Department Events

Peer Learning Series

The Department of Fashion Technology, KCT, in association with Varnam Club and Pudhupaavai Club of KCT conducted a series of virtual events titled “Peer Learning Series” from 17 to 31 October 2020.  As a part of this series, an event titled “Digital Art Using Adobe Draw” was conducted on 22 October 2020 via MS Teams.  Ms.Shivaniba K Chudasama, IV-year, Fashion Technology, KCT, explained the basics of tools in Adobe Illustrator draw, basic blending and shading techniques, sketching with different pen tips with adjustable opacity, size and colour, and creating vector illustration in a smartphone.  There were around 110 participants for the session.  An event titled “Fitness and Nutrition” was conducted on 24 October 2020 via MS Teams where Mr.Kushal Singh S, IV-year, FT, KCT, explained about the strategies behind a healthy diet, exercise and fitness.  This was followed by an event titled “Art Mania” on 25 October 2020.  Ms.Jeeva Suruthi, IV-year, FT, KCT, explained the pencil sketching techniques for beginners and covered the topics right from pencil and paper selection to complete portrait sketching.  An event titled “Fashion Illustration” was conducted on 26 October 2020 via MS Teams demonstrating the croqui figures, different style figure positions and measurements, sketching and colouring fashion garments using corqui.  Ms.Varsha Thangaraj, IV-year, FT, explained the concepts in detail.  This was then followed by a session titled “Dot Painting” by Ms.Vinusri Jothimani of final year FT.  The requirements of tools for dot painting, techniques and application of dotting process were explained during the session. 

Expert Discussion on Humanities Research Possibilities

The English Division of the Department of Science and Humanities, KCT, organised an online Expert Discussion on Humanities Research Possibilities on 28 October 2020 via MS Teams for the English Department faculty members of KCT and KCLAS.  The primary objective of the session was to explore the research possibilities for publishing papers in high impact factor journals and identifying scope for receiving research grants.  Dr.Merin Simi Raj, IIT Madras, Chennai, deliberated the possibilities of research and funding in Humanities.  The importance of collaborative research and forming Research Clusters was also discussed during the session.  The speaker gave insights on the new directions in Humanities research and highlighted the areas of research that are currently active in IIT Madras.

Webinar on Social Entrepreneurship

The Department of Automobile Engineering, KCT, organised a webinar on Social Entrepreneurship on 28 October 2020 via Google Meet.  Mr.Ram Prakash Krishnan, Educator and Founder, Vidhya Vidhai, shared about the difficulties and challenges he faced in the journey of becoming a Social Entrepreneur.  He also shared the basics of social entrepreneurship and the tips to start a non-profitable organisation, and how a good social entrepreneur would create an impact on the society.  He also shared about how success is defined in a not-for-profit organisation and explained on how a teacher and a parent play a major role in a student’s life.  He further elaborated on the hardships that a person would face while working on a start-up.  His vision on ensuring quality education and the steps he is taking to change the education system served to be an inspiration to the participants.  He clarified all the doubts related to entrepreneurship and the overall session was found to be interactive and fun filled.

APPLE – The Art of Restoration

The Department of Automobile Engineering conducted an online event titled “APPLE – The Art of Restoration” on 29 October 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr.Abinandhan K, III-year, Automobile Engineering, KCT, shared his experience and learnings on restoring a vintage vehicle.  The session kindled the interest on restoration of vehicles and made the participants to think on re-engineering the vehicles.  The session also provided suggestions on the various things that are to be considered when starting a classic car restoration project and provided a practical mechanical advice on the same.

Webinar on Major AWS Services Used at Enterprises Level Overview

The Department of Master of Computer Application (MCA), KCT, conducted a webinar on “Major AWS Services Used at Enterprises Level Overview” on 28 October 2020.  The session was handled by Mr.Gowtham Rameshbabu, certified AWS Solution Architect – Associate.  He is a Team Lead – Advisory Data and Analytics Services Practice, Ernst & Young.  He has worked in various domains such as – Metals and Mines, Healthcare, Insurance, Information Media and Entertainment.  He explained the concepts of S3 with versioning, VPC, SNS notification, Redshift, EMR, Lambda, Glue Job, Why Serverless, and Simple tasks at each of the services during the session.

Civil Alumni Tale

The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organised an online event titled “Civil Alumni Tale” on 28 October 2020.  Mr.P.Senthil Kumar, Structural  Consultant,  Registered  Valuer  for  IBBI  and  Income  Tax Department, approved valuer for Banks and Financial institutions,  Adjunct Faculty in Karunya Deemed University, and KCT alumnus (1995 Batch) explained the nuances of property valuation and how to become a valuer.  He explained about the valuation procedure along with its various purposes.  He also shared his success path in becoming a valuer.  The participants were made aware of the unknown facts about the profession of valuer.  The entire event was streamed live in the department’s Facebook page.

Club Events

Books and Beyond Anniversary Celebrations

Commemorating their journey through the first year, the Books and Beyond Club of KCT conducted a series of events from 25 to 30 October 2020.  An event titled “Best Line Photography” was conducted in collaboration with Studio KCT from 25 to 29 October 2020.  The participants were asked to send a creative photograph with their favourite lines from their favourite books.  The event was a virtual success with around 15+ participants.  “Story Telling” was conducted on 29 October 2020 via the club’s Instagram page where Ms.Asha Sampath deliberated the nuances of effective story telling.  A webinar on “Importance of Reading” was conducted on 30 October 2020 via MS Teams.  Dr.Sreejana S, Assistant Professor of English, KCT, motivated the participants to develop the habit of reading.  Other events like “Give Away” and “The Book that Changed My Life” were also conducted where the participants were encouraged to tag their friends in the Instagram post along with the book that they wish to give them.

Webinar on Detox

The Red Ribbon Club of KCT conducted a webinar titled “Detox” on 28 October 2020.  Mr.Prashanth Ganesh, Believe Inc., explained the effects of drug addiction along with the ways to overcome the same.  The event served as an attempt to create awareness regarding drug addiction.  The dangers of drug addiction and its effect on human health was also discussed during the session.  There were around 40+ participants for the event.

What If

The Scrabble Club of KCT conducted an online event titled “What If” on 27 October 2020.  The main outcome of the event was to bring out the creativity and thoughtful insights of the participants and to make them think out of the conventional boundaries.  There were around 35+ participants for the event and they were given eight questions starting with ‘What If’, and they were asked to answer each question with utmost creativity and sensibility.  Most of the participants came out with the best possible creative solutions.

Grasp and Scrawl

The Red Ribbon Club of KCT conducted an event titled “Grasp and Scrawl” on 29 October 2020 via the club’s Instagram page.  The participants were given situations related to drug addiction and they were asked to guess the scenario and do a write up based on the same.  They were also given the liberty of writing quotations about the situation, and the event created awareness about the dangers of drug addiction.  There were around 35+ participants for the event.

Sports Quiz

The Sports Team of KCT conducted Sports Quiz on various topics throughout the week.  Quizzes on various topics like Kabaddi Quiz, Hockey Quiz, Kho-kho Quiz, Volleyball Quiz, Silambam & Table Tennis Quiz, Football Quiz, and Tennis & Throw Ball Quiz were conducted for which there were more than 150+ participants on an average.


An online event titled “Immunize” was conducted by the Red Ribbon Club of KCT on 30 October 2020 via Google Meet.  Dr.Nithya Priya S, Assistant Professor, KCT, explained how to improve the immunity to lead a healthy life.  The speaker clearly explained about the immune system, types of immunity, and how to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to improve our immune system.  There were around 45+ participants for the event.


Department Events

Club Events