Department Events

Certification Program on Transactional Analysis and Neuro Linguistic Programming

KCT Business School conducted a Certification Program on Transactional Analysis and Neuro Linguistic Programming as a part of Human Resource Specialisation course from 02 to 05 November 2020.  Mr.Raguraman, Certified Transactional Analyst – ITAA, USA, and a Certified Psychodrama Practitioner and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming facilitated the training.  Transactional Analysis 101 (TA101), is an International Certificate Program which was offered to the students on 02 and 03 November 2020.  The course covered topics such as Ego States, Strokes, Life Position and Time Structuring.  It helps the students to address their interactions and communications with the objective of establishing and reinforcing the idea that everyone is valuable.  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was offered on 04 and 05 November 2020.  The topics covered during the course include Left and Right Brain Functions, Learning Styles, Handling Criticism, Anchoring, Pacing and Reframing.  A good understanding of Neuro Linguistic Programming helps one to change their perception of life and motivates them to strive for success. The entire program was conducted online with lots of discussions and life event summarisation.

Mech Master

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCT, conducted an online quiz titled “Mech Master” on 02 November 2020 via MS Forms.  Mech Master was an event which tested the skills of the participants on various specializations of Mechanical Engineering by challenging them with competitive Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs).  This created an opportunity to the technical aspirants who are preparing for GATE, IES, and other related exams to examine their technical attributes.  The event was conducted in two rounds where the first round concentrated on Engineering Thermodynamics and the second round concentrated on Engineering Mechanics.  The first round had 20 questions and the second round had 15 questions to test the technical knowledge of the participants.  There were around 40+ participants for the event and gift vouchers were given to the winners as a token of appreciation.

A Glimpse on How to Pursue Master’s Abroad

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), KCT, conducted an online event titled “A Glimpse on How to Pursue Master’s Abroad” on 03 November 2020 via MS Teams.  The event guided the participants to get a clear idea about pursuing their higher education abroad.  Mr. Ajeeth V, Mr. Prakash Ganeshan, and Ms. Uma Varshini of KCT provided a detailed information about the employment opportunities, semester intake and financial requirements.  They also shared their views about the lifestyle abroad, environmental accommodation, transportation facilities and various other opportunities available to improve the knowledge in academics.  This event served to be an informative one for the students who were willing to do their Postgraduation abroad.

Webinar on “Next Gen Technologist – Be One”

The Department of Computer Applications, KCT, organised a webinar titled “Next Gen Technologist – Be One” on 31 October 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr. Kathirvelu Ramaswamy (KCT Alumnus 1986–90 Batch), Vice President, Aspire Systems, USA, discussed about the current industry expectations and the technologies that are to be concentrated in future during the session.  Available job opportunities and industry needs were also discussed, and the real time use cases were also given as examples during the webinar.  There were around 65+ participants for the session, and they found the session to be very useful and informative.

Research Forum on Guidelines and Details for Research Proposal – ICSSR Grants

KCT Business School conducted a Research Forum on “Guidelines and Details for Research Proposal – ICSSR Grants” on 07 November 2020.  Dr.V.Srikanth, Head, School of Marketing and Coordinator (Research), Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, deliberated on the nuances of writing successful research proposals and detailed about the various funding opportunities available at ICSSR.

Club Events

Crack the Lock

In commemoration of the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, an online event titled “Crack the Lock” was conducted by the National Cadet Corps (NCC) of KCT on 31 October 2020 via Google Meet. As part of the National Unity Day , the event was conducted as an online treasure hunt based on the military operation titled “Operation Entebbe”, a hostage rescue mission carried out in July 1976 in Entebbe, Uganda.  There were around 70+ participants for the event.  Ms.Suguna of Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology, Vellakulam, Ms.Neha of Kumaraguru College of Technology and Ms.Raveena of VSB College of Engineering and Technology, Karur, bagged the first, second and the third places respectively.

Who Am I?

The Youth Red Cross (YRC) of KCT conducted an online event titled “Who Am I?” on 01 November 2020 via Google Forms.  The main objective of the event was to create awareness about being safe in life and to inculcate the strategies to safeguard one’s life during critical situations.  Questions related to various objects that can be used to safeguard one’s life during emergency situations were given to the participants and they were asked to find out the object.  The participants were instructed to attend all the questions and the winners were chosen based on their quick and correct responses.  The event fuelled the smart and effective thinking of the participants.

Connect Gandhi

Gandhian Youth Movement of KCT conducted an online event titled “Connect Gandhi” on 05 November 2020 via Instagram Story of their club.  The main motto of this event was to develop the perceptive thinking among the participants.  The event was conducted in the form of a crossword puzzle and it created the perfect platform for the participants to enhance their knowledge about the Gandhian thoughts, innovations in the society, science and the world.  There were around 35+ active participants, and the winners were selected on the basis of their faster response and the correct answers.

The Brainstorm

The Road Safety Patrol (RSP) of KCT conducted a 3-day online event titled “The Brainstorm” from 05 to 07 November 2020 via the Instagram page of the club.  The questions were posted in the club’s Instagram page and the participants were asked to answer them.  Jumbled letters were given on the first two days and the participants were asked to rearrange the letters and find the suitable answers.  Crossword puzzle was given on the third day and there were 60+ participants for the event.  The event was found to be fun-filled and informative, and the participants were able to understand the significance of the road rules with the given questions.  Ms.Iswarya (19BCS043) and Ms.Selvanayaki (18BCE009) of KCT won the first and the second places respectively.  Ms.Aarthy (19BCS041), Ms.Shruthi (19BIS035), Mr.Sarvesh (18BEC034) and Mr.Charan (19BIT051) were given special recognition for their best performance.

Paint It

The Varnam Club of KCT conducted an online event titled “Paint It” from 31 October 2020 to 05 November 2020.  The theme of the event was to make the participants sketch and paint their favourite cartoon characters.  All the participants were allowed to choose the cartoon characters who made their childhood life happy and interesting and sketch their cartoon heroes.  This event gave the participants a nostalgic feeling about their childhood memories and provided them an opportunity to exhibit their drawing skills.  The winners were selected based on their painting skills and creativity, and other unique artworks were mentioned in the club’s Instagram page to recognize the efforts of the participants.


Department Events

Club Events