We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world.

The textile and apparel (T/A) industry plays an important role in human lives by providing the basic needs of clothing and also numerous economic benefits to the society through trade and employment. However, from production to consumption, the T/A supply chain is associated with a number of environmental, social and/or economic issues,collectively referred to as the sustainability issues.

In view of the above mentioned purpose, we the department of textile technology conducted an online debate event TEX-O-BATE in collab with Qubate club of Kumaraguru . The event was conducted on the 1st of November 2020 at 4.00 p.m.This event mainly focused on The Textile Sustainability in India. About 12 students joined the event in which 6 students participated as two different teams where one team spoke for and another team spoke against self sustainability in manufacturing machinery and fabrics for shuttle less weaving and garmenting industry. Tex-O-Bate was organized by Sufiya Halima A. from Department of Textile Technology and Anirudh from Qubate club of Kumaraguru was the moderator.

Prakash Ganesan,18BEE206 was declared the winner and Kavikumar,18BTT005 was declared the runner of this event.

This was a successful event in which various view on export, availability of raw material ,labour forces were put forward.