Technamite was an online quizzing event conducted by the Qubate club of Kumaraguru on September 18, 2021. The event started by 6:00 PM and more than 25 participants across Kumaraguru Institutions  participated. This event was totally based on the technical discoveries/innovations made over all these years which lured some techies in. The event comprised of Prelims and Finals where, prelims consists of 15 questions where as the finals had 3 rounds with 6 question for first two and one question for the last round. Finals was played with 6 finalist. After an active session of exhilarating Quizzing in MS Teams, the top two places were bagged by-

                1) Kavin U S

                2) Rahul P The winners were felicitated and the event came to an end by 8:00 PM.