Department of Fashion Technology and KCT TIFAC CORE run a developmental project on Enhancing Livelihood of Handloom Weavers through Technology Upgradation and Training in Samathur Block sponsored by DST – Science of Equity, Empowerment and Development (SEED) (DST/ SEED. No.SSP/TIASN/NF/002/2014 (G).

Weaving of Handloom is one of the greatest traditions and strengths of India. This manually operated loom is antique and every produce is unique, imbibed in nativity. Samathur in the Pollachi region has been ardently carrying out the tradition of handloom weaving as their habitation and livelihood. The paucity of the technological advancements in weaving has been a setback for their progress in weaving handloom for enhanced livelihood.

Heralding as a research focused institution, KCT ventures into developmental research pivoting on direct impact to societal growth. In 2016 the department of Fashion of KCT acquired the DST – SEED project on enhancing livelihood of handloom weavers through technology upgradation and training in Samathur block. KCT TIFAC CORE has been continuously researching to equip and educate the weavers in Samathur by deploying technologies for weaving that are advanced. A sum of 13.20 lakh has so far been received for the developmental work.

Lightweight operations in Jacquard, electronic card punching for designing, e-marketing, branding, new product development using conventional fibers are so far the focus to elevate the weaving and the weavers of Samathur.  In the light of this a Field Study Centre was inaugurated there on 19 November. In addition to this a two day workshop on “E- Marketing & Entrepreneurship Development programme” for Samathur Weavers was delivered.

Dr.G.Ramakrishnan, is the Principle Investigator, Dept. of Fashion Technology & Coordinator-KCT-TIFAC CORE. Dr. B. Poongudi, Asst. Prof. KCT BS and Dr. Velmurugam, Head Mechanical engineering, are the Co-Principal Investigators. Mr. Mohammed Zakriya, Junior research fellow. Mr Sigamani, Skilled Assistant.

Uplifting the weaving community of Samathur was Dr.N. Mahalingam ayya’s vision and the professors and researchers of KCT have seen this vision and are set in the journey of taking the Sunshine to Samathur!