Department Events

AICTE Sponsored FDP on Geospatial Technologies on Smart Cities Development

A Five-Day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Geospatial Technologies on Smart Cities Development” sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Training and Learning Academy was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, from 19 to 23 October 2020 via Google Meet.  Three technical sessions were conducted on each day and the program covered around 15 topics to equip the faculty members with the recent trends in engineering and technology.  There were around 100+ participants for the programme. 

Peer Learning Series

The Department of Fashion Technology, KCT, in association with Varnam Club and Pudhupaavai Club of KCT conducts a series of virtual events titled “Peer Learning Series” from 17 to 31 October 2020.  As a part of this series, an event titled “Le Reveur” was conducted on 17 October 2020.  This workshop covered the details about the various tools used for making dream catcher along with the weaving techniques, beads and feather attachment.  Ms.Madhumithaa N, III year, FT, KCT, explained the concepts to the participants and there were around 100+ active participants for the event.  This was continued with a session on Acrylic Painting on 19 October 2020 which detailed the blending techniques of acrylic paint and usage of brushes.  Ms.Sahana NK, IV year, FT, covered the topics of colour palette, splattering and lifting techniques with the end product of natural scenery acrylic painting during the session.  There were around 120+ participants for the session.  The third part of the series was conducted on 21 October 2020.  The event was titled “Digital your Dexterite” and it concentrated on the basics of photoshop and illustrator.  Ms.Rakshaa P, III year, FT, gave a hands-on experience from the basic art board selection to the techniques like clipping mask, layer mask and other effects.  The session also demonstrated the various tools used for designing, shortcuts in illustrator, image creation using strokes, and altering anchor points to change basic steps.  This part of the event had more than 85+ participants.

Webinar on Water Pollution and Solution

“Pure Water is the World’s first and foremost medicine”.  The importance of water and its purity requires awareness in the emerging world.  To fulfil this idea, the Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organised a webinar titled “Water Pollution and Solution” on 22 October 2020.  Mr.Subramani, who has more than 15 years of experience in Water Management System delivered the session and gave an ideology about the basic types of water pollution.  The richest asset Mother Earth could ever give is the water bodies and such water bodies are being contaminated on a daily basis.  The rising contamination of water bodies and the necessity for proper optimization of the natural ponds and other resources were discussed during the session.  The effects of domestic waste discharge into water bodies, plastic additives and its effects, and the modern technologies to remove pesticides from water were also discussed.  Following this, the speaker explained various filtration technologies such as new generation water purifier, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, etc.  The session was concluded by giving the details about average water consumption per day.  The session was really useful to know the optimal consumption and value of water.

Guest Lecture on Managing Inventory in Sales Channel at Colgate Palmolive

A Guest Lecture on “Managing Inventory in Sales Channel at Colgate Palmolive” was arranged for the MBA students as part of the Marketing Metrics and Analytics course on 17 October 2020 by KCT Business School.  Mr.E.Manikandan, Customer Development Officer, Colgate Palmolive Limited, delivered the lecture and explained the concepts of Vendor Managed Inventory.  He explained that the manufacturer is responsible for maintaining the inventory level at the stockist.  He further added that there will be many stockists for larger cities like Coimbatore.  The session also detailed about the sales channels and how inventory is managed at the stockist level.  The speaker shared his experience of how to arrive at the optimum levels that is to be maintained in the warehouse, which is the intermediary that connects the company and the retail environment.  He also reiterated the fact that the stock must be planned at the stockist level at least 16 days ahead.  The speaker also demonstrated the inventory management process at the vendor level.  Usage of SAP like systems to maintain the vendor inventory was also explained during the session.  Important key metrics in vendor inventory management like Order Quantity and Norm Quantity were also explained during the lecture.

Chase the Virtual Events

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering, KCT, organised an online discussion titled “Chase the Virtual Events” on 17 October 2020 via Google Meet to guide the students to participate and win National and International level events.  The main objective of this event was to introduce the students to the formats of various events inclusive of Hackathons.  The participants who have already attended such events explained the concepts, procedures and techniques to win the contests.  The details regarding the events like IIC-National Innovation Contest, Startup mania, Smart India Hackathon, Design Challenges, and eYANTRA Robotics & Innovation Competition were provided to the participants and the various strategies that are to be followed during these events were discussed.  The significance of attending such competitions were also deliberated during the session.  The forum gave an insight about the events and hackathons to the participants and they felt it to be very informative.

Kalam’s Dream 2020

In​ commemoration of Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam’s birthday, the Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organized an event titled “Kalam’s Dream 2020”. The event focused on the failure of vision 2020 and the various reasons behind it.  The event provided opportunities for all types of discussions related to the topic and Ex-Commander A.Muthu, Indian Navy, gave an insight into his perspectives on Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam and his vision.  This was then followed by an interactive session where the various reasons and drawbacks in achieving Kalam’s Vision 2020 were discussed.  Questions related to the fields like modern agriculture, education system, population, infrastructure facilities, health care and poverty line were discussed during the session.  There were around 30+ participants for the event and it created a spark in the minds of the participants to work for the betterment of the nation.

Webinar on Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) & Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems (NEMS)

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering, KCT, organised a webinar on “Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) & Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems (NEMS)” on 19 October 2020.  Dr.G.Velmathi, Professor, VIT, Chennai, deliberated the concepts with ease during the session.  She explained about the different fabrication processes and materials used in MEMS.  She also described about the application of MEMS in the fields of Biotechnology and Mechatronics engineering.  She also gave insights into the future scope and research opportunities in MEMS.  The open source tools to design MEMS projects and the projects related to MEMS & NEMS technology were also demonstrated online with videos during the session.  There were around 150+ participants from various countries like Ethopia, Tanzania, Iraq, United States and India.

Webinar on Contract Management in Construction Industries – Part II

The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organised a webinar on “Contract Management in Construction Industries – Part II” on 19 October 2020.  Er.V.Ravichandran, Resident Engineer, PIC Cell, Tamil Nadu and alumnus of KCT (1984 Batch), shared his experience in the areas of Contract Management, Cost Management, Project Planning and Coordination, Project Execution, and Site Construction Management during the session.  He also elaborated the idea of Contract Management in India and the various contract conditions as per different public sectors in India.  There were around 70+ participants for the event.

Guest Lecture on Perspective of Strategic Management

A Guest Lecture on “Perspective of Strategic Management” was organized by KCT Business School on 20 October 2020 as a part of Strategic Management course.  Mr. Subhendu Ganguli, Regional Head Southern India – Sales and Distribution, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Bengaluru, explained the various perspectives of Strategic Management in the automobile industry in the current scenario.  He also explained about the various considerations of Strategic Planning, implementation and control process.  His lecture included different strategic concepts of the bases of industry with practical examples and current scenarios.  There were around 70+ participants for the event.

Epic Snatch

A quiz competition titled “Epic Snatch” on Fiber Science and the latest spinning technology was conducted by the Department of Textile Technology, KCT, on 15 October 2020 via Google Form.  Questions related to the count, structural characteristics of fibre, properties of different fibres and their aspects were given during the quiz competition and the participants were asked to answer the same.  Questions related to Technical Textile and Geo Textile too found their part in the quiz.  The participants found the event to be interesting and informative.

Alumni Talks

The Department of Textile Technology, KCT, conducted an online event titled “Alumni Talks” on 21 October 2020 via MS Teams.  Ms. Vaishnavi Muralidharan, KCT Alumnus of Textile Department, shared her experience to II, III and IV-year Textile Technology students.  She elaborated on the various opportunities available at KCT and how such experiences would enhance life opportunities to pursue higher studies.  She also shared how she was able to learn different things like projects, academics, organising skills, and so on.  The basics of the recruitment process and other skills that are required to crack competitive examinations such as GATE, TANCET, etc., were also highlighted during the session.

Webinar on Technical Textiles High Impact Segment for Driving Economy

A webinar titled “Technical Textiles High Impact Segment for Driving Economy” was organised by the Department of Textile Technology, KCT, on 20 October 2020.  Mr.Kannan AJ, Director – Tortuous Reach, Textiles and Nonwovens, Coimbatore, gave an idea about the Technical Textile processes and product right from the raw material during the session.  There were around 85+ participants for the event from various institutions.

Club Events

Art of Awareness

In our life during the pandemic, a lot of things have changed, but still the situation has not stopped our creativity or the attitude of helping others.  In order to serve feast for the creative minds, the Voluntary Blood Donors Club (VBC) of KCT conducted an online event titled “Art of Awareness” from 18 to 23 October 2020.  The event aimed to create awareness on blood donation among the participants by making them to create posters on the topics like blood donation, plasma donation and blood cancer.  The main objective of this event was to bring out the artistic and creative ideas of the participants in the theme of blood donation and blood related diseases.  There were around 20+ active participants exhibiting their artistic talents during the event.


Road Safety Patrol (RSP) of KCT conducted an online quiz titled “Quizzard” from 20 to 22 October 2020 via Google Forms.  The participants were given two quizzes as preliminary round on day one and two respectively, and the participants were shortlisted for the final round.  Questions related to road safety rules were given in the quiz.  Anuvrinda R of KCT bagged the first place.  The event was successful in creating awareness about the road safety rules among the students with the vision of creating an accident-free society.


The HAM Club of KCT conducted an online event titled “Connexions” on 18 October 2020.  The main objective of this event was to test the participant’s technical knowledge through pictures and puzzles.  The participants were provided with a few pictures or phrases via Google Forms that will entail a word when combined together, and all the clues will point to a technical answer.  There were around 20+ active participants for the event and the event tested their technical skills for sure.  Priyadharshini S and Gautham G, II and IV-year, Electronics and Communication Engineering, KCT, bagged the first and the second prizes respectively.  Syed Masood T S, III-year, Aeronautical Engineering, won the third place.

Sports Quiz

Kumaraguru Sports Team conducted Sports Quiz from 19 to 23 October 2020.  Various quiz activities related to sports were conducted throughout the week catering the needs of the sports enthusiasts.  Day one started with a Basketball Quiz followed by a series of quizzes on Boxing, Cricket, Handball, Karate and Wushu.  Question related to sports were circulated online and the participants were asked to answer these questions.  There were around 200+ active participants for the event.