The 5th batch of Kumaraguru Civil Services Academy inaugurated at KCLAS  

“A Well-Informed Citizen is Always a Better Aspirant”, said Mr. M Prathap, IAS, Commissioner, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation while motivating civil service aspirants on reading newspapers for their preparation at Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS).
He was at the Kumaraguru campus for the inauguration of the 5th Batch of Kumaraguru Civil Services Academy along with Ms J Githanjali, IFS, Madhya Pradesh Cadre, and Mr N Rohinth, IRS, Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, Bengaluru. He asked students to ensure effective utilization of the study time by avoiding distractions and said that hard work and personal interest are essential to succeed.
Kumaraguru has created this civil service study circle in collaboration with Shankar IAS Academy. The 5th batch of the study circle was inaugurated at Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS) on Friday 21 July 2023.  

A total of 60 students from different undergraduate departments of KCLAS have enrolled for the 10 month programme where staff from Shankar IAS Academy will train the students in the campus on Fridays and Saturdays along with KCLAS faculty members.  

Dr Vijila Edwin Kennedy, Principal asked students to develop leadership qualities by making use of District Collector’s internship programme during their college days as civil services demand, decision makers, leaders, problem solvers and people who can take creative and innovative initiatives, she said.  

KCIRI signs MoU with Ezone Energy Solutions for establishing research centre in Renewable Energy  

Kumaraguru Centre for Industrial Research and Innovation (KC.IRI) signed an MoU with Ezone Energy Solutions Private Ltd on 07 Jul 2023 to establish a Centre for Research in Renewable Energy. KC.IRI is the industrial arm of Kumaraguru which will carry out research and development activities on the campus in collaboration with the firm. 
Under this MoU, the firm would install one row of the newly patented invention, the world’s first Horizontal Dual Axis Solar Tracker at the D-block. Identified faculty members and students from different disciplines including Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI&DS) would undertake research work/projects.  

On installation, the output of the solar system would contribute to the lighting of the D Block. The tracker will be fitted with a few sensors to acquire data. These data would be used for fine-tuning the tracker’s algorithm and formulate a new AI-based algorithm for maximizing the throughput of the solar system. Further, five areas/modules have been identified for undertaking more research towards improving the reflectors and optimization of all materials used in the solar system.  

Kumaraguru Drama Troupe creates awareness on the illeffects tobacco and liquor consumption  

Continuing the efforts of creating awareness through cultural performances, Kumaraguru Drama Troupe takes up campaign against tobacco and liquor consumption among the students in the campus. A set of 10 students from the Kumaraguru Drama Troupe performed a skit in the campus creating awareness on the ill effects of tobacco and liquor consumption on a family and the society at large on 19 July 2023. 

A team of 10 members participated in the skit highlighting the plight of a family after the bread winner is declared brain dead following multiple health complications due to liquor consumption. On many occasions, youngsters get addicted to such habits seeing their parents or family members indulging in such acts. Through this 15-minute-long skit, youngsters were cautioned to stay away from tobacco and liquor to lead a healthy life. Addiction not just affects an individual but an entire family and there is risk of the next generation of the family falling victim by catching up the habit.   

First batch of Kumaraguru Doctoral Fellowship scheme inducted  

The first batch of the Kumaraguru Doctoral Fellowship (KDF) scheme was formally inducted at the Kumaraguru Institutions on 18 July 2023. KDF scheme is a full-time residential research fellowship aimed at supporting aspirational and meritorious candidates to perform cutting edge research leading to a PhD degree.  

The objective is to train and nurture future generation of scientists in solving societal problems using modern scientific approaches that leads to global impact. The scheme will also inculcate interdisciplinary research among the departments, across Kumaraguru in collaboration with leading institutes, industries, and research laboratories. A total 7 candidates were enrolled in the inaugural batch of the KDF scheme.  
Invited as the guest speaker during an event to welcome the first batch, Dr. Krishnaraj Vijayan, Professor, Department of Production Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore provided insights about the process of conducting various types of research and how to approach a research problem systematically.  

He has shared his experiences on writing a research proposal and approaches to get it accepted. He also insisted scholars to apply for fellowships offered under various agencies in national and international aegis. Associate Dean Prof. M. Ezhilarasi delivered a lecture on Generative AI tools for carrying out research in an effective manner. She has conveyed the importance of using various AI tools for review of literature, writing manuscripts, data analytics, drafting proposals for various agencies. During his special address, Dr. D. Saravanan, Principal, KCT spoke on various research metrics and expectations from Kumaraguru institutions out of the selected doctoral candidates.  

Kumaraguru host Skillspectra’23  

The Intercollege Skillspectra’23 brought together students from various colleges to demonstrate their mathematical skills and competencies in diverse areas conducted in the campus on 18 July 2023.   
The event hosted technical competitions like Code Blitz, Logofusion, Trivia Titans and Words Unbound was aimed at promoting healthy competition, encourage skill development, and foster camaraderie among the participating colleges. Outstanding performers and winners of various competitions were felicitated with awards and certificates. 

Participants enhanced their skills through healthy competition, expert guidance, and interactive workshops. The event fostered collaboration and team spirit among students from different colleges, helping to break down barriers and build friendships. It served as a source of inspiration for many students, encouraging them to pursue their passions and excel in their chosen fields.  

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