Yali Press Meet 

A Press Meet was organized to celebrate Team Sea Sakthi of Kumaraguru, the first-ever Indian student team at the International Monaco Energy Boat Challenge at Royal Madras Yacht Club, Chennai, on 10 May 2022. A team of 14 students from Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), Coimbatore, aligning with the future-forward vision to promote alternate propulsion system in maritime mobility are representing India for the first time ever in the 9th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge organized by the prestigious Yacht Club De Monaco between 04 and 09 July 2022. A proud moment for the state of Tamil Nadu with a rich maritime history dating back to the Sangam period, the undergraduate engineering students at KCT Garage, the automotive tech forum of the institution, under the aegis of Team Sea Sakthi have designed “Yali” the solar-powered energy boat. The one major challenge for the team is the maximum quantity of energy, pre-set at 10kWh, in addition to designing a high-performance cockpit in a sustainable way that optimizes the life cycle of all the materials. With a zero-pollution vision, the Team Sea Sakthi has powered its engines with solar panels and lithium-ion batteries, promising a greener maritime mobility. Built on a three-blade, six-kilowatt propulsion system, the team has opted for mono-perc technology to run the boat as it is more efficient than monocrystalline technology. As it is mandatory to possess valid certificates to sail the yacht, Mohan and Swaminathan, II-year Mechatronics Engineering students from Team Sea Sakthi have undergone training at Kerala Water Sports and Sailing Organisation in Kochi and have been qualified as pilots. Team Sea Sakthi, driven by passion and innovation, shall compete with 15 other teams from 10 other nationalities including Canada, the USA and Greece. The journey toward participating in the 9th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge started in December 2021 when Team Sea Sakthi’s yacht design was approved by the jury and got qualified for the challenge. Mr. Kiranlal, Assistant Professor and mentor of Team Sea Sakthi stated that the trial run has been done in Chennai with the support of the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association before freighting the vessel to Monaco on 10 May 2022.  Team Sea Sakthi is presently sponsored by Pricol Limited, Master Linen Inc, Janatics Pneumatic, RIM Drive Technology and ACC, and the team looks forward to furthering partnership and patronage to support logistics, travel and participation. Faced with climate emergency, this maiden initiative of the Indian students from Kumaraguru College of Technology is poised to stimulate eco-responsible thinking in the world of yachting.  

India Quiz 2022 

To have a glimpse of the present, past and dreams for the future, 5th edition of India Quiz commemorated our motherland’s 75 years of Independence and was conducted in the 10th year of Namma Yugam and the centenary year of our founder Chairman, Dr.N.Mahalingam. It was conducted on 14 May 2022 from 09:30 am in Ramanandha Adigalar Auditorium, Kumaraguru Campus. This event was sponsored by Aarudhras Developers and was moderated by Quiz Master Mr. M. Rangarajan. Each team consisted of 2 to 3 members.  Six teams were selected for the final rounds. Based on their performance, winners and runners were selected and announced. Two special mention awards were also given. 

இயல்(ற்)கை – Plogging Visit 02 

Kumaraguru Yugam is a locus of scholastic learning and innovation for diverse individuals from all over South India with various themes through the years such as Circle, Time, Infinity, etc. YUGAM ’22 is here again with the theme ‘Reincarnate’ that marks a brand-new reawakening, a renascence, to carry forth the legacy of Kumaraguru. The heart of Kumaraguru lies in inculcating a sense of social responsibility in young minds to shape them into the leaders of tomorrow. Socio Constant is Kumaraguru’s way of reaching out to the community and doing our part. It inculcates the habit of supporting, contributing, and giving amongst people, creating social awareness, and promoting a zero-waste policy. Join your hands as we move in the journey of touching lives.  

Mission 1   
இயல்(ற்)கை focuses on a series of actions to create eco-awareness, protect and improve the environmental quality through group engagements, campus regulations, and refurbishments.  

“Don’t Walk… Just Run and Start Plogging” with this motto, 30+ students from Kumaraguru Institutions volunteered towards this great cause in Saravanampatti region. They collected around 50+ kg of plastic wastes which are harmful to the environment. Making our surroundings clean is one of our duty, and these students successfully inspired everyone to do so. They did plogging with full enthusiasm and involvement which showed their passion for making a change. They just felt “What can we do greater than this to make our weekend useful?” This mission was organized toward making a great cause. 

Club Events 

IEEE Student Branch Inauguration 

The IEEE Student Branch Inauguration was held on 10 May 2022 at Seminar Hall C, KCT. The Inaugural Address was given by Dr. Ramalatha Marimuthu, Founder and General Chair of Youth Endeavours in Social Innovations through Science and Technology. The Key takeaways of this event were to learn about the numerous benefits and gains from being an IEEE Member. This event will help the students to get to know the activities, events, awards, logistics and all the intricate details of an IEEE Student Branch and get inspired and learn from the talks of the esteemed guests. 

Upcoming Events