and why she choose KCT for her PG studies. The entire event was hosted by Ms. Sreejana from the English Department of School of Foundational Sciences.