Teachable Machine is the AI based project developed by the Google.An easier way to create meachine learning models.Its is a web based tool that makes creating meachine learning fast, easy and accessible to everyone.

It was launched in the year of 2017 and it was under gone a update in 2019 with many other extra features.

Teachable Machine is a simple to create projects,where no code,pre-knowldege or expreience about AI is required. It teaches the computer to do some task or classify or to identify.It supports the model of images,sounds and poses

For Example,You can teach the computer to classify the image using files or with the help of web cam or you can teach to classify the audio by some small recordings of sounds,you teach to classify the poses by some body actions.

The three main step in it is

  • Gather
  • Train
  • Export


     Collecting the group of images or audio or action which is used to classify which helps the computer to learn.


     Training a model to identify the images instantly and test the result.


     After the completion of your model,you can  export your models any where you want.

 Teachable Machine is the platform where we can teach computer to some useful task.

It was used in many of the latested techinques where the difficults of implementation makes easier and simple.

Some of the company projects uses the Teachable Meachine are Tiny Sorter,Project Euphonia etc..,

For futher details you can visit :


and some tutorials where you can learn to do models with images,sounds and poses etc..,