Gandhian Youth Movement (GYM) of KCT strives to pass down the values and thoughts of the great leader, Mahatma Gandhi to communities. They share with them the life and living of Gandhi.  In the light of this on 28 July, 2018 the student members of GYM reached out to the young children of Government Middle School, Veerapandiyaputhur to conduct a programme named ‘Reach Out’.

Why Veerapandhiyapudhur?

One of the focuses of GYM is to reach the humble and backward sections of the society and create opportunities of exposure to them on Gandhian way of life.  Veerapandiyapudhur is a Panchayat that holds a population of 7, 528 people. 50% of this population are a tribal community.  So, the student members reached out to educate the children of a Govt. school where more than half of them were of the tribal section.

Children are the best and quick learners. They learn what the environment provides them. This day long engagement enlightened the children with the Gandhian values guided by stories, videos and conversations on personal values. They were persuaded towards self-awareness and good values. Truth alone Triumph and Non –violence were the messages that were shared to them through series of movie screening, fun games and speeches with the right context setting.

Gandhian Youth MovementReach out also involved the children in various extra-curricular activities, creating an added opportunity to showcase their talents and skills.

GYM has been involving with Government Middle School, Veerapandiyaputhur for the past three and will continue in the years to come to impart a value based life in the children and inspire them to teach many.