KOED – Learning Augmented

Post-Covid 19, the digital transformation in Higher Education across the globe has been significantly accelerated with the potential of the academic community and choices for the learning community soaring to new heights. Kumaraguru Institutions, realizing the need for a technological breakthrough has built “Kumaraguru Online Education” – KOED, an in-house online learning platform to meet the expectations of the current and aspiring students and to ensure long-term institutional viability. KOED was launched on Thursday, 20 August 2020 through live streaming on YouTube at 6:30 PM IST. Kumaraguru Online Education (KOED) is the blended learning platform conceptualized by a team of senior members and academic leaders, with their foresight, experience and expertise to enhance the learnability of the students through world-class technological intervention. The Task Force behind KOED is Project Germinate. With faculty members and student leaders across various domains and institutions brainstorming together, have integrated the elements of KITE & MS Teams and built a unique online learning system.

Teachers day 2020

Igniting imagination
Instilling the love of learning
Inspiring hope
The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future!
Kumaraguru Institution took immense pleasure in gratifying all the teachers, for their boundless patience, generosity and the beautiful footprints that have been etched in students hearts and mind forever. A Youtube live event was organised on September 5th, 2020 that included Engal Aasan Awards, a standup comedy by Mr Abishek Kumar on the topic “Contagious Laughter with the Covid Teacher!” and special addresses from our administrators. A big thank you to all teachers for planting these seeds, watering them lovingly, giving them direction, watching them grow, and achieve their potential.

Independence Day Celebrations

The 74th Independence Day was celebrated in Kumaraguru Institutions on 15 August 2020.  Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, President, Kumaraguru Institutions, hoisted the National Flag in the premises.  Dr.J.Srinivasan, Principal, KCT and Dr.Vijila Kennedy, Principal, KCLAS, shared their thoughts about the Independence Day Celebrations.  It was followed by the Presidential Address by Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, who remembered the great souls of the nation.  He appreciated the bravery of the soldiers in the armed forces and the courage of the doctors and other healthcare personnel who are the frontline soldiers in fighting against Covid-19.  He also motivated the students, faculty members and staff of Kumaraguru Institutions to contribute to overcome the pandemic situation and for the betterment of the nation.  KCT alumni, Wing Commander P.M.Sivadas and Major L.M.Jenish Nishanth, shared their thoughts and experiences in armed forces to everyone virtually.  The entire celebrations were streamed live via YouTube and pre-recorded NCC Drill videos were also played.  NCC Cadets were honoured on this special day as a token of appreciation of their stupendous efforts.  The celebrations concluded with the NCC Song showcasing the pride of the nation.  There were also a number of online events conducted in commemoration of the same.  

Nation Building Through Civil Service – The Conversation 

Kumaraguru Civil Service Academy and Department of Political Science, Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS) in association with Shankar IAS Academy and knowledge partner Takshashila Institution, Bengaluru, organised a four-day webinar series titled “Nation Building Through Civil Service – The Conversation” from 10 to 13 August 2020.  Mr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail, a renowned Soil Biologist; Mr.V.Keertivasan, IAS; Mr.T.P.Sreenivasan, IFS, Former Permanent Representative to UN and Former Governor of India in IAEA; Mr.P.K.Hormis Tharakan, Former Chief- R&AW and Former DGP of Kerala; Mr.Sunder Rajan, Coordinator, Poovulagin Nanbargal; Mr.R.Adithya, DCP, Thrissur; Ms.Sindhu Kavi, IRS; and Ms.Geetanjali, IFS, deliberated on various aspects of Civil Services.  Topics like celebrating the biodiversity, resource management, preparation needed for taking up Civil Service jobs, Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, and national security were discussed during the session.  The speakers also shared their personal experiences and motivated the participants to have a successful career in Civil Services. 

Department Events 

Webinar on “ADAS in Automotive Systems” 

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), KCT, conducted an online webinar on “ADAS in Automotive Systems” on 13 August 2020 via Zoom Meeting.  Mr.Premkumar Thiruppathi, ADAS System Function Developer, ZF WABCO Technology Centre, Chennai, deliberated on the concepts of micro-controller programming.  The session started with a video explaining the need for Advanced Driver Assistance System, followed by CAN protocol and its code interpretation.  Then the speaker outlined on the Radar systems, range detection, radar image visualization and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).  Further, an introduction to autonomous vehicles was given along with its functionality.  All the provided information was found to be very useful by the participants. 

Department Events 

Webinar on “IC Fabrication: A Practical Perspective” 

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), KCT, organized an online webinar on “IC Fabrication: A Practical Perspective” on 14 August 2020.  The objective of this webinar was to disseminate the practical aspects of Integrated Circuits fabrication for the benefit of the learners and practitioners.  Mr.Chella Kumar S, CAD Engineer, Infinera India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, shared his experience of working with CAD engineering related to VLSI Design.  The basic sequence of steps involved in the IC fabrication was explained during the session.  There were around 95+ participants for the same. 

Department Events 

Online Quiz 

An Online Quiz was conducted to the school students on 12 August 2020 by the Department of Mechatronics Engineering to commemorate the 74th Independence Day.  The event was conducted via Google Forms and there were around 185 participants.  The event aimed to refresh the memories of the school students about the Independence Day and the hardships faced by the freedom fighters.  E-certificates were provided to all the eligible students. 

Club Events 

Voice of the Past: Episode 2 – Mountain Stories 

“Voice of the Past” is an initiative by Studio KCT to reach out its far spread alumni and leverage their experiences for the betterment of the club members.  As a second episode, an online event titled “Mountain Stories” was conducted on 16 August 2020 via Google Meet.  Mr.Yakesh Selvaraj, KCT Alumnus (Batch 2015-19), elaborated on Wildlife Photography and its hardships.  He also enunciated on how to make better photographs and how to make them to portray live stories.  The event impacted around 20+ active participants. 

Club Events 

Space Talks-2: 10 Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t Take a Space Based Career 

SEDS Club of KCT conducted an online event “Space Talks-2: 10 Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t Take a Space Based Career” on 10 August 2020.  Mr. Rifath S, Lead Scientist and Chief Technology Officer, Space Kidz India, and Mr. Yagna Sai, Lead Technologist and Chief Operating Officer, Space Kidz India, explained the reasons why a person should be interested in taking up space-based career.  There were around 31 participants for the event.  Both the speakers gave valuable information about the pros and cons involved in choosing space-related jobs.  Their experience in Kalam Sat Team gave them opportunity to learn many things about space and the information shared by them kept the participants actively engaged throughout the session.  The event came to a close with the speakers answering the questions raised by the participants. 

Club Events 

Discussion on Draft EIA 2020 

An Online Discussion on Draft EIA 2020 was conducted by the Qubate Forum of KCT on 9 August 2020 via Google Meet.  On account of the recent issues based on the draft EIA 2020, the online forum discussed the features of the draft and the possible outcomes if it was approved and implemented.  There were around 20+ participants for the event.  It was found to be very informative and fruitful.  All the participants felt that it was an insightful session and it created them a chance to share their knowledge to their fellow mates.

Club Events 

Space Talks – 3: Sounding Rockets and its Scope 

SEDS Club of KCT conducted an online event titled “Space Talks – 3: Sounding Rockets and its Scope” on 14 August 2020.  The event was organized to create awareness on Sounding Rockets by highlighting its scope and to create awareness on taking up Space Entrepreneurship.  Mr. Sunny Kabrawala, Founder, Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry (STAR), detailed on his experience in Sounding Rockets and Space Entrepreneurship.  The session concluded with a Questions and Answers session.  There were around 150 participants for the event and they were provided with e-certificates. 

Club Events 

Being Modern Fighters 

KCT Drama Troupe conducted an online event titled “Being Modern Fighters” from 13 to 15 August 2020.  It was conducted through the Instagram page of the club.  The participants were asked to imagine themselves as freedom fighters who are fighting for India’s freedom in the current situation where India is being ruled by the Britishers, and they were asked to write a story about how they would fight for the nation.  The objective of this event was to bring out the innovative ideas of the participants in building an imaginative story.  There were around 20+ participants and the participant with the most interesting storyline was declared to be the winner. 

Club Events 

Artistic Yoga 

On the occasion of 74th Independence Day, Artistic Yoga was enacted by the members of Agam Forum of KCT on 15 August 2020.  This was shared through the Instagram page of the club in order to reach everyone.  It served to be a new approach which helped everyone to know how yoga, music and dance are interconnected.  Artistic yoga is a series of movements which include asanas that help to stretch and strengthen a person’s body and to keep it fit and rejuvenated.  It also helps people to reach the highs through the flow of artistic expressions.  This modern style of yoga served as a celebration of the freedom that a person experiences in their mind, body, heart and soul. 

Club Events 

Word Quest 

Matrix Club of KCT conducted an online event titled “Word Quest” on 15 August 2020 in commemoration of 74th Independence Day.  The event started with ‘Connections’, where the participants were asked to find out the word related to the pictures that were posted on the Instagram page of the club, and then it continued with the ‘Crossword Puzzle’.  All the participants found the event to be very interesting.  Nivethitha, II-EIE; Nikil Venkatesh, II-EEE; and Balaji, II-ECE, KCT, secured the first, second and third places respectively. 

Club Events 

Pictorial Quiz 

“Pictorial Quiz” was conducted jointly by the Books and Beyond Club, and Qubate Forum of KCT on 15 August 2020 to relish and appreciate the literary works of the freedom fighters. The event aimed to educate the participants about the books written by or about the freedom fighters through a quiz.  Questions were posted on the Instagram page of the clubs and the participants were asked to find out the names of the book or the author.  There were around 50+ participants who actively answered the questions. 

Club Events 

Indian Samachar 

Aeromodeling Club of KCT organized an online event titled “Indian Samachar” as a part of its virtual Independence Day Celebrations on 15 August 2020.  The event was conducted in two phases.  The first phase of the event invited the participants to write a blog on the themes of Indian Defense Advancement: Bows to BrahMos, Military Services: WW2 to Kargil and Indian Economy: Salt Tax to GST.  The second phase of the event was conducted as an online quiz competition via Google Forms.  The quiz attempted to remember the Martyrs on the occasion.  There were around 15 participants for the event and Mr.Indra Prashanth, III-year and Mr.Manoj Kumar, II-year, Aeronautical Engineering, KCT, secured the first and the second places respectively. 

Club Events 

Guess Who? 

The Rotaract Club of KCT conducted an online event titled “Guess Who?” on 15 August 2020.  The event aimed to remember the freedom struggle and the freedom fighters of our nation on the occasion of 74th Independence Day.  In this event, the participants were provided with clues about the freedom fighters and they were asked to identify the person.  There were around 65+ participants for the event and K.Aviral, who was able to find out 9 answers out of 10, was announced to be the winner. 

Club Events 

Suit Up the Heroes! 

Varnam Club of KCT conducted an online event titled “Suit Up the Heroes!” on 15 August 2020.  The theme of the event was to re-create the freedom fighters in a modern superhero style.  The participants were asked to sketch their favourite heroes of Independence in the present style imagining them to be today’s superheroes.  They were allowed to design the outfits and to design the style of their own choice.  The participants were also allowed to submit the picture of any art work like sketching, painting, digital art or caricature.  This event served as the best platform to showcase the artistic talents of the young minds. 

Club Events 

What If 

HAM Club of KCT conducted an online event titled “What If” on Google Suite on 15 and 16 August 2020.  The main objective of this event was to enhance the communication skills, presentations skills, fluency, and the confidence level of the participants.  They were given a set of ten personalities and were asked to choose any one among them.  Based on their choices, situations were given as questions and were asked to respond to the situation from the chosen personality’s point of view.  There were around 40 participants for the event and the winners were selected by testing the communication skills of the participants and their confidence level. 

Club Events 

Webinar on “Patriotic and Development of Youth” 

National Service Scheme (NSS) of KCT conducted a webinar on “Patriotic and Development of Youth” on 15 August 2020 to encourage the participants with patriotism and to motivate them to make the country better.  The main objective of this event was to make the youngsters play a key role in the development of the nation.  Mr.K.S.Lakshmanan, Head of Academic Administration, KCT, delivered the session interestingly by quoting real-life examples to substantiate the importance of goal setting.  There were around 78+ participants for the event, and they were able to acquire knowledge about self-improvement, attitude, personality and the amount of hard work required to achieve their vision.