Project Germinate – Curating a Learning System for the Future

Kumaraguru Institutions has launched Project Germinate, a comprehensive integrating platform that focuses on redesigning the online learning. It will be the phase shift from normal conventional method of teaching/learning to the new normal online learning system. The Task Force headed by Dr. Vinohar Stephen Raphael with representations from academic fraternity and students from Leadership Council are looking at multiple dimensions and collecting feedback from various stakeholders to identify the best practices for blended mode of teaching learning resulting in the curation of an impactful online ecosystem.

E-Reunion – Silver Jubilee Celebrations of KCT Batch (1991-95)

A Virtual Trip down the Memory Lane

The 8th Batch of Kumaraguru College of Technology, as part of their Silver Jubilee Celebrations came together for a virtual Alumni Meet on 11 July 2020 commemorating the completion of 25 years of graduation. Alumni from across the globe joined the virtual meet which started at 8 PM with Prof. Bhaskar from the Department of Mechanical Engineering formally welcoming the virtual attendees. This was followed by the special address by the Principal and a presentation on the new institutions and initiatives from Kumaraguru Institutions that includes KCLAS, KIA, KARE and Microcosm. Ensuing the presentation, Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, President Kumaraguru Institutions in his address, enunciated the indispensable role of Alumni in the progress of the institution and the contribution of Alumni towards the larger vision of the institution. He also invited the Alumni to be part of the Advisory Board, Board of Studies and actively engage the students in teaching-learning process.

Professors of the Batch 1991-95, Prof. Selvam (Civil), Prof. Mangalam (ECE), Prof. A. Vasuki (ECE), Prof. K. Devadoss(English) and Prof. P. Devaki(CSE) reconnected with their students and enthusiastically recollected their experiences. Following this, in the Alumni talk, Mr. Giri (Mech) from Indian Air Force, Mr. Shanmuganathan (Mech), MD, ASI Global Engineering Private Limited, Singapore, Ms. Deepa (ECE), Head Operations, Citi Bank, New Jersey, USA, Mr. Prem Kumar Balashanmugam (EEE), Vice President, Oracle India, Bangalore, Dr. S. Shiv Kumar(ECE) Art of Living Foundation, Mr. Sathish Nair(EEE), Managing Director, Ess Emm Corporation Mr. Kamalakannan (EEE), Additional Engineer, Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Mr. P.Senthil (Civil), Proprietor, Trilochana Associates – Construction Valuation Structural Consultation, Mr. Praveen Ramesh(CES), Software Architect and Developer in Credit Suisse at North Carolina USA and Mr. N M R Krishna (CSE), Director Pricing, Dell, Singapore and Mr. Amit (Mech) Director Operations, Petexx India Exports in Tirupur chronicled their journey from KCT in 1991 to the present day and affirmed to collaborate with KCT in every endeavour. The meet formally drew to a close with the proposal of Vote of Thanks by Mr. Sooriya Pragash, Manager, Alumni Relations. Following this, the informal Alumni meet continued further on the virtual forum and thanks to the technology, almost the entire Silver Jubilee Batch (1991-95) came together and got reconnected in the Virtual Alumni Meet.

A 7-Day International Faculty Development Programme

Department of Mathematics (S&H), KCT, organized an online 7-Day International Faculty Development Programme from June 29 to July 05, 2020, on the topic “Mathematical Modeling for Data Analytics and Engineering”. There were around 2198 participants from countries like Nigeria, Dubai, Poland, Germany, England, Malaysia and India. Dr. Rajesh Ranjan, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Ohio State University, US; Dr. Sundar. S, Professor and Head, IIT Madras; Dr. Prashanth Srivastva, Associate Professor, IIT Patna; Dr. Venkatnaresh Kupili, Assistant Professor, NIT Goa; Dr. Mini Ghosh, Professor, VIT, Chennai; Dr. Anuj Mubayi, Associate Director, Precision Value & Health; and Dr. Joydev Chattopadhyay, Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, facilitated the programme with their valuable inputs. The FDP covered various topics like GPU Computing, Mathematical Modeling with its applications and challenges and Deep Learning using Autoencoders. The encouraging feedback from the participants showcased the efficacy of the program and all the participants were provided with e-certificates.

Webinar Series on Modelling and Simulation of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle System

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering conducted a two-day webinar series on modelling and simulation of renewable energy and electric vehicle system on July 6 and 7, 2020. Mr. CH. Ravindar Reddy, Application Engineer with Design Tech Systems Private Ltd., facilitated the event with his expertise of working in the controls for Automotive, Aero and Renewable Energy domains. The concepts of modelling, simulation and controls that are used in the renewable energy systems and electric vehicle system using MATLAB were deliberated through the webinar. There were around 60+ participants for the webinar and e-certificates were provided for the participants.


Short Term Course on “Insights into Electrical Energy Management”

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of KCT conducted a 5-Day Short Term Course on “Insights into Electrical Energy Management” from 7 to 11 July 2020. Dr.R.Gnanadass, Professor, Pondicherry Engineering College; Dr.Vimalathithan Rathinasabapathy, Director, Krishtec; Dr.R.Sivakumar, Cluster Leader, COINDIA; Dr.K.N.Dinesh Babu, Application and Protection Engineer, Megger India Pvt. Ltd.; and Mr.S.Selvakumar, Head – Design and Engineering, Power Projects, shared their insights on various topics related to the field. The key takeaways of the course were valuable information about Smart Grid Management and Data Analysis, LORA Technology in Smart City Application, Energy Management and Energy Audit in industries, Smart Grid Protection System and the role of energy storage in Renewable Energy Integration. There were around 200 active participants from academia and industry who successfully completed the course.


Webinar on Matlab interfacing with Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of KCT in collaboration with Pantech E-Learning organised a webinar on “Matlab interfacing with Artificial Intelligence” on 13 July 2020. The webinar was conducted in YouTube and there were around 350 participants who actively participated in the event. Mr.A.Srinivasalu, Project Engineer, Pantech e-Learning, Andra Pradesh, enunciated about the Artificial Intelligence and its working principle & its significant role in the field of Electrical Engineering with its latest advancements. The applications of AI in E-Vehicle Technology were also deliberated during the session. Finally, the webinar came to a conclusion with a demonstration on AI by interfacing it with Matlab. All the participants of the webinar actively involved themselves in this demonstration and all their doubts relating to controlling parameters were clarified by the expert.


Online Treasure Hunt

The Rotaract Club of KCT organised an online Treasure Hunt on 16 July 2020 in their Instagram page. As an initiative to make the quarantined life interesting with fun-filled informative activities, the club came up with this event where the participants are supposed to find out a series of questions that are hidden in the folders in the given Google Drive and hunt for the possible answers. Each question challenges the participants to find out the hidden word. Navigation through these questions by solving each of them would lead the participants to a final destination where there was a treasure. The event ensured that the participants are enthralled throughout. There were around 275+ participants for the event. The overwhelming feedback showcased the effectiveness of the event. The participant who was able to find out all the answers first was announced to be the winner.


“Bio-Emerge” – A Webinar on Plasma Therapy

Voluntary Blood Donors Club of KCT jointly with Red Ribbon Club and National Service Scheme organised a webinar titled “Bio-Emerge” on 13 July 2020. The session equipped around 80+ participants with the knowledge of plasma therapy and other medications available for Covid-19. Mr.Bragadeeswaran, a III-year Medical Student from Government Medical College, Coimbatore, pronounced the outcomes of the plasma therapy, medications in use for Covid-19 and the developmental status of numerous vaccines like Covaxin. This served as a glimmer of hope for the participants to fight against Covid-19.


Webinar on “Industrial Safety”

Youth Red Cross (YRC) Club of KCT organized a webinar on “Industrial Safety” on 13 July 2020. The session comprehensively covered the significance of following industrial safety norms and the necessary safety precautions that are to be followed in workplace. The main objective of the program was to create awareness about the various safety measures and to make everyone understand their individual responsibility to prevent accidents in future. Mr.G.Prathap, Faculty – Health and Industrial Safety Programme, NIFS School of Safety, highlighted the important safety measures that should be followed in industries, educational institutions, other workplaces and at home. Around 60+ members participated in the event.



National Service Scheme (NSS) of Kumaraguru College of Technology conducted an online event titled “Emoticons” on July 7 and 8, 2020. The event aimed to make the participants discover some exciting terms related to NSS and current affairs with the help of the hints provided in the form of emoji or GIF images. There were around 100+ participants actively participating in the event. On the first day of the event, ten main questions plus a bonus question were posted in the Instagram story of the club, and on the second day, a set of another 10 questions was posted. The participants were asked to build a story from the identified words and the participant with the most interesting and unique storyline was selected to be the winner.


Pranic Healing

Agam Forum of KCT organised a special lecture and demonstration on Pranic Healing techniques on July 9, 2020. Mr. P. Senthil Kumar, Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, facilitated the session in which there were around 40 participants. Pranic Healing is a three step process that substantially accelerates the body’s innate ability to heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through this session, the participants were able to naturally flush out the unwanted energies and gain fresh positive energies through meditation. The session helped reducing the stress, anxiety and depression levels for the participants with the Twin Heart meditation model, which serves as a bridge between the emotional love of the incarnated soul and the divine love of the higher soul. At the end of the session, all the participants were able to feel completely refreshed and energised.


Karkkai Nandre

Tamil Mandram of KCT in association with Nithilam and Vanavarayar Foundation conducts a one-week online certificate training course titled “Karkkai Nandre” deliberating epigraphy from July 08 to 14, 2020. There are around 45 members participating and getting benefitted from the event. Dr.R.Jagadeesan, Epigraphist & In-Charge, Vanavarayar Foundation, facilitates the training program, which covers the origin of Tamil alphabets right from Tamil-Brahmi and Vattezhuthu scripts to the Grantha and Nagari scripts. This enables the participants to know about the various stages of development of the Tamil language thereby celebrating the “Classical Language” status of Tamil. The training also insists on the necessity to preserve the Tamil inscriptions since it serves as an evidence to portray the antiquity of the language.


Ship Wreck

Haasya Club of KCT conducted “Ship Wreck”, a fun-filled online event, from July 08 to 10, 2020. There were around 75+ participants who actively participated in the event. Ship Wreck catered the contestants with humorous ideas and creative thinking ability. The participants used their creative ideas to escape from a given situation. The main idea of the event was to evoke humorous ideas to tackle a perilous situation. The participants were given a video depicting a critical situation and they were asked to find a humorous way to escape the situation. They uploaded their ideas in a google form that was provided, and the participants with the most interesting storyline were declared to be the winners of the event.


Mind O Pedias!

Gandhian Youth Movement of KCT conducted an online event titled “Mind O Pedias!” from July 08 to 10, 2020. The main theme of this event is to bring awareness about the Gandhian Principles and his actions. On Day 1 of the event, a quiz on the basic principles of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) was conducted in which there were around 60+ active participants. The event continued on Day 2 with a quiz on Salt Sathyagraha with the participants of around 50+. The final day of the event had a quiz titled “Gandhiji against Foreign Invaders” for which there were 50+ active participants. The main outcome of this event was that all the participants had the opportunity to rejuvenate and reminisce the Gandhian principles.