Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

                                                             -Helen Keller

Hey! Here is a girl who is neither an orator nor a writer but wanting to share a glimpse of her college life.

She is now pursuing her BE in Kumaraguru college of Technology and yeah this is the final days of her college life. When she started revisiting her life she found that she always believed that she is one of the most successful persons in the world. That made her curious to know about her first success. When we hear the word success, we often think about winning the competition, class ranking, and appreciation from our teacher etc when it comes to our childhood. But for her, not disturbing her mom by her baby cries in her infant times was the first and the biggest success ever.

She had hold the highest rankings in all grades. But usually when we don’t have something, we will get fire to fight for it. Similarly, she missed the boat in her schooling, as she could not have an opportunity of experiencing and exploring herself in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. When she entered into Higher Secondary, she came to realize that this world is full of wonders where she has a lot to learn and experience. There she started seeking for the right education, sadly she could not attain.

She did not stop there. But after entering into the college, she incorporated herself in her fearful zone as she is new to a different environment. Even here, her mind is in constant search of her mission with a confusion of where to start? She passed half a year looking for a chance but never started.

Luckily, a miracle was about to happen!  She thought she should come out, participate in whatever she can!!! She had done it. After few days, an event conducted by Agam Forum of KCT clicked her to the pathway of attaining the goal.

As what we think every second matters for our accomplishments, she then decided to continue the rest of her college life there itself. She started exploring herself through more activities and brainstorming events. And now she become more responsible to herself and the environment. Once she came to know about the value and life education while doing her Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellence. Life education is nothing but the education system in ancient India named Gurukulam. At that point of time, she realized that the right education was already existed. Her only duty is to re-introduce that into this modern world.

Then she was happy because she had identified her mission. But still she was wandering her mind on how to make it happen? Where to start? What should be learnt? Ultimately complicated questions like Who is she? Is she suitable to opt this as her life goal? Is this the purpose of her life? Can she make it successfully? Can she prove herself to the world? Even though she fought with her brain, she did not pause, continued seeking for the opportunity to enhance her thoughts and develop her ideas.

Few days before, she had an opportunity of writing the Statement of Purpose for a training program. She wondered as she was asked her strengths, weaknesses, passionate about a single thing and achievements. At last she had to answer for where does she see herself, five years from now? Such a brain storming question. Luckily, she ought to answer all the questions as they are mandatory. Self-Introspection played a major role at that point of time and also realized the significance of it for accomplishing her mission. Then she was called for the interview. As usual she prepared and got into the process. But she was really very fearful to explain even her vision to the interviewer. She often tell that that day was the most awakening moment in her lifetime where she came to know her real self and her projection towards others. Even though she struggled, she was resilient and confident enough in her vision and thoughts about her future.

Very happily, she entered into the 12 weeks training period. She was accompanied by 33 other fellow mates possessing unique talents, thoughts and vision but connected together by a single term “COMMITMENT TO MY GOAL”.  On the very first day, she CROSSED THE LINE by promising herself that the diligence and commitment towards her goal and the training was never-ending. She was afforded Ten Commandments to follow throughout the life that everyone could. She frequently says this most powerful line and she does.

I am the master of my destiny and no matter what happens from now, I know it will be with my permission

Now she is undergoing the training. She shared some of her experience as follows:

Very first, she attended the physical strengthening sessions as it is a road to mental strength. She successfully completed the sessions where she came to know about her backlogs.

Then she was made to look into her past experiences, there she noticed that the biggest mistake she did in her life was comparing herself with others and having too much of expectations. Both of them led her to the anxiety, frustration, anger and ultimately to isolation or spoilt lifetime.

But unknowingly, the slogan I KNOW, I CAN was the reason for her every success. Even most of the times, she failed to execute her thoughts and vision by hesitating. But now she remembers the phrase Start it without thinking whenever she gets an opportunity.

At one point of time, she realized, even though we fail badly, accept the failure, turn that into a learning opportunity to do something different. Keep others for inspiration not for comparison. But to “COMPARE YOURSELF WITH YOUR PAST, OPPORTUNITY IS EVERYWHERE, STAND UP AND WALK” until we achieve. She changed her frame of reference and determined to the slogan,

“Think different, put your commitment into the things you love;

Don’t listen to No Sayers, Start exploiting the talents in you;

Success will be at your doorstep.”

She then searched for the opportunities and threats around her in order to achieve the goal. That motivated her to utilize the knowledge and the resources around her. She started inquiring herself, “WHAT WOULD YOUR LIFE LOOK LIKE IF YOU RAISE YOUR STANDARDS WELL BEYOND WHAT ANYONE COULD EVER IMAGINE OF YOU?”

She began to answer and add a flavor to her future.

The research says, three hours of productive time spent with a friend is equal to the 100 hours spent with a friend in a month. For a college student, that friend may be his/her classmate, roommate, senior, junior or mentors. For her, the seniors from her forum who motivated her for being committed and responsible to her mission. And that made her curious to join this tribe.

And most happily, she now got fantastic mentors and a tribe contained 34 members with different capabilities to help flourishing her goal in a productive way. That overwhelming clan is called SUPER60. Of course, she is a Super60ian walking on the road of physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and social strengthening along with 33 dynamic young minds of KCT. They stepped into a re-formational journey by joining hands together. I end here by wishing them to break a leg and to attain their vision. We are just only one thought and one decision away from a grand success.