The team Zeall Racing won the overall Championship of Bharath Formula Karting (BFKCT)

BFKCT is a National level Student Kart design and racing competition organised by CADD Technologies, Coimbatore. The season 2 of the competition was held at Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore from 28 Feb to 02 March 2019. 75 teams took part and KCT Garage’s Go kart Team,  Zeall Racing’19, won the event . The team also won three other awards: First in Acceleration, Second in Build Quality and Fourth in Endurance.

Team Zeall racing has also participated in BFKCT – Season 1 in Aug 2018 at Kari motor speedway, Coimbatore and Kings Karting Championship on Jan 2019 at Madras Motor Race Track, Chennai and was the 1st Runner Up in both the events.