Commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Kumaraguru Institutions under the aegis of Kumaraguru Microcosm initiated the creation of Ahimsa Vanam, a tranquil forest garden, curated to exist as a multifunctional landscape to enhance urban resilience. Ahimsa Vanam is a consciously curated grove, with a vision to create a space for introspection and inspiration that shall support rich biodiversity with 150 species of flora that includes flowering and fruit trees, shrubs, vines and medicinal herbs, which shall in turn invite a plenteous species of lesser fowl and fauna.

Spread in less than an acre of micro-cosmic space, Ahimsa Vanam is a green haven that beckons visitors to interact with nature and improve their well-being. The multisensory layered forest garden aesthetically designed with cobbled trail and arched footbridge coupled with interpretation centre and a solitude space for introspection, creates a delicate but powerful balance of natural living cycle that promotes personal inner experience in tranquillity. 

Layers of Ahimsa Vanam

The green canopy at Ahimsa Vanam encompasses multi-layered vegetation creating a natural thriving forest ecosystem.

Canopy layer – Mature Large Trees

Low-tree layer – Dwarf Fruiting Trees

Shrub layer – Bushes such as currants and berries

Herbaceous layer – Perennial Herbs

Rhizosphere – Plants which have roots and tubers

Ground cover layer – Plants that spread horizontally

Vertical layer – Vines and Climbers

Aquatic Layer – A water body to enhance biodiversity along with aesthetics

Seeding the Mother Bed at Ahimsa Vanam

Seeding the Mother Bed at Ahimsa Vanam was scheduled in the evening of 10 October 2019. A mindful event, the seeding witnessed the participation of The Reverend Kosho Niwano, President-Designate Rissho Kosei-kai as the Guest of Honour from Japan along with around 20 Japanese delegates.  Dr.B.K.Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chairman, Kumaraguru Institutions presided over the event. The initiation of Ahimsa Vanam started with the guests, invitees, faculty members and students sowing seeds in the mother bed. Ensuing this, the students of Kumaraguru institutions introduced Microcosm, the eco-conscious initiative and about Ahimsa Vanam in a novel attempt through a skit. Then the students of Kumaraguru learning Japanese recited a poem in Japanese to welcome the Japanese guests. The Guest of Honour, The Reverend Kosho Niwano along with Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions planted a tree and watered it. For this, the water from various sacred water bodies across the country was sourced by students and faculty members. Following this, the Japanese prayer was performed for peace, happiness and prosperity. This was ensued by the special address by the guest of honour which was translated in English for the benefit of the audience.  Following this Dr.B.K.Krishnaraj Vanavarayar delivered the Presidential address. Shri.M.Balasubramaniam, Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions honoured the guest with a memento. The danseuse from Shivanjali Fine arts performed classical dance and the event culminated with a scintillating dance performance from Evoke, the dance club of KCT.