Books and beyond club organised a fun-filled event titled “Tea with Vaathi” to celebrate teacher’s day. In the event, they invited teachers and asked them questions to learn more about their early life. We invited Dr Baskar. R from the biotechnology department, Mr Umesh M V from the EIE department and Ms.T. Jaspar Vinitha Sundari from the ECE department to join us on Friday, 17 September at 05:00 pm. The event took place in MS Teams and it started with complete enthusiasm with a welcome address from Dhinakaran, although Jasper mam was unable to join. There were different activities planned for the evening, which includes a questioning session and a rapid-fire session. Questions about their teaching life, their experiences, their childhood and their journey in the teaching profession were asked. The guests were feeling very happy to interact with students in a friendly way, unlike regular classes. The teachers answered every question enthusiastically. Participants got to know more about their views and perceptions on their job. Baskar sir shared one of his trekking adventures with funny encounters. Umesh sir relived one of his memorable incidents from his days in school. The students were transported to their world about 20 years back where smartphones were replaced with STD booths and dairy milks were replaced with cotton candies. Students got to know how they pursued their career as a teacher, their golden memories from their first classes. Then they also had a rapid-fire questionnaire with would you rather and this or that questions. They also had a good discussion about the books, both of them being vivid readers talked about their reading experiences. Everyone discussed their favourite authors and their books, the genres they preferred to read. The professors encouraged the students to read and to conduct this kind of event where they were free and friendly. They were asked about their hobbies and talents. Baskar sir who had a passion for singing gave a lovely singing performance. It was a completely enjoyable time. The event ended with a thank you note from Subiksha by 6:30 pm.