The Orb Hosts the 77th Independence Day Celebrations, for the first time  

With the hoisting of the national flag at the 115 feet tall flag mast at ‘The Orb’ by Shri M Balasubramanian, Correspondent of the Kumaraguru Institutions, the 77th Independence Day was celebrated at the campus on the 15th of August 2023. 

For the first time Independence Day celebrations took place at The Orb at the Kumaraguru campus after it was inaugurated last year on 02 September 2022. Dr D Saravanan, Principal of Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) delivered the Independence Day Address. 

The audience that included family members and children of Kumaraguru staff left spellbound with the coordinated drill formation, rifle drill performance by cadets from three NCC units at the beautifully decorated “The Orb.” This was followed by a display of working models developed by students in Research and Exploration (Ré) and KCT Garage.

Over 200 students were felicitated with certificates for displaying exceptional dedication and excellence in Sport, NCC, extra-curricular, academic & co-curricular pursuits, winning prizes in nationally recognized competitions.  

Kumaraguru Hosts intercollegiate competition propagating Sustainable Future 

Students from a total of 19 colleges took part in the intercollegiate competition organized by Citizen Voice Coimbatore along with KCLAS Citizen Consumer Club on 19-20 August 2023 at Swami Vivekananda Hall. 

Sustainable Future being the theme, all the competitions centered around the three topics renewable energy, digital era, and waste management. Students performed skits and mimes creating awareness on these topics.  

The objective of the competition was to educate and reinforce among youth the importance of renewable energy and solid waste management which is crucial for environmental conservation, energy Security, resource conservation, and economic growth. Awareness of cybercrime and the initiatives from the government to help citizens if they fall victim to digital frauds were also the topics on which students performed skit and mimes. 

The prize-winning solutions given by teams will be forwarded to the Government authorities with recommendations for its implementation so that communities will benefit at large.  

Masterclass on Advertisement and Psychology at KCLAS  

Department of Psychology at Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS) organized a master class on persuasion through advertisements and understanding the associated psychological aspects of it on 17 August 2023. 

While Advertising and Psychology have deep connections, students could get answers for some of the simple yet complex questions like:

1) Why do soft drink bottles come in a definite shape? 
2) Why do brand colors and product structure keep changing over time, through this guest lecture? 

RTN Bala Jagganathan, Consultant Psychologist was the chief guest of the event. Through him students learned about persuasion through advertisement in the consumer world. Students also gained insight on how structuring and restructuring products persuade consumers to buy it, the psychology behind advertisement designing, active and passive messages behind advertisements, and history of crafting advertises bases on target population. 

Students from Kumaraguru Agam club bag medals in Interstate Yoga Competition 

Five students from Kumaraguru Institutions bagged medals in the 17th Interstate Yoga Competition – 2023 organized by Sri Maha Sanketha Trust, Coimbatore at United Institute of Technology on 30 July 2023. 

The event had over 1000 participants from various age group from across south India. Kumaraguru students participated in Category – G (18-21 years) and won 5 medals. Devi Prasanna bagged the first position in the women category and Kishore Kumar gabbed the first position in the category of men. Similarly, Monisha and Surya bagged the second position. Gokulanandan got 6th place. 

All five students are members of the Agam – Yoga Club of Kumaraguru Institutions who performed various yogasanas effortlessly to win the medals in the tournament. Participants were asked to perform 5 out of 8 asanas listed by the organizers which include Adhomukh Tittibhasana, Panavasana, Ekapada Viparit Shalbhasana, Paripurna Matsyendrasana, Putpada Vishwamitrasana, Ekpad Kokilasana, Utthit Lamb Konasana and Mohini Astrasana. 

Students’ Creative Corner

We paint the tricolors wherever we go. 

Sea tides that sing our pride.  
A nation loved by mother nature here,  
Divinity and diversity stretches wide.  
A land that once shed more blood 
Than sweat. The tenacity of its people 
Echoed throughout the world.  
Freeing their chains, they soared.  
We owe our freedom to the fighters 
Who now rest on Bharat Mata’s lap. 
Even in death, their conviction roared. 
We remember their bloodshed and bravery  
Once a year, not just a token of gratitude. 

Raised to respect our nation with our  
Unparalleled patriotic attitude.  
Following the footsteps of our ancestors,  
We grew to be leaders of great magnitude.  
Our passion grows, our talent shows.  
Every corner of the world we glow. 
We paint the tricolors wherever we go.  

Poem By 
Surya Narayanan R  
Final Year – B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT)