RF Ride is a ten day technical adventure planned exclusive for HAM club members. The first session started on 18th February 2021. Mr. Viveka Vikram ex-president HAM Club of Kumaraguru was the speaker and gave intellectual ideologies on Leadership and team building.

           The second session was handled by Ms.Haripriya,Technical team lead of HAM Club of Kumaraguru. The session was to enlighten the members with the insights of on going internship programs that they could take up for which the club could extend a helping hand on the fee structure.

              The third session was handled by Mr.Basha , who is a student of Kumaraguru College of Technology currently in his 4th year and placed in Robert Bosch. He shared his placement experience and gave valueble insights for the members with aim of taking up campus placements.

            The 4th 5th and 6th session were handled by the leads of different technical team of HAM Club of Kumaraguru i.e., Antenna team , Digital reciever team and SDR team. The members were educated about the roles and tasks that the teams are currently persuing and also about the teams future plans.

             The 7th 8th and 9th sessions were handled by the management teams of the club that is Event team ,Media and Marketing team , Documentation team and probation team. This session was to provide an overview of how the club functions to the newly join members of the club.

           The last session was The closure session where Mr. R Karthikeyan , Faculty coordinator of HAM Club of Kumaraguru addressed the team members and congratulated the members for their efforts to join the club. On the whole RF ride was an overview of the technical and managerial parts that are being carried out in the club with lots of inputs on personal development for the members of HAM club of kumaraguru.