An effective presentation is important because it helps to keep your topic interesting, helps the presenter communicate with confidence, and motivates the audience to listen. 

The event was organized by Robotics and Automation Club (RAC) on August 02 from 11am-12pm. The session handler Miss. PREKSHAA  ARUNACHALAM-17BCS097 from the Department of Computer Science Engineering, Kumaraguru College of Technology. She is a District and State winner of Tamilnadu Student Innovators 2020 and runner up of Startup Mania 4.0. She expounded the session very interactively were around 30-35 members gained how to present a presentation. 

The session was started with a welcome speech by Miss. Benisha Angel. G (18BEE017) and continued the session by Miss. Prekshaa. 


Started up with a pitch, pitch script -so it’s all about convincing, impressing, connecting with the people. So our presentation should be commenced with the proper and professional pitch among the presenter and the listener. Drafting your pitch should have a proper introduction, storytelling format, formal language, start-up with problem statement, and convince the audience. So practicing the pitch is more important in the presentation. Then the session was flavored with the questioning section with an example of the pitch. 

Secondly, after your pitch it moves on your pitch deck – it adds on the data &statistics, organization, language skills, presence of mind, and creativity. So after your pitch, the presentation must contain a pitch deck. Then she gave some more tips regarding the powerful presentation which can attract the audience. 


  • Always keep your background dark, minimalistic and passive. 
  • Use color theory for design. 
  • Use good fonts.
  • Pictures are important that you have to show ideas not slides choose wisely. 


This ratio gives an amazing tips for the presentation were the 10 denotes nothing more than 10 slides, 20 denotes nothing more than 20 minutes, 30 denotes nothing less than font size 30. 

Then again she interacted with the participants by displaying some of the slides to judge whether it is a write format of doing the presentation and all the participants actively participated in the question answer sessions. 

She even displayed the past presentations of her and gave some more information about how to present the presentation by relating to the marketing sector and selling the products. 

So by this the session came to an end, 

“Communication is power Those who have mastered its effective use can change their own experience of the world and the world’s experience of them.”All behavior and feelings find their original roots in some form of communication. Hence effective presentation plays a major role in conveying content more effectively to the user. The mind provoking session was concluded by Mr.Saravanamani .C .S-19BMC046 by his heartfelt words of thanks.

If you want to see the recording of this session- click here