On account of the popular ‘Harry Potter Reunion’, an interesting debate was organized by the Books and Beyond to engage students and discuss the Harry Potter line of fiction. The topic of discussion being ‘who cared the best for Harry, was it Snape or Dumbledore?’ garnered many Potterheads and also non-Potterheads to spectate the event. A good number of 20 attendees turned up for the event. The debaters were sorted into two groups – ‘The slithering snake’ and ‘The rising phoenix’. The debate started off with members of either team registering their points of why their stand for Team Snape or Team Dumbledore is better over the other. The important storylines were discussed for better understanding. Then the pace of the debate went on really well with both teams providing intricate details to support their arguments. Participants turned up their witty side, argued their points with clarity, raised questions and took the whole session on a highly interactive and informative note. They discussed their perceptions of the fictional characters and had a healthy discussion. The debate ended on a happy note by acknowledging that what both teams stand for has pros and cons and it is what we perceive from fiction that makes us take a side and understand things better. The outcome of the event is that students were encouraged to indulge in fiction and hone their speaking and debating skills.