Jan 20 , 2021

Words by : Aishwarya, II year, Civil dept.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all sectors of the economy of various countries. Among these the educational sector of India as well as other countries has been terribly affected that led to the closure of schools and colleges, cancellation of exams and the need of social distancing between students and educators. This article highlights the impact of corona virus pandemic on International Higher Education. We had a small talk with our alumni Mr.Pranesh,class of 2019 who is currently doing his Master’s at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.


A young boy from Coimbatore moved to Canada to make his dream of studying abroad become a reality.

Question: Can you tell us your reasons to study abroad and the efforts taken by you to pursue your education in Canada?

Answer: I have always dreamt of doing my higher studies in International universities since my diploma days, so I chose to do my Master’s in Canada. Coming to efforts I just consulted my seniors, staff regarding it and followed their guidance. I gave only 50% of my efforts and I got placed in Concordia University.

Question: Struggles you faced at Montreal during this pandemic

Answer:I haven’t faced any transition issues. I just experienced almost 60 days of face to face education at Montreal, then the universities were closed and the mode shifts to online. Online classes are hectic it feels like a strong blizzard.

Question: Did Covid-19 become any excuse for the University to start your courses, how about the online classes?

Answer: In no case Covid-19 became an excuse for the University here, the courses started on time with no delay and the online classes were completely no for both professors and students but now it is okay.

Question: Tell us about the ‘QUALITY OF EDUCATION’ there during this pandemic

Answer: The quality of education in such pandemic situations is extremely good. As it is new for everyone there were some loop holes, it gave us mental stress and now it is all going fine. I do feel difference between face to face education and distant education, but still there is no difference in quality.

Question: Your views on the future remote education

Answer: Practically things are changing every day, even though the governments are providing vaccines in several countries it takes time to me back in normal. As a student I feel that professors are making justice to their papers. Online or Offline doesn’t matter. Whatever it may be, we are going to give our efforts and complete our courses. It depends from person to person. In anyway COVID-19 doesn’t change anything it just became EXCUSES for all of us.

In the end he added, “All around 2020 was not a piece of cake; I was both depressed both mentally and physically. It started with lots of expectations and ended with the same. Let’s hope 2021 will carry out our dreams. Whatever comes stay optimistic and work on your goals.”

This is reflected in a song through the line,

 “Like an echo in the forest

The day will come back around

As if nothing happened

Yeah, life goes on.”