Yes, Pandemic Covid’19 and Consequent Lockdown have provided an exceptional opportunity to learn and teach new and elated topics. Work from Home and Learn from Home magnify diversity in activities. E-learning platforms play a greater role in dissemination of knowledge and upgradation of skill sets.The process of digital learning and teaching models a new classroom setup as well as neo-learning experience. New Normal and Education 4.0 have also become the watch-words of the year 2020. Faculty members and learners of KCT are involved in varied activities during this period that can cater to department and institutional development, research and development, professional and self – development. The wide-ranging activities include Organisation and Participation in webinars of National and International interest, Research and Project Proposal Submissions, Research article reviews, Book Chapter and Paper Publications, Participation in Workshops and Faculty Development Programs, Conducting awareness programs and Quiz Competitions for Students. In view of the same, the fourth issue of S&H Newsletter (2019-2020) documents the key contributions of the Faculty members and First Year B.E. / B.Tech. Students during the month of March, April and May 2020.