We the Rotaract Club of Kumaraguru College of Technology hosted our 29 th Charter Day Celebration at Sir CV Raman hall on 11 th November . This was the very first offline meet of our club members after a very long gap of almost two years.

Initially, the meet went with all the procedures that had to be followed at Charter Day Celebration. And after that, we had a short introduction session where each and everyone in the celebration gave a short introduction about them. After that we had that one long wish we longed for, we had a group photo. After all these the original celebration began where we were completely driven into fun with the activities. Initially, we had dumb charades, the entire crew was divided into three teams, the teams were given names and had a theme.

After the dumb charades we had an interesting session, where few audios were played and the audience were asked to find out the song the audio belonged to which brought more excitement among the people. At last, we had a few of our members performing cultural activities which brought more colours to the event.

At last, the event was adjourned by the President. The event was held for about 3 hours. This event overall brought wonderful coordination among the entire crew.