Theatre and education webinar held for ten days with different speakers nationally.
The main objective of the webinar is to explore a new domain of theatre through online lectures by theatre scholars.This workshop consists of 10 series of sessions conducted by renowned directors from across the world on a virtual platform for students of Kumaraguru and outside who are interested in theatre, acting and plays. A certificate of merit will be provided for qualified students at the end of the workshop. It is an collaborated event with 5W theatre group.It is an open for all event.It started from 22nd of June and ended on 1st July .It held via Google Meet.With over 250+ Registerations ,event had a great start.

1) MANJU KODAGU -Youth and Theatre-The Need to Express
2) ARIVAZHAGAN-Art and Education in Personality Development
3) K.R.UPENDRA-Role of Theatre Arts in Higher education-A focus on multiple intelligence and emotional intelligence
4) PRALAYAN -Theatre in education initiatives in pushing the boundaries of class room
5) PRABHAAR-Development through theatre
6) DANIELLA FRANASZEK -Art of playing
7) SUBHA SUBHASH RAWAT -Drama for creating teaching and learning environment 8) GOBI -Drama in education-A creative learning process
KULDEEP SINGH -Scope of theatre in education-A journey through T.I.E. Co.
10) VIJAI KUMAR SINGH-Inculcating theatre in education -The NSD Tirupura Institute Module.


Speaker : Mr.Arivazhagan (Mugathirai , Nadagakulu ,Thirupathur)

Topic : Art and education in the personality development development.

Now a days art form was became complusory in a education (CBSE schools,B.Ed colleges,etc,…) .The trainer should understand the psychology of the students. The three things of theatre : temperament, environment, character. A play has so many aspects inside it like music, dance designing, technicality etc The theatre students always have more powerful thoughts and actions than everyone.Theatre is an activity based learning that teaches emotion,mannerism and creates a better human being. 

Speaker : Mr.K.R.Upendra (Vilokanaa arts & education academy, Bangalore)

Topic: Role of theatre arts in higher education – a focus on multiple intelligence and emotional intelligence .

Children always ask the question “What”. Adults always wonder”Why”. But only researchers and professionals ask” what, why and how”. We need conceptional understanding is mandatory for theatre arts is a compositional artform. But the purpose of it is to unite the body mind and soul.

Special Invitie of webinar:Mr.Nasser M
Film actor & Director
We had a registeration fee as Rs.100 for outsiders and free for kctians.We have generated Rs.12,500 through this event.

Feedbacks are Very well organized the overall webinar keeping very presented
It was a good webinar and I am eagerly waiting for more webinar from your side. Thanks for conducted valuable and informative webinar for us in pandemic situation.
Through this event, participants got deeper knowledge and insights about theatre.