Department Activities 

Webinar on “Aircraft Systems – Pilot’s View” 

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering, KCT, conducted a webinar on “Aircraft Systems – Pilot’s View” on 29 September 2020.  Mr.N.S.Vinoth, Commercial Pilot, First Officer, TVS Motor Company Ltd., Chennai, India, explained about the practical aspects of Aircraft Systems and Instruments Operation with its importance from the perspective of a commercial pilot.  The session was interactive and gave exposure to the participants regarding the functionalities of aircraft systems.  There were around 110+ participants for the event. 

Workshop on Key Modern Marketing Metrics 

KCT Business School conducted a workshop on “Key Modern Marketing Metrics” on 29 September 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr.Ganesh S, Learning & Workforce Development Strategist and Gamification Specialist, Founder Partner, LearnBiz Simulations, Chennai, gave a hands-on experience to the participants on the modern marketing metrics during the session. Faculty members from the Centre of Marketing and the Centre of Analytics, KCT Business School, along with the students specialising in Marketing were the participants for this workshop.  Online marketing game, Entrepediac from Learnbiz Simulation, was demonstrated at the beginning of the session.  The fundamentals of marketing were also illustrated using mobile phone business as an example and the various customer segments were clearly explained by the speaker.  Then, the session continued to discuss on the types of leads like Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) involved in promoting a product, and the different strategies followed for promoting sales.  The workshop concluded by discussing the industry expectations from the candidates and the need to meet the demands of the customers. 

Research Forum on “Publishing in Indexed Journals & Improving Citation”  

KCT Business School organized a Research Forum on “Publishing in Indexed Journals & Improving Citation” on 3 October 2020 via MS Teams.  Dr.Elumalai Kannan, Associate Professor, Centre for the Study of Regional Development, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, detailed the nuances of research article publication in internationally indexed journals and the strategies that are to be followed to improve the citation index.  He shared his suggestions for publishing from the perspective of an author and a reviewer.  He also shared insights on the focus areas, practical approaches for publishing based on his experiences followed by suggestions to improve citation. 

Guest Lecture on “Cloud Computing – Mobility and Scalability, Micro Services” 

KCT Business School organized a Guest Lecture on “Cloud Computing – Mobility and Scalability, Micro Services” on 30 September 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr.Abinath S, Senior Consultant, Capco Technologies, Bengaluru, delivered a lecture on Cloud Computing to the students of the MBA Department.  Cloud computing is on demand delivery of IT resources for storage of data in the form of both hardware and software such as hard disk or any platform to create and access the service.  Its three major services include Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS) and Software as a Service (SAAS). The speaker also explained about the mobility, scalability and the micro services associated with it during the session. 

Guest Lecture on “Applications of Neural Networks in Artificial Intelligence” 

A Guest Lecture on “Applications of Neural Networks in Artificial Intelligence” was organized by KCT Business School on 1 October 2020 via MS Teams.  Mr.Dhinesh Kumar S K, Project Lead, Lantrasoft Private Limited, Coimbatore, delivered a lecture on the applications of Neural Networks.  It consists of three main layers namely input layer, hidden layer and output layer. There are five powerful attributes in the neural networks namely Adaptive learning, Self-organization, Real-time operations, Prognosis and Fault tolerance.  It is capable of performing various tasks like classification, prediction, clustering and association.  It is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing and telecommunication sectors.  In business analytics, it is used in predicting customer behaviour, segmentation of customer, fraud detection, market research, market mix, purchase and renewals. 

Webinar on “Waste to Wealth” 

The Department of Civil Engineering, KCT, organised a webinar on “Waste to Wealth” on 30 September 2020 via their Facebook page.  Mr. Tamil Manian Nagalingam, Co-Founder & Managing Director, M/s Kuppaikaaran Waste Management Pvt Ltd, Salem, Tamil Nadu, gave a brief overview about the various waste management strategies during the session.  There were around 150+ participants for the event. 

Guest Lecture on “EMIS Database” 

A Guest Lecture on “EMIS Database” was conducted by KCT Business School on 29 September 2020.  Mr.Kata Anjanellu, Business Development Manager, EMIS, Mumbai, explained the concepts of EMIS Database to the participants.  The speaker also outlined the features and availability of global data on macroeconomics, industries and financial markets in the EMIS Database.  During the session, the students were informed to make use of the EMIS data and industry reports for their specialization courses and during their preparation for placement interviews.  There were around 35+ participants for the event. 

Club Events 

A Seven-Day Challenge on Eye Problem 

Agam Forum of KCT conducted an online event titled “A Seven-Day Challenge on Eye Problem” from 29 September to 5 October 2020 via WhatsApp.  The event aimed to help the participants to get relieved from the most common eye problems like eye burning, itching, and other similar issues.  The registered participants were added to a WhatsApp group and the guidelines for the event were shared.  The event started with general health tips and a session on eye exercise.  The practical session included a few warm-up exercises, performing asanas and mudras.  Pranayama was also included in the exercise and all the participants were asked to carry out all these exercises continuously for seven days.  Active participation was ensured by sending feedback forms on all the days and it was noted that it yielded a good result for most of the participants.  There were around 50+ participants for the event. 

Suicide isn’t a Solution 

Youth Red Cross (YRC) of KCT conducted an online awareness programme titled “Suicide isn’t a Solution” on 2 October 2020 via Instagram Live.  Mrs.Padma Priya, the facilitator for the event, spelled out the various reasons like depression, stress, family situation, etc., that intricate suicide among youth and the ways to overcome the same during the session.  The main objective of the event was to prevent suicide amongst the youth by creating awareness.  The event also provided solutions to overcome the situation by suggesting activities like helping others, setting small goals that can be accomplished easier, focusing on their real-time work, scheduling interesting and relaxing activities on a regular basis, following a regular sleep schedule, and always having an alternative plan for activities to reduce the stressful situation.