Investiture Ceremony of Kumaraguru Students Leadership Council  of the Batch 2020-21 

Investiture ceremony of Kumaraguru Students Leadership Council of the Batch 2020-21 was held on 07 December 2020 at Ramanandha Adigalar Auditorium and streamed live on the YouTube. Kumaraguru Institutions has always been a thriving ecosystem for excellence, grooming young talents into exemplary leaders in diverse fields for nearly four decades.  

The Investiture ceremony of Kumaraguru Students Leadership Council started with the invocation. Dr.Vijila Kennedy, Principal, KCLAS welcomed the gathering. Mr. Nivethan AM, the Programme Lead, CLED, presented a silhouette of Kumaraguru Leadership Council. The Students Leadership Council was instituted 6 years back and has been grooming scores of student leaders every year. This year, the league of student leaders from KCLAS also were included into the fold and in total 40 Student Leaders were invested during the ceremony.  Dr. J.Srinivasan, Principal of KCT, defined the responsibilities of the Leadership Council and wished the extraordinary 40 student leaders the best for their journey, to lead and set an example for the future. Ensuing this, Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, in his Presidential Address, emphasized on the positive perspectives on leadership and stated that leadership is primarily about the action. He also shared his insights on the traits of a progressive leader and what it takes to become one. He called the proud 40 leads not as action heroes but intellectual giants with lot of morality. He congratulated and encouraged the student leaders to impact the community through their responsible positions.  

Moving on, next in line was the most defining moment of the ceremony – the adorning of the badge and the signing of the charter. The members of the leadership council were given the badge that symbolizes the responsibility of the leadership role. The President of every Department came forward to claim responsibilities who were introduced with their outstanding achievements and amazing visions. Following this, Ms.Sukirtha, President of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering delivered the acceptance speech on behalf of KCT. Mr. Tarun from KCLAS shared his thoughts on becoming part of the league of leaders. This was followed by the most special moment of the ceremony-the administration of oath. Mr.Raguvandhanan, President, Learning and Development, administered the oath for the KCT leaders and  Ms. Reshma, President, Sports-Women, from KCLAS administered the oath for her fellow LC members from KCLAS. The event drew to a close with the concluding remarks presented by Dr. Vijilesh, Head, Office of Student Affairs. 

Swagatham 2020 – Freshers Induction Programme at KCT Business School 

Swagatham 2020, Freshers Induction Programme for first year MBA students of the Batch 2020-22 was held at Kumaraguru College of Technology between 6:00 and 7:00 PM on Wednesday, 02 December 2020 in the virtual mode. The event was relayed live on YouTube from the Ramananda Adigalar Auditorium at the KCT campus. More than 190 first MBA students and parents from more than 6 states of India participated in Swagatham 2020 through the virtual platform.  

Swagatham 2020 began with the invocation to the almighty followed by the playing of the innovative welcome video where the faculty and students of KCT.BS virtually welcomed the freshers into the fold and elaborated on the unique features of the Kumaraguru learning experience. Following this, Dr. Mary Cherian, Head, Department of MBA, during her address congratulated the students for choosing KCT.BS which stands distinct in offering a holistic learning experience. She also elaborated on the 4-day Boot Camp titled “Flip” to be offered to the first years MBA students from 03 to 06 Dec, 2020 and further informed that the regular sessions will begin from 07 Dec 2020 on the virtual mode. Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions, presided over the function and during his Presidential address insisted on the need to build a vision and groom themselves into progressive leaders to positively impact the community at large. Dr.J.Srinivasan, Principal KCT and Dr. Vijila Kennedy, Principal KCLAS offered their felicitations and the event concluded with Mr. Sanjeev Kanna, the Student President from KCT.BS proposing the vote of thanks. 

Dreams and Aspirations of Nandhini, III year Mechanical Engineering Student at KCT 

I am Nandhini V studying 3rd year Mechanical Engineering in Kumaraguru College of Technology. A dedicated, Optimist and hardworking person looking forward to optimise each and every situation that life throws at me. To develop my leadership potential, I have been a part of a club and the department association from my 2nd year. Currently, I am the Placement Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Association, a member in YRC and a sports player with great interest in Kho-kho.  

As a Mechanical Engineering student, one must possess technical skills rather than mere theoretical knowledge. In order to acquire such skills, I have undergone a few Internships and In-plant training programs during my 2nd and 3rd year. The 1st internship that I underwent during my 3rd Semester holidays in the month of December 2019 was at Ford Service center, Coimbatore. As a trainee, I gained hands-on experience and learnt the complete procedure of Quick Service, Oil changing process, and on field experience in Wheel Balancing & Wheel Alignment. To sum up, I gained an overall exposure in the Body Shop.  

This COVID Pandemic doesn’t stop me learning things. The hunger for new learning motivated me to do more and more. As the time passed by I started adapting to a new normal and opted for virtual training. So I underwent several internships online. This Virtual training has taught me that one should explore more after virtual classes or a virtual training. Roots India Private Limited, a core company in Mechanical Engineering stream provided me the opportunity to learn more about manufacturing. This training at Roots gave me the insights to explore what I learnt in Manufacturing Technology course during my 2nd and 3rd semester. I have come to know where these processes have been applied and for what purpose. I explored manufacturing processes like Stamping, Die Casting and moulding in addition to various moulding defects and what should be done to overcome such defects. Quality Control plays a crucial role in any industry. The Quality Principle that they follow in their industry was very well explained.  

Robert BOSCH, one of the dream companies of Mechanical Engineers also provided me an opportunity to pursue virtual internship. Robert BOSCH, a premier in manufacturing automobile components, provided training on automobile components such as alternators, generators, batteries, Air Conditioning systems. In the virtual session, a live session on dismantling of an alternator was demonstrated.  

My inclination to become adept in technical skills did stop with just learning things, but prodded me to look out for opportunities to apply them and experience results out of it. One such experience applying the nuances of Manufacturing Technology that I studied during my I year at a National Level Technical Symposium, WOOTZ 10 `(Castology) and secured 1st position at PSG College of Technology. I also received the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship award during the academic year 2020.  

KCT is the launch pad to enhance my leadership skills too. I also have organized various events from the Mechanical Engineering Association which contributed to the development of students’ knowledge and skills. They include MECH Whiz, Mech BEE insta Quiz and Mech Master and so on. On an institutional scale, I organized a technical event named “Crazy CADD” during YUGAM 2020 and got an opportunity to serve to lead the girls wing during KALAM 2020. I have coordinated and managed lots of teams under various sports at this stage.  

In the academic front, I have been an enthusiastic learner and a team player playing crucial role in developing ideas, exploring new thoughts during SIH 2020 and Solutionathon 2019.  

I hope these training and leadership qualities will lead me to great heights and I aspire to be at a commendable position in the government sector. During this Pandemic phase, I am doing a lot of things to achieve my goal that includes honing my aptitude skills, strengthening my knowledge in core areas, preparing to appear for TNPSC and I surf through the internet to collect every available details related to RTO exams. I currently have a clear vision on how to become a RTO officer. Firstly, to become a MVI 2 that is, motor vehicle inspector grade 2 and gain a service experience of about 4 years. And during this tenure clearing an exam will promote me as an MVI 1 that is Motor Vehicle Inspector 1 and I shall gain a service experience for about 8 to 9 years. During this period clearing an exam will promote me as an Assistant Director of Transport for 2 years and Deputy Director of transport for 2 years and finally I shall be an RTO officer.  

Department Events

Research Forum on Preparing a Successful Research Proposal

A Research Forum on Preparing a Successful Research Proposal was conducted by KCT Business School on 05 December 2020 via MS Teams.  Dr.S.Jaisankar, Associate Professor, KCT Business School, explained the nuances of preparing successful research proposals to the participants.  The session was very informative and the participants felt that it helped them a lot to understand about writing research proposals.

Guest Lecture on Database Normalization

A Guest Lecture on Database Normalization was organised by KCT Business School on 02 December 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr. Dhinesh Kumar S K, Project Lead, Lantrasoft Private Limited, Coimbatore, explained the concepts of constraints and its uses.  He also explained about the types of constraints like Not null, Unique, Primary key, Foreign key and Check.  He also gave a lot of practical examples and illustrations to explain the practical use of constrains from industrial point of view.  Real-time cases and applications of constraints were also explained during the session and a hands-on demonstration of applying constraints in tables and schema using SQL queries were given.  Practical advantages of views apart from using complex queries were also explained during the session.

Guest Lecture on Interviewing and Probing Techniques

A Guest Lecture on Interviewing and Probing Techniques was organised by KCT Business School on 01 December 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr.S.V.Ramsunder, Unit Head – Loss Prevention, HR and Learning & Development, ITC Welcome Hotel, Coimbatore, deliberated on the various concepts involved in interviewing.  The session helped the participants to understand the common interviewing techniques and enabled them to understand the probing techniques used by different organizations.  It also helped them to equip themselves with basic interview skills.

Tie-in Bout

An online event titled “Tie-in Bout” was conducted by the Department of Computer Applications, KCT, on 07 December 2020 via MS Forms.  The participants were given a series of images and they were asked to connect the images and find out the technical and the non-technical words associated with them.  The event kindled the imagination of the participants and made them to think from a different perspective.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCT, organised an online test “Mr.Mechanic” via MS Forms on 02 December 2020.  The event had two rounds with Multiple Choice Questions on the field of mechanical engineering in the first round and Jest a Minute in the second round.  It served as the best platform to the participants to showcase their technical skills.

What do Data Scientists Do?

The Department of Computer Applications, KCT, organized an online event titled “What do Data Scientists Do?” on 05 December 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr.Varun Vadivelavan, Data Scientist, Quantium Analytics, Sydney, Australia, explained the concepts to the participants.  The session dealt with the multitude of business problems ranging from Sentiment Analysis, Resourcing Prediction and Loan Take-up Prediction which are quite common in Banking, Technology and Telecom sectors.

Club Events


An online event titled “TIE IN” was conducted by the Road Safety Patrol of KCT on 09 December 2020 via the club’s Instagram page.  The participants were provided with pictures related to road safety along with a few hints and they were asked to relate the pictures and provide their answers.  The event created awareness about the road rules and the necessity to prevent road accidents.  There were around 20+ participants for the event.

Peak’y Finders

An online crossword puzzle titled Peak’y Finders was conducted by the Nature Club of KCT on 11 December 2020 in commemoration of International Mountain Day.  The participants were asked to identify the names of the mountains in the crossword puzzle.  Instagram stories were posted in the club’s Instagram page and the hints were provided to the participants to solve the puzzle.  The event helped them to better understand the landscapes around the world.

Know Your Rights

National Service Scheme (NSS) of KCT conducts an online event titled “Know Your Rights” from 10 to 15 December 2020 in commemoration of International Human Rights Day.  This event aims to test the knowledge about human rights.  Series of pictures and videos are provided to the participants and they are expected to find the correct word by using the clues.


Department Events