We the Gandhian Youth Movement of Kumaraguru College of Technology organised an online event TASK MASTER on 23rd December , 2020 via google form from 09:00 AM-6:00 PM.


“We need not wait to see, what others do.”
The main theme of this event is to make the participants know about Gandhi and his contribution to the nation . This event was similar to Among us game as all the participants were considered as a crewmate and given a set of task to complete.

This event was conducted via google forms. There are 5 set of tasks given to the participants :
1.wire fixin
2.upload data
3.find the imposte
4.Unlock manifolds
5.admin code

The participants gained more knowledge about Gandhian history and the event was very interesting and informative.

Finally we had an average of 35+ active participants. Crewmate who have done all the tasks within a short time will be the winner.