A man went in search of inner solace to temple. He recited pranams and mantras with utmost engrossment. In his opinion, god discloses the route to all his complications, only when his slokas are powerful and holistic.


On this note, here is my take on spiritualism. Spiritualism is whatever you choose to believe. And music, establishes a connection to this perspective. When you dig the ground, you ought to get stones and gravels. But when you dig deeper, you mine gold and diamonds. Likewise, spiritualism is an elegant material with two dimensions. When music combines with it and involvement amplifies a little, it takes anyone to a three-dimensional world.


      – Ludwig Van Beethoven


Music is the sound of spirit. The sound waves which are arranged in different formats, when heard in sequence brings in reverberating effects and it is assumed that this paved Rishis of ancient India to compose the first sound composition called Mantra(“aum”)

In support to this, NASA claims to have recorded the nuances of the echo of the sound that originated from the Big Bang, which proves to have created this Universe.

In Carnatic music, each note corresponds to each Chakra of our body

“Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni” 

Each note vibrates uniquely and activates a part of our body. Few proclaim that when vocalists reach the upper octave “Sa”, they tend to reach God! In Indian Classical music, the way sound is used, the Ragas, the Thalas, the tunes, everything is such that if you deeply associate yourself, will bring meditativeness!

It is not that, we find spiritualism only in Classical music. It varies to your tastes, your involvement in music flavors – rock, pop, jazz etc.

The general statement is that, when you absorb yourself into anything with keen attention, you choose to become more open-minded and that you accept energy. Music resonates the energy with positive frequencies and lifts up. Thus you feel a connection, a calm atmosphere.

Statistics reveal that the Musical instrument “HARP” expresses high spiritualism. Let’s see what Bible has to say,

“Now the spirit of the lord had departed from soul, and an evil spirit from the lord tormented him”

David’s musical skills became a weapon of spiritual warfare! He wasn’t even singing words that commanded the spirit to leave. He simply played the Harp and the demon would go!

Moreover, for that matter, there are tribes in Africa who use dancing and drums playing to summon evil spirits to do their bidding.

Music has the power of shaping our thoughts. Experimenting with sounds, lyrics, even the length of songs has all been with the aim of taking the listener on an emotional ride.

Depending on the type of music you listen to, whether it’s the guitar-ripping of Jimi Hendrix or the classical symphonies of Beethoven, music can take you to a place of complete inner solitude, fill you with the sense of oneness between you and the world and is an excellent way to deepen your spiritual journey.

“Ah music, he said wiping his eyes. A magic beyond all we do here!”

                                                          -K Rowling, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone