Is this time for responsibility or responding ? We don’t completely insert ourselves into either of those words , and we are all stuck in between , unable to sense that we are only reacting to everything. When a change comes along , reacting is the farthest sign of acknowledgment we signify. Its difficult to be aware of everything but its more dangerous to be naïve and ignorant of what we do. Understanding and accepting the change is the good thing about it. And the torment of COVID-19 is not a change of routine , it is a change of life.“ This time in our lives has not come to change the world, but to change ourselves ! “ The basic and compulsory habits, which was once never considered important has now become the best kind of solution. And let us together look through the changes here.

The physical world changes, demanding the wearing of masks , washing hands regularly, sanitization, checking body temperature, cleaning the materials that we bring from market and adapting to healthy food styles and habits like yoga, exercise etcetera has been a drastic change and also a self – realization phase. And the main part is that people started realizing how much they have been working / spending time in work. The thought of spending some time for ourselves doing something passionate or effective has brought many artists, dancers, singers, creators, chef and many more.

The stay of us inside has changed the outer world intensely. The free morning roads, the less smoke and horn sounds. The sunrises, sunsets, the moon and stars and the patters of sky , the lush greenery they all showed us what kind of life we need and that nature is way more important than everything. The pride of a mankind lies in nature and people began to realize it. Many endangered species have been thriving due to the lack of human activity.

The “ gratefulness to technology “ is the biggest and the most remarkable wave of COVID-19. Today ,the world is moved by technology . The technology is a part of the outer world, and today it has become a form of life in our inside world too. “ TECHNOLOGY HAS BECOME OUR NEW HOME “. When people said about learning from home , who did exactly believe it would be adaptable ? No. We never did , and we always preferred socializing. But today we do everything from home. From learning to exporting we do it and we have been growing through it. Who thought buying and selling through online would reach hike ? And who thought the whole world would one day shrink into this tiny device ? The fortune that technology has offered is the cost of travel and the long time effort if done in reality.

Not only for growth but also to connect , to entertain and in never making us feel abandoned or a stranger to the world , the technology has played a very demanding and fascinating part. The horoscopes of negativity also exist but life wouldn’t be edible in today’s time without technology and we must be aware of the measurable limit of usage and advantages.

This year 2020 has separated , wounded our expectations and has refrained us from creating memories. But technology has composed us with its power.


Technology is now a pivot platform of world. Even admist the present circumstances tech has been thriving with all possible methods of access to everyone at every corner of the world. It has become irresistible in every sector. The best part is that we are never lagged, but only leaping more faster and forward even in the pandemic.

The COVID-19 changes have made a deep route of revolution and also have answered the deep route of reasons to everything. There is a lot of stress and agony in everywhere today. But the permanence of whether to suffer lies in our hands. The world has began to create opportunities to respond and take responsibility, and we must do that immediately by realizing the changes. It is important to usher the upcoming changes safely and to permeate kindness in every possible way .