Some things may seem lost, but they never really are. From sharing our every little thing to hearing what others tell us, storytelling is not only an art but it is a form of life living within each one. “Tell a Tale” was an event to revisit the nostalgia of listening to stories with friends.  

The event “Tell A Tale” was conducted in MS Teams on the 16th of January between 5:00 to 6:00 pm. We had around 30 participants joining in for the event. The event took off with Ms Priyanka Chatterjee narrating or we shall say singing with zeal in her style about Pourquoi stories. She started by detailing a  Pourquoi story from Mexico about the  Sun and the Moon. Taking back everyone through a nostalgic lane of their childhood and continued with two more stories of the series; a Pourquoi from the Philippines explaining how the stars were born and another about dawn and dusk that comes from the land of America. She took everyone to a world of surrealism. Explanation on “page to stage” evolution of stories was lucidly delivered and then invigorated the event with a fun and interactive session named “fortunately, unfortunately” that provoked everyone to come up with various storylines and encompass them to a wholesome one. Later, a piece of music was played and scenarios of stories were built from the ups and downs of the tunes. The event then concluded with exchanges of feedback and positive notes.

  In this era of technology, storytelling or listening has become a lost form of life, and the event was to make people travel back and visit those rejoicing feelings and to cherish and permeate the art of storytelling everywhere there go